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Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki. This page will attempt to answer some frequently asked questions in regard to navigating and editing this collaborative online encyclopedia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use codenames instead of "real names" for the character articles?

We at the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki strive to be an objective encyclopedia, by collecting and assessing primarily, the information provided by Marvel themselves. Starting with the use of codenames for the names of movies and television series, and the quotes in-universe from jokes "There's an Ant-Man and a Spider-Man?" to the very iconic "I am Iron Man", it is very clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe fully embraces the use of codenames.

More definitely, Marvel's own encyclopedia, the Guidebook to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fully uses codenames for the titles of their character articles, so this, and this alone, would be enough to be our reason for using this system. For instance, both Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War entries had an article with the name Scarlet Witch for Wanda Maximoff, and we follow suit with what Marvel lays out.

Add to that the fact explained in the Naming Policy, that given these characters are more widely known to the general public for their codenames than their civilian names, it helps improve the wiki's traffic through the use of internet search engines. Judging by the, literally, more than a hundred thousand views top pages receive upon the release of new content, it is clear that this system works.

When will an article for the alternate timeline [character] be created?

Despite the layout for the creation of alternate characters is already drafted in the Naming Policy, following the release of Avengers: Endgame, a lot of alternate versions of characters were introduced, without fleshing out the nature of the alternate universe they hail from.

On the other hand, Marvel Television, who has also introduced alternate versions of characters, has ended their series, so we have all the information that is going to be available for the foreseeable future in order to determine the nature of the universes seen in their series.

This is the reason alternate characters for some TV series already exist while the creation for ones from the movies are put on hold. Exceptions may arise with the creation of Temporary Unnamed Reality Designations for characters, in order to help the edition and keeping them separate from the main counterpart of the character, but they are decided and created on a case by case basis.

Why don't you rename [this article]?

The most common reason for not renaming an article is, obviously, because the current name already follows the Naming Policy.

If it doesn't follow it, another common reason is that we are waiting until ongoing content (a particular TV series season, usually) wraps up to have the full picture and know as much as we can to make the better decission regarding the subject, what we call Editing Moratoriums. Impatience and making rushed decisions are never a good idea.

Also, keep in mind that renaming an article is not immediate. Potentially, changing a name may affect the links and text in thousands of articles, so we just ask for your patience and cooperation.

If you want to propose a rename for an article to better fit the current policy, and there is not a moratorium on it, you can make a formal proposal in said article's talk page.

Why don't you do [this] like [another wiki]?

Wikis within the Fandom network are allowed a lot of stylistic choices as long as they comply with their general TOS. Therefore, there is no other mandate to write, edit or behave in an extremely specific way.

One particular wiki is unrelated to the rest of them, even if they share their subject, their potential target audiences, or their staff members, so they simply have the right to just be different. The fact that any decission works in another wiki, doesn't mean at all that it would work here.

Also, if all wikis were the same, there would be no point in having them separate, right?

How can I change [this policy]?

Administrators are in charge of managing the wiki, and therefore, it is them who implement policies to help run the site as best as they can. Remember that administrators are experienced editors of the site, but at the end of the day, they are fans like everybody else, so they cannot predict the future of the situations the site will have to manage.

If you want to suggest an improvement or tweak to a particular policy, you can use that policy's talk page, but keep in mind that making a suggestion, even if it is in good faith, does not mean at all that it has to be accepted just because of that. Also, all current policies are designed to cover as best as they can all current and predicted situations within the scope of the franchise, so don't expect them to be discarded and radically changed to the opposite either.

Can you delete [this page]?

Articles are allowed in this wiki according to our own Article Creation Policy. If they don't follow it, any editor can mark them for deletion as long as they don't remove content of the page to make its review easier.

In order to mark the deletion, just use the {{Delete}} template at the top of the page, while also adding always, no matter how obvious it may look for somebody, the reason for the deletion, following the format {{Delete|Reason for the deletion}}

Once it is marked, admins and mods will review it, while other editors can use the Candidates for deletion talk page to discuss about it.

Why has my question on [this article]'s Talk Page been removed?

Per the Talk Page Policy, any and all questions asked on a Talk Page are deleted, as they are not the proper place to ask something where there are multiple other places available for it.

Talk pages are used exclusively to make specific proposals for a specific page, which is something very different than asking a question. Also, a wide or random proposal such as "You should rename/improve this page" without getting into specifics, or just telling other editors that the page is incomplete, is also likely to be deleted upon notice.