"How did this happen?"
"Dex knows our security protocols."
Wilson Fisk and Markham[src]

Agent Markham was a member of the FBI who was assigned to work on Wilson Fisk's detail. During the Battle at Presidential Hotel, Markham stayed to guard Fisk's penthouse and was killed by Benjamin Poindexter.


Kingpin's Agent

Markham joined the FBI New York Crime Division and worked under Tammy Hattley's commands. While Wilson Fisk was incarcerated in Ryker's Island, he managed to manipulate Markham in order to make him his personal ally. Markham was at the conference room of the New York City FBI Office where Hattley presented Ray Nadeem as the new agent corrupted by Fisk. Hattley then informed agents about new Fisk's orders and allowed them to operate.[3]


Markham with other corrupted FBI agents

During Fisk's wedding with Vanessa Marianna, Hattley ordered Markham, as well as other agents to secure the Presidential Hotel. Upon Benjamin Poindexter's attack on Marianna, Fisk asked Markham how could this happen and he informed Fisk that Poindexter knows everything about the FBI security protocols. Markham stayed outside of Fisk's penthouse to secure him before he was killed by Poindexter.[4]






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