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WikiProjects are collaborative efforts made by teams of MCU Wiki editors who organize themselves in order to improve a certain set of articles or sections of the wiki.

Any and all editors are welcome to join as many WikiProjects as they want and work under their guidelines, as simple as signing up on their homepage.

How to make a WikiProject[]

  1. Identify a Scope
    • Scope = The project's vision, endgoal, purview.
    • Clearly identify a scope with an achievable purview of articles pertaining to a certain aspect of the wiki (a type of subject, a certain subsection). This cannot be overly specific, but also cannot be too broad.
    • Check if your WikiProject already exists. The scope which you are identifying should not be covered by a pre-existing WikiProject. However, it should be noted that since some WikiProjects will be larger than others, scopes of different projects will sometimes overlap on articles.
    • If your WikiProject idea does exist, consider creating a task force of editors underneath the existing WikiProject to tackle more specific topic areas that you are more interested in dealing with.
  2. Recruiting Editors
    • Look for editors with similar interests who are willing to collaborate with you. This is very important, as WikiProjects are a social construct.
    • There is no strong threshold for how many should be recruited, although it's advised that about 5 or 6 active editors is a good starting number.
    • If you don't know where to ask, places to start may be editor's message walls; alternatively, you can ask around on the Discord server.
  3. Propose the Project
    • When you believe you and your group are ready, prepare a formalized proposal of how the WikiProject can be executed (what steps are you willing to take to get it done?) and submit on the Triskelion, the newly created general discussion page for WikiProjects proposals. This must include:
      • Restating your scope: Purview of articles/categories it covers.
      • List of members: Establishes number of contributors and how others can sign up.
    • Wait for Admin approval; they will create a homepage for the dedicated WikiProject once approved, and depending on the size and popularity of the WikiProject, it may receive it's own dedicated channel on the Discord.

What a WikiProject is not[]

  • A WikiProject is not a personal project. It will not be approved if you are the only person advocating for it, or if you alone share a personal interest. It is not required to join a WikiProject to achieve personal editing goals.
  • Being involved in a WikiProject does not grant you special rights or privileges.
  • Being a leader does not give you a say over other contributors. Other people's opinions are not worth more or less than yours, regardless if you are a leader or not.
  • WikiProject contributors do not have ownership over the articles in their scope. All articles can freely be edited by all registered users regardless if they are involved in the WikiProject or not.

List of WikiProjects[]



Projects paused by virtue of no editors actively working on articles as part of the Project


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