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A redirect is a code that forwards a searched term or phrase to the official page. For example, searching for Tony Stark would lead a reader directly to Iron Man's article.


In order to make the most efficient use out of redirects, but also to guarantee that articles are written using the most "professional" and encyclopedic language possible, the creation for redirects is allowed if they follow one of these rules.

  1. Keeping the "real name" as a redirect for characters who are most notably referred to by their comic book codename (e.g. Tony Stark →‎ Iron Man)
  2. The codename from Marvel Comics for characters who have not assumed that name in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (e.g. Leader →‎ Samuel Sterns)
  3. The term by which the character was known until his first name or full name was revealed in some official MCU-related source (e.g. Skye's Father →‎ Calvin Zabo)
  4. Articles that have at least two different canonical names (e.g. Obelisk →‎ Diviner)
  5. Full name of in-universe exclusive organizations that are most commonly referred by its acronym (e.g. Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division →‎ S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  6. Nicknames for the different Iron Man Armors (e.g. Igor →‎ Iron Man Armor: Mark XXXVIII)
  7. Links that use specific letters outside of the regular Roman script (e.g. Mjolnir →‎ Mjølnir)
  8. Links to movie sequels using numerization (e.g. Captain America 2 →‎ Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
  9. Links to disambiguation pages (e.g. Jimmy →‎ Jimmy (disambiguation))
  10. Links to possible but not announced movies, having at least an official source about them, that have been added to the List of Undeveloped Movies article (e.g. Iron Man 4 →‎ List of Undeveloped Movies)
  11. Links to the name used by an actor or crew member on the Internet Movie Database when it is different from the name used for his credit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (e.g. Jessica EdwardsJessica Winther)
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