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"It wasn't his fault, his father, he was... Wilson just wanted him to stop. It wasn't his fault what he did."
"Mrs. Vistain, what did your son do?"
―Marlene Vistain and Karen Page[src]

Marlene Vistain, previously Marlene Fisk, was the mother of Wilson Fisk. She protected her son when he brutally murdered Bill Fisk, her husband and his father. In return for her love, Fisk took care of her for her many years of life and ensured she was well looked after in expensive nursing homes.


Enduring Wife and a Loving Mother

Marlene Fisk lived in Hell's Kitchen, New York, with her husband Bill and their son Wilson. She was a loving mother often very protective of her son. She was concerned of his husband mistreating their son but was not in a position to convey her thoughts.

Marlene comforts her son after he kills his father

Bill ran for councilor and lost, leaving him in debt to Don Rigoletto and the Italian Mafia. When Marlene lamented what was a bad decision to borrow money from Rigoletto, Bill became physically violent with her. Wilson finally snapped after hearing the beating of his mother, and took a hammer to his father's skull. Marlene covered for her son, by cutting the body of her husband into pieces and disposing it slowly in small bags to the river. Because the district knew Bill Fisk was in debt to Rigoletto, nobody seemed to notice he had suddenly disappeared, and presumed he walked out on his wife and child. Marlene then send her son to live with relatives on a farm.[1] Also, Marlene kept the hammer that was used by Wilson to kill her husband.[2]

Second and Third Marriages

After her first marriage ended in a disaster, Marlene married two more times. Her second marriage was to a man named Martin. This marriage happened two years after her supposed death.[3] Her third and final marriage was to Arthur Vistain. After her marriage to Arthur, she used Marlene Vistain as her name.[4]

Living at Saint Bénézet

Many years later, after her son came back to New York City, a background story was made for him. According to the story, Marlene Fisk had died a year after Wilson Fisk lost his father.[5] Unknown to the public, Marlene Vistain, who had lost her third husband, was living in a high-class hospice called Saint Bénézet Retirement Care, for which Wilson Fisk was paying.[4]

Visited by Karen Page

"It probably wasn't fair. Two trained journalists working on a feeble old woman like that. It's easy to push her. Get her to say things she doesn't want to."
"Your point?"
"She remembered a lot about your childhood. They say the oldest memories stick around the longest. She remembered a lot of little things. A lot of embarrassing things."
Karen Page and Wilson Fisk[src]

In 2015, Marlene was paid a surprise visit by Karen Page and Ben Urich. By this time, she had dementia. They first inquired about her living conditions before changing the subject to her married life. Marlene then began describing each husband. When she got to her first husband, Bill, she revealed how her son, Wilson Fisk, murdered his own father.[4]

After Page and Urich had left, Marlene tried to call Wilson about her new visitors, but her son was preoccupied with Vanessa Marianna's poisoning. She managed to get in touch with James Wesley and told him of what happened.[3]

Forced to Leave

"When I was in prison, my mother passed away."
Wilson Fisk to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

When the body of James Wesley was later found by Fisk's subordinates, Wilson Fisk found that the last call on Wesley's phone was to his mother. Believing her to be in danger, Fisk had his mother moved from Saint Bénézet Retirement Care to Italy. While being transported, Fisk asked her about what she had spoken to Wesley about the night before but she struggled to recall.[6] While Fisk was incarcerated in Ryker's Island, Marlene eventually passed away.[2]


"The hammer. The instrument of my father's death. I thought that she had thrown it away. But she was proud of what I had done, of who I was. She accepted me, without shame."
Wilson Fisk to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

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