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The Pathway to Adminship is the process in which new members of the administrative team are selected. This system ensures that longstanding and experienced editors who are eligible have a fair opportunity to be nominated as an administrator.


While editors have access to most basic features on the site, including reading and editing, administrators have been entrusted with access to additional functions:

  • Deleting and restoring pages, page histories, files, etc.
  • Renaming pages and files.
  • Protecting a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without administrator or moderation rights.
  • Reverting bad edits more easily using a "rollback" link.
  • Blocking an account from editing.
  • Editing the MediaWiki namespace, changing CSS and JS pages, system messages, as well as updating the wiki's theme and design.

As part of their position, admins are regularly expected to:

Misuse or neglect of these duties may result in demotion.

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Must currently be a content moderator and have held the position for at least eighteen (18) months.
  • Must have a history of qualitative and quantitative contributions across the site.
  • Possess a understanding of the wiki's guidelines, rules and policies.
  • Have demonstrated both the ability to treat community members with respect and to work well with the current administration team.
  • Must continue to be in the Discord server and be appropriately responsive in Staff channels.
  • Must be generally responsive and respond to community inquiries when directed towards you.
  • Must not have been previously blocked by Fandom, had user rights terminated by Fandom or had user rights terminated following a request from Fandom.
  • Must not have been blocked within the past year.
    • Any applicants who were blocked in general in the past must not have been blocked for serious offenses.
  • Editors with a repeated history of rudeness, rule-breaking, intimidation, harassment, poor treatment of others, or other negative behavior including behavior that have led to multiple blocks or warnings will not be eligible.


If you have met all the requirements listed above, you are eligible to be on the Pathway to Adminship. In order to apply, you must fill out the form linked below. Be sure to explain why you are seeking this position. Upon completing the form, you must inform an administrator that you have submitted an application. Keep in mind that a user should not seek admin rights for the title, influence or power that it holds. Should you be eligible, an administrator will make a post along with a poll on the Discussions Area where the applicant will be subject to a general community vote. If 80% of eligible voters agree, the applicant will be on the pathway to be promoted. If 60% agree, the admin team will use their discretion to determine if the user should be promoted. If fewer than 60% of voters agree, the user will not be promoted.

The current administration team during an application process retains the ability to not go through with a candidate's promotion despite the result of the community vote if there is strong evidence the applicant would not be a good fit for the Staff team. However, should they choose to invoke this right of refusal, administrators must provide valid and specific reasons which must also cite pre-existing Wiki or Fandom policy, specifically the version of the policy that was in effect at the time the applicant submitted their application. This stipulation prevents administrators from unethically editing policies to block a candidate and ensures that they are held to the community's standard and that they are not above the rules and guidelines of the wiki.

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