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"I don't need some out-of-town asshole telling me how to do my job. Next time I speak to him, it's gonna be to tell him we got the job done and we need to get paid."
―Marlena Olin[src]

Marlena Olin was a leader of a mercenary group who had been tasked by John Pilgrim to find and apprehend Amy Bendix. As they cornered Bendix, Olin and her crew were then confronted by the Punisher, who had decided to protect Bendix from any harm. While she continued hunting down both Bendix and the Punisher, Olin was arrested by Roy Hardin, until Pilgrim saved her. However, while they had planned to kill the Punisher, Olin was betrayed and murdered by Pilgrim for her failures.


Early Life

Serving in the Army

"Last known address, Detroit. What bounced from your prints almost broke our Internet. Former military. Former security contractor."
Roy Hardin to Marlena Olin[src]

Living in Detroit, Marlena Olin served in the United States Army until she became a private security contractor and the leader of her own mercenary group. She and other mercenaries were hired by John Pilgrim to perform fieldwork for him.[1]

Hunting Amy Bendix

Clash at Lola's Roadhouse

"Dumbass. You're so far over your head, you can't even see the light."
―Marlena Olin to Frank Castle[src]

Olin is personally confronted by Frank Castle

Informed by John Pilgrim of the target's location, Olin led the crew to Lola's Roadhouse to apprehend Amy Bendix. Bendix recognized them and tried to escape. Leaving Eddie outside the bathroom, Olin and another mercenary caught her in the women's restroom, she tried to take her away but was confronted by Frank Castle, after a vicious brawl Olin and her fellow mercenaries got defeated and knocked out.

Later, Olin found Bendix's backpack outside the bar and reported back to Pilgrim, reporting that she did not expect a man to rescue Bendix. Tech then found them footage of Castle fighting against mercenaries and Olin admitted his skills.[2]

Motel Shootout

Olin is shot through the leg by Frank Castle

"You ready to talk?"
"Kiss my ass."
Frank Castle and Marlena Olin[src]

Olin and with another team of mercenaries managed to track Frank Castle and Amy Bendix in the Tides Motel in Larkville. They attempted to surprise the two but got lured in an ambush by Castle, who killed her crew. Olin managed to catch Bendix but got knocked out by Castle. As Castle wanted to take her alive, for she fought back and engaged in a brief shootout where she got shot in her leg.[3]

Arrest and Death

Olin mocking Frank Castle in her prison cell

"You can kill every last one. I don't care. But let me be the one to put a bullet in Castiglione. Give me a team to hit from this side, while another team works the back. There's only four of them left, plus the kid. I'll finish the job, be out of the country by dawn."
―Marlena Olin to John Pilgrim[src]

As Frank Castle was questioning her, the Larkville Police Department showed up and arrested all of them. Olin got locked up with Castle and Bruce Ogden and identified through her prints by the cops. In the cell, she had a conversation with Castle in which she expressed disbelief about how he had gotten involved with Amy Bendix. When John Pilgrim and her crew besieged the police station they were able to free her.

Olin being strangled to death by John Pilgrim

Olin told Pilgrim that she wanted to kill Castle herself, and after that, she would disappear using a fake identity. Explaining her plan of attack Pilgrim gained her trust by handing her his gun while asking her to go over the plan again. As soon as she turned her back to him he trapped her in a rear-naked choke and strangled her. She tried to shoot him with the gun but found it was empty. Unable to escape his hold she was strangled to death.[1]


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  • Expert Combatant: Olin showed herself to be a highly skilled combatant during her fight against Frank Castle in the restroom.
  • Knife Proficiency: Olin was proficient in using a knife, she was able to fluidly use it to keep up with Frank Castle before getting disarmed and knocked out.
  • Expert Marksman: As a skilled military operator, Olin showed to be skilled with a variety of firearms during firefights.



  • Handgun: Olin was able to equip a handgun during her attack on the motel.
  • Knife: In the public restroom, Olin used a knife while fighting Frank Castle.






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