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The Weekly Editing Events are small contests organized in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki in order to help fix some areas of the wiki that need help, and especially, dedicated users with time to fix them. The users who help the wiki with their contributions in these weekly contests will be rewarded with special awards or badges.

How to Participate

The Weekly Editing Events will be announced during the previous weekend in a highlighted message in our forums. All users willing to participate can add message to the thread expressing it, or explaining the article or articles they are willing to improve according to the rules of the event, so that other users could focus on another articles if they wish.

Users may join the event during the course of the week, it is not necessary to join before the event actually starts.

The subject of the event will be announced in that forum thread. As a general rule, all events would begin on Monday at 00:00 GMT and would end the following Sunday at 23:59 GMT.

Once the event is finished, an administrator would check if the participants have fulfilled the requirement of the events. If they have, an award would be granted in an appropriate section of the participant's User Page.

Possible subjects



Good users deserve recognition - This is one of the basic principles of any good wiki. Therefore, at Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki we want to promote recognition to good users, in ways beyond praising their contributions by simply leaving a friendly message on their wall.

The Weekly Editing Events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki are rewarded with a series of Awards given to users that have managed to fulfill the requirements of a particular event, by substantively improving one of the areas of the wiki in dire need of help.


Honorary Avenger Weekly Editing Event 1 - Stubs
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Weekly Editing Event 3 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Secret Warrior Weekly Editing Event 5 - Minor Characters
Executive Producer Weekly Editing Event #
Nova Corpsmen Weekly Editing Event #
Asgardian Einherjar Weekly Editing Event #
Hat Lover Weekly Editing Event #
HYDRA Infiltrator Weekly Editing Event #
Collector's Assistant Weekly Editing Event 2 - Imageless
Avocado at Law Weekly Editing Event 4 - Daredevil Locations
Comic Fan Event Editing Event
Howling Commando Weekly Editing Event #
Guardian of the Galaxy Weekly Editing Event #
Ravager Weekly Editing Event #
Kree Sentry Weekly Editing Event #

More to come

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