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Conjecture, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki, is speculation and inferences based on something other than the official sources or sources otherwise considered as valid.


The goal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is to present official information of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an encyclopedic format. Therefore, using fanon and/or material from the Marvel Comics as a means of filling in knowledge gaps or answering unanswered questions is not allowed. Deductions based on scientific facts or basic common sense are allowed, as long as these deductions are clearly presented as such and never labelled as official information.

It's a known fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is based on characters, events, and places from the Marvel comic books. The creative team involved in the MCU uses the Marvel Comics mainly as a primary resource to lay the foundations of the MCU or to kick off its storylines. However, they use those elements at their own discretion and convenience. When a specific detail pertaining to a place, character or event is not mentioned, accounted or implied on-screen (or off-screen by the developers) one should not assume that those unstated details coincide with the comics.

For example, just because Iron Man enrolled in the Massachusetts Institute in the comics, that doesn't mean that such fact should be conveyed into the MCU, in the lack of background minutiae.

At the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki, our main concern is to register only facts, leaving unspecified details out of the information provided. Although, there are exceptions.


Given the scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe vs. the amount of background details unaccounted for, we are compelled to resort to a modicum of conjecture to circumvent certain conventions and impediments.

Conjecture is permitted in three situations:

  • Names for characters, places, and objects seen on-screen but not fully named otherwise. This particularly includes the full names of characters derived from Marvel Comics.
  • Names of species and real names for the character infobox.
  • Information regarding a particular character or event that is revealed for an alternate universe counterpart, and it is not affected by the points of divergence that led to that alternate universe.

Article Names

Naming characters, places and objects is absolutely necessary, at least, to create an article for the "seen but unnamed" elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Following the Naming Policy of the wiki, these names must match the description given in dialogue as accurately as possible. (eg. Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant; Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine; Atmospheric Moisture Freezing Device). Once the article is created, this name will be the one used to refer to the subject across all articles in the wiki.

Races and Species

Most human beings appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are never stated identified as such on-screen, which means that, for example, identifying Pepper Potts as "Human" is a mere assumption. Therefore, it is suitable to assume that a character that appears to be a human being is an actual human being unless there is clear evidence to the contrary.

A similar approach can be used for other races, such as Asgardians, Xandarians or Inhumans, given the context of their appearances in MCU media, who all have human-like features. As such, for example, every character with the basic physical features of an Asgardian appearing in an Asgardian community is assumed to be Asgardian unless explicit evidence to the contrary.

This also takes into account the race that a character may belong to in the original comics. Every character is assumed to belong to the same race as he belongs in the original Marvel comics, unless explicit evidence to the contrary. However, if that particular race has not been identified in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the race in question would not be granted an article or a category, and its mention would be limited to the character's infobox.

Rename Template

Unlike other wikis, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki advises against the spread of maintenance templates, as it is its purpose to work every article to such an state of quality that makes those templates unnecessary.

One of this templates is the Template:Rename, whose use in the Marvel Cinematic Universe should be limited to discuss the current conjectural name of a specific article.


If any editor wants to propose a rename for an article with a conjectural name, the Template:Rename must be added to the article, and the new name must be proposed and discussed in the associated talk page. If a consensus to keep the current name or to change to the newly proposed name is not reached, a vote can be proposed following what established in the Voting Policy.

Of course, if a conjectural article is moved following the reveal of its actual in-universe name, or to fix any spelling mistake in the name, the whole discussion and voting process can be skipped.

If the page is decided to be renamed, any administrator o content moderator who actually performs the move must make sure that all links point to the correct destination using this special page.