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This Formatting Guide is an official guide as to how links should be formatted. Feel free to discuss the Formatting Guide on the talk page.



When naming references the initials of the film should be used.

Film Examples:

<ref name="IM">''[[Iron Man (film)|Iron Man]]''</ref>
<ref name="TIH">''[[The Incredible Hulk]]''</ref>
<ref name="IM2">''[[Iron Man 2]]''</ref>
<ref name="T">''[[Thor (film)|Thor]]''</ref>
<ref name="CATFA">''[[Captain America: The First Avenger]]''</ref>
<ref name="TA">''[[The Avengers]]''</ref>
<ref name="IM3">''[[Iron Man 3]]''</ref>
<ref name="TTDW">''[[Thor: The Dark World]]''</ref>
<ref name="CATWS">''[[Captain America: The Winter Soldier]]''</ref>
<ref name="GotG">''[[Guardians of the Galaxy (film)|Guardians of the Galaxy]]''</ref>
<ref name="AAoU">''[[Avengers: Age of Ultron]]''</ref>
<ref name="AM">''[[Ant-Man (film)|Ant-Man]]''</ref>
<ref name="CACW">''[[Captain America: Civil War]]''</ref>
<ref name="DS">''[[Doctor Strange (film)|Doctor Strange]]''</ref>
<ref name="GotGV2">''[[Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2]]''</ref>
<ref name="SMH">''[[Spider-Man: Homecoming]]''</ref>
<ref name="TR">''[[Thor: Ragnarok]]''</ref>
<ref name="BP">''[[Black Panther (film)|Black Panther]]''</ref>
<ref name="AIW">''[[Avengers: Infinity War]]''</ref>
<ref name="AM&TW">''[[Ant-Man and the Wasp]]''</ref>
<ref name="CM">''[[Captain Marvel (film)|Captain Marvel]]''</ref>
<ref name="AE">''[[Avengers: Endgame]]''</ref>
<ref name="SMFFH">''[[Spider-Man: Far From Home]]''</ref>
<ref name="BW">''[[Black Widow (film)|Black Widow]]''</ref>
<ref name="SCLotTR">''[[Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings]]''
<ref name="E">''[[Eternals (film)|Eternals]]''</ref>
<ref name="SMNWH">''[[Spider-Man: No Way Home]]''</ref>
<ref name="DSMoM">''[[Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness]]''</ref>
<ref name="TLaT">''[[Thor: Love and Thunder]]''</ref>
<ref name="BPWF">''[[Black Panther: Wakanda Forever]]''</ref>
<ref name="TM">''[[The Marvels]]''</ref>
<ref name="AM&TWQ">''[[Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania]]''</ref>
<ref name="GotGV3">''[[Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3]]''</ref>

TV Series

The initials of the TV series should be used followed by the season number and double-digit episode number. The link to the episode should include the series name followed by the season and episode number and the episode name.

TV Series Example:

<ref name="AoS101">''[[Pilot|Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 1.01: Pilot]]''</ref>
<ref name="AC101">''[[Now is Not the End|Agent Carter: 1.01: Now is Not the End]]''</ref>
<ref name="I101">''[[Behold…The Inhumans!|Inhumans: 1.01: Behold…The Inhumans!]]''</ref>
<ref name="DD101">''[[Into the Ring|Daredevil: 1.01: Into the Ring]]''</ref>
<ref name="JJ101">''[[AKA Ladies Night|Jessica Jones: 1.01: AKA Ladies Night]]''</ref>
<ref name="LC101">''[[Moment of Truth|Luke Cage: 1.01: Moment of Truth]]''</ref>
<ref name="IF101">''[[Snow Gives Way|Iron Fist: 1.01: Snow Gives Way]]''</ref>
<ref name="TD101">''[[The H Word|The Defenders: 1.01: The H Word]]''</ref>
<ref name="TP101">''[[3 AM|The Punisher: 1.01: 3 AM]]''</ref>
<ref name="RW101">''[[Reunion (Runaways)|Runaways: 1.01: Reunion]]''</ref>
<ref name="CD101">''[[First Light|Cloak and Dagger: 1.01: First Light]]''</ref>

Disney+ Series Example:

<ref name="WV101">''[[Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience|WandaVision: 1.01: Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience]]''</ref>
<ref name="TFaTWS101">''[[New World Order|The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 1.01: New World Order]]''</ref>
<ref name="LK101"></ref>
<ref name="WI101"></ref>
<ref name="HK101"></ref>
<ref name="MM101"></ref>
<ref name="MK101"></ref>
<ref name="SH101"></ref>
<ref name="SI101"></ref>
<ref name="IH101"></ref>
<ref name="AW101"></ref>
<ref name="IAG101"></ref>

Comics & Books

Comic Example:

<ref name="TABWS3">''[[The Avengers: Black Widow Strikes]]''</ref>

Book example:

<ref name="GMCU:CACW">[[Guidebook to the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Captain America: Civil War]]</ref>


Links to dates before 2010 must be linked to the proper decade article followed by a # and the proper year. This will direct the user to the portion of the page for that year.



Full dates should be written in the American date format of "month day, year".


[[2010|January 1, 2010]]

Pluralized Articles

Some articles like Races are named in the pluralized format. When writing is it necessary to remove the pluralization for grammatical reasons.



Armed Forces

All branches of the United States Armed Forces are covered in the same article. When linking it is appropriate to add the correct branch to the link to that page.


[[United States Air Force]]
[[United States Armed Forces|United States Air Force]]
[[United States Navy]]
[[United States Armed Forces|United States Navy]]
[[United States Army]]
[[United States Armed Forces|United States Army]]
[[United States Marine Corps]]
[[United States Armed Forces|United States Marine Corps]]

Wikipedia Links

Some subjects for which an article is not warranted such as historical figures and cultural references require a link to Wikipedia. In order to link to Wikipedia the WPS Template should be used.


{{WPS|Kevin Bacon}}
{{WPS|Footloose (1984 film)|Footloose}}