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This page is a style guide, describing how to create citations in articles.

As Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki does not accept original ideas or fanon, all writing should be based on reliable sources, and therefore be referenced. Any material that is challenged and for which no source is provided may be removed by any editor.

If you do not know how to format the citation, provide as much information as you can, and others may fix it for you. Cite It! Be Bold!

Why Sources should be Cited

  • To credit a source for providing useful information and to avoid claims of plagiarism.
  • To show that your edit is not original research.
  • To ensure that the content of articles is credible and can be checked by any reader or editor.
  • To help users find additional reliable information on the topic.
  • To improve the overall credibility and authoritative character of the MCU Wiki.
  • To reduce the likelihood of editorial disputes, or to resolve any that arise.

Note: Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki and other wiki-based articles and categories cannot be used as sources.

How to Reference Articles

Insertion of a Reference

Movie Reference

On the Edit page, this is placed at the first insertion point of citation:

<ref name="CATFA">''[[Captain America: The First Avenger]]''</ref>

This is placed at the second and all subsequent insertion points of citation:

<ref name="CATFA"/>

TV Series Episode Reference

On the Edit page, this is placed at the first insertion point of citation:

<ref name="AoS306">''[[Among Us Hide...|Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 3.06: Among Us Hide...]]''</ref>

That means Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Season 3, episode 6, Among Us Hide...

This is placed at the second and all subsequent insertion points of citation:

<ref name="AoS306"/>

Comic Book Reference

If the referenced article is an MCU comic book, this is placed at the first insertion point of citation:

<ref name="CAFV">''[[Captain America: First Vengeance]]''</ref>

This is placed at the second and all subsequent insertion points of citation:

<ref name="CAFV"/>

Producing the Reference List

Most importantly, add the following code after the "Appearances" and "Trivia" sections, but before the "See Also" and "External Links" sections. This code will automatically display the reference list, showing nearly everything tagged with ref tags.


Long Reference Lists

As a general rule, MCU Wiki recommends reserving scroll boxes for reference lists to articles that employ no less than forty to fifty individual references. However, this is by no means a hard figure, and final decisions for the use of scroll boxes should be determined by what best suits each individual article.

To use a scroll box with a reference list, use the following code:


The standard scroll box size may be enlarged for certain articles, but this should be done only in rare cases for presentation purposes. Requests to do so should be made on the article's talk page or article review pages.


This list only includes the basics for the rules. For more details, please follow the footnotes provided.

  1. Do not reference the introductory paragraph(s).[1] The only exception to that rule is the main quote. If the quote is in some language other than English, the English translation needs to be placed in the reference and the reference itself needs to be placed right behind the sentence inside the quote.
  2. References go immediately after punctuation and outside of quotation marks, with no space between the end of a sentence and a reference tag.[2]
  3. When naming references with <ref name="some source" />, when working on long articles or collaborations, users are encouraged to use full, linkable reference names to prevent accidental duplicates of a reference, though this is not a requirement. This is not necessary on shorter articles, and abbreviations are acceptable.[3]
  4. Italicize references where appropriate, as with film or TV series titles, etc.[4]
  5. All articles must be completely sourced.[5]
  6. Reference articles as sparingly as possible, while still sourcing all of the facts.[6]
  7. Links are required in references.
  8. References are required in infoboxes.
  9. When citing social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.) in articles, an accompanying screenshot of the post must be uploaded to MCU Wiki and linked in the reference itself.[7]


  1. This is done to prevent "congestion" in the main introduction of the article. As most—if not all—information appears elsewhere in the article, do not begin sourcing until after the first heading. If, of course, the information does not appear elsewhere in the article, then it is acceptable to source it in the introduction.
  2. This is a stylistic rule adopted from Wikipedia and many other English sources.
  3. Use of consistent linkable reference names prevents accidental duplicates of a reference. For example: one ref tag named "Fury's Big Week" and one named "The Avenger's Prelude: Fury's Big Week" will result in duplicate references on the same page. The word linkable does not mean that you actually [[link]] to the article, simply that if you did add the link brackets, it would go to the article on MCU Wiki.
  4. This is another grammar/stylistic rule.
  5. While single-source referencing may seem redundant, the referencing of such articles makes concentrated fact-checking easier, such as sourcing information by specific page.
  6. For articles with more than one source, start out as general as you can with the reference tags. For example, if an entire paragraph is from one and only one source, tag the end of the paragraph. However, if there is more than one source, then reference specific sentences as necessary. Finally, if that is not enough, tag individual words as necessary, as a last resort.
  7. This is done to combat the high frequency with which social media posts containing critical information are permanently removed and not available through archives. Users in general must take care to monitor the validity of such screenshots, as they are prone to intentional falsification.

More Information

  • The pipe trick does not work when enclosing between "ref" tags. <ref name="exile">[[Iron Man (book)|]]</ref> renders in the references list (generated by the <references/> tag) as:
    1. ↑ [[Iron Man (book)|]]
  • References cannot be nested: <ref name="Captain America: Super Soldier">''Captain America: Super Soldier'' Also mentioned in <ref name="Captain America: The Winter Soldier" /></ref> does not render correctly.
  • For an example of how referencing works, take a look at the source code for this article.
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