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"Come up here, and she's dead! You hear me?"
"Hey, hey, hey, hey! You touch her, I'll kill you!"
―Martin and Punisher[src]

Martin was a mercenary who tried to capture Amy Bendix in order to claim the bounty on her head, however just as Martin cornered Bendix, he was disarmed and mortally wounded by his target, as the Punisher arrived and finished Martin off.


"Come out! Or I'm gonna start putting bullets through the door!"
―Martin to Amy Bendix[src]

When word got out that Aryan Brotherhood was setting out a high reward of for anybody who could track down Amy Bendix and the Punisher, Martin with Davis got two other mercenaries to track down Bendix and the Punisher. Martin and his mercenaries got into Crescent St. and searched the place in hopes of finding Bendix. Martin and two mercenaries went up the stairs while Davis stayed on the first floor. Martin and one of the men with him were alerted when they hear gunshots and assume it was the Punisher, one mercenary went to investigate while Martin went to find Bendix.

Martin started to investigate the rooms in order to find Bendix and found the door of the room where she was. He then threatened to kill her if she does not open the door and Bendix opened the door, pleading to Martin not to kill her. Martin heard more gunshots and the screams of his mercenaries, Martin threatened the Punisher that he would kill Bendix. While Martin was distracted, Bendix managed to disarm Martin and got his Desert Eagle.

Martin did not believe that Bendix could shoot him but is proven wrong when Bendix shot him in the chest, mortally wounding him. Martin yelled out in pain as the Punisher came over to Bendix, Bendix told the Punisher that she shot Martin before he finished Martin off, killing him with his own Desert Eagle.[2]



  • Desert Eagle Mark XIX: Martin carried this handgun to threat to kill Amy Bendix. However, as he was distracted by the Punisher, Bendix successfully disarmed him, holding him at gunpoint before shooting him.





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