"Marrakech has a long history of giving shelter to travelers hiding from the past."
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Marrakech is a major city in Morocco, the third largest after Casablanca and Rabat.


Donnie Gill traveled to Marrakech, where he planned to settle, having escaped from the Sandbox, where he was imprisoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. and later unwillingly recruited as a HYDRA operative.



Gill helped the owner of a café, Elias, by fixing a radio he thought was broken, thanks to Gill's degree in engineering. Elias invited him to a glass of tea, that Gill iced using his powers. Gill revealed to Elias his intention of settling in the city, working as a repairman in exchange for room and board, as it was the first time he actually liked being in a place.

Elias told Gill that Marrakech had a long history of giving shelter to travelers hiding from their past, inadvertently revealing he knew that Gill was hiding. Gill angrily realized this fact, and asked Elias to whom had he been talking. Elias, scared, said he was threatened by people who deemed Gill dangerous; Gill grabbed Elias by his neck and froze his entire body, killing him.

Two HYDRA operatives arrived to take Gill into custody, saying they did not want to hurt him. The lead agent, having ordered his partner to holster his weapon, sat at one of the tables to talk to Gill, but Gill angrily froze him too, after he placed his hands on the table and freezing him through it.

Gill threatened the second agent, prompting him to escape, and searched the frozen agent's body for his phone, discovering he had been ordered to deliver Gill to the Maribel del Mar. Gill then left the cafe with the two frozen corpses, pushing Elias' body to make it fall and shatter.[1]


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