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Welcome to the Lighthouse! On top of being one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters, this is also one of the general discussion pages for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki! The Lighthouse is where this Wiki community comes together to organize and discuss the Alternate Universes project for the Wiki. To see the most recent discussions, scroll down the page.




The purpose of this specific Talk Page is the discussion and election of Differentiative Names for the Alternate Universes presented on the series What If...?. Said names are needed in order to distinguish the alternate characters, adding them to the Hubs created for all iterations of a character, and ultimately create their own articles. It may be expanded in the future to cover other alternate universes presented in different media if the need arises.

This Talk Page is NOT used to discuss Time Travel, timeline placements, timeline points of divergence, character names, or any other issue that is not directly about said naming procedure.

Also, expect any comments unrelated to the purpose above to be speedily deleted without further warning.

Naming Rules

As a general reminder for names, they need to follow these three principles.

Rule 1: Name must be concise, not an over-elaborate sentence.

  • For the sake of simplicity and grammar, it's better to avoid a full sentence and keep it as concise as possible. *"Quantum Gravity Time Travel" is preferred over "Chase Stein Invents a Method of Time Travel based on Quantum Gravity" as it helps to make it concise, but even "Destroyed Earth" is preferred over "Earth is Destroyed".

Rule 2: Name must be unique, as it should not be able to be applied to two different universes.

  • For instance, both alternate universes presented in the series finale of Runaways derived from the fact that Gert Yorkes died. Therefore, if one of said universes was called "Gert Yorkes Died", it could have been applied to both and therefore, not a valid name to differentiate the articles.

Rule 3: Name must refer to the main characteristic of the universe as its history diverges from the history of the main MCU reality.

  • The alternate universe has to be easily identifiable by its name and its name alone.
    • "Destroyed Earth": Obviously, its main characteristic is that Earth was destroyed, and with that name we know precisely that.
    • "History Altered by Chronicoms": The Chronicoms altered history as we came to know it. No need to delve into who they were, what they changed or their reasons to do it, as altering history is what they intended to do and ultimately did.


Each section in the discussion part will be dedicated to a single alternate universe and will be divided into two parts. First part will be dedicated to identify the main difference that makes them unique as compared to the main universe. Once that is undoubtedly identified, discussion will move on to a second part, where it will be decided how to redact that difference in a concise but correct manner, effectively choosing the name.

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