"My people could take this whole building down. Old Testament shit. You've seen the Internet. They could bust in here using flamethrowers on men in cages."
Marlena Olin to Bruce Ogden[src]

Marlena Olin's Crew is a mercenary group led by Marlena Olin.


Chase of Amy Bendix

"If there's more people out there, people like this I mean, you didn't just come in here to leave me for them. Did you?"
Amy Bendix to Frank Castle[src]

Marlena Olin attempts to capture Amy Bendix

Upon her discharge from the United States Army, Marlena Olin founded her own group of mercenaries and assassins. Olin and her crew were hired by John Pilgrim who ordered them to find and capture Amy Bendix in Michigan. They tracked her down to the Lola's Roadhouse where Olin and her subordinates approached Bendix in the bathroom. Leaving Eddie outside, Olin caught Bendix when she was trying to take her away.


Marlena Olin getting knocked unconscious

However, they were confronted by Frank Castle who demanded them to leave Bendix alone. Olin and mercenaries engaged in a vicious brawl, as Eddie was killed and Olin was knocked out. Knowing that the rest of Olin's crew were waiting for her in a bar, Bendix convinced Castle to help her and get her through the hostiles. When Bendix was caught by the mercenary, Castle used his opportunity and confronted him in front of all other patrons. Thinking about it as another bar fight, Ringo went to deal with other mercenaries who went to help their partner.

The Punisher Promo S2 22

Mercenary is fighting with Frank Castle

Both Castle and Ringo took down several mercenaries, however, they managed to kill Ringo and shoot Beth Quinn in the shoulder. As Castle saw Quinn being injured, he and Bendix covered behind the bar counter with her, while the mercenaries opened fire on them. With Quinn's shotgun, Castle successfully killed remained hostiles and took his van to get away with Bendix and the wounded Quinn. The crew chased them on the road, blocking all of the lanes to escape, however, Castle armed himself with a machine gun and took down all crew members.[1]

Ambush at the Tides Motel

"I didn't murder anybody, Sheriff."
"You telling me you didn't do it?"
"They died from terminal stupidity."
Frank Castle and Roy Hardin[src]

John Pilgrim managed to track down Frank Castle and Amy Bendix and ordered Marlena Olin to find and eliminate them. Olin with her crew went to Larkville, waiting outside of the Tides Motel, before they confirmed the whereabouts of their targets. With Davy covering them with a sniper rifle, three mercenaries broke inside the motel room, shooting all places where they could hide. However, Castle tricked them by covering in a nearby room and took the opportunity to kill the mercenaries.

While Castle was in a gunfight with Davy, Bendix was confronted by Olin who was holding her on a gunpoint. However, Castle took Davy down and saved Bendix by knocking Olin out and attempted to capture her but she managed to wake up. Olin shot Castle in the arm and attempted to grab a rifle, only to be shot in the leg by Castle. While Castle tried to interrogate her, Bendix attempted to steal Castle's van and escape, only to be stopped by the Larkville Police Department officers who arrested the three of them.[2]

Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station

"You know, whoever's out there they've gone too far. Next step, they come in here, they burn us all out. And they don't stop till we're dead."
Frank Castle to Roy Hardin[src]

In order to eliminate Amy Bendix and Frank Castle, John Pilgrim brought the rest of Marlena Olin's Crew to Larkville County Sheriff Station where they were held. As Roy Hardin refused to hand them to Pilgrim, he ordered the mercenaries to cut off the power in the building and surround it to ensure that no one would escape. During the siege, Pilgrim noticed Ken Ogden who attempted to run away and call for backup, so he shot him in the chest, leaving Ogden in a critical condition.


The crew shooting the Larkville Sheriff Station

As Ogden was taking inside the station, Pilgrim ordered the crew to open fire on the building while the Larkville Police Department attempted to fight back. During the firefight, several mercenaries bypassed the crossfire and sneaked inside the station. They successfully released Olin from her cell and attempted to shoot down the officers, however, they all were killed by Castle. Olin tried to convince Pilgrim to give her second chance and kill Castle herself, however, he killed Olin instead and ordered the crew to keep the attack.

Pilgrim ordered the crew to burn the building, so they brought some Molotov cocktails, only to be killed by Castle as well. Castle then left the building and gunned down all of the mercenaries one by one, using the darkness to his own advantage, as Pilgrim was then forced to finish off one of his own wounded men in order to stop him screaming. As most of the crew were taken down, Pilgrim spotted the Homeland Security intervening, so he escaped, leaving mercenaries dying in the woods.[3]


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