"I want to meet a real PI."
"I'm a real PI."
"Oh. Then investigate some booze, PI."
―Marlene and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Marlene went on a date with Malcolm Ducasse after matching with him on Teaser.


"Then she can close her eyes while we swipe some booze."
"It's open, which means that she's home, so let's go."
"Yeah, but you've got nothing to drink at your place."
"For good reason."
―Marlene and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Marlene lived in New York City and used the Teaser dating app. She matched with Malcolm Ducasse, and the pair went out for the evening. Malcolm took her back to his apartment, but since he had no alcohol, she convinced him to go to Jessica's apartment. While in the apartment, Malcolm discovered that Jessica had been robbed and all her notes on IGH had been stolen.[1]




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