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"It's not exactly a tattoo. It's the mark of the Iron Fist."
Iron Fist to Colleen Wing[src]

Mark of Shou-Lao is a symbol of Shou-Lao which is burned or tattooed onto a person's body so they can gain the power of the Iron Fist.


Danny Rand's Burn

"Is this debatable? Burned into me!"
Iron Fist to Davos[src]

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Davos' Tattoo

"The tattoo you gave Davos, the snake thing?"
"He called it a serpent."
Colleen Wing and Avalon[src]

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Colleen Wing's Tattoo

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  • Power Imbuing: Each Immortal Iron Fist throughout history has utilized the chi of Shou-Lao in different ways. As a result of having defeated Shou-Lao the Undying in combat. Warriors plunged their fists into the dragon's molten heart, absorbing its chi, gaining the power of the Iron Fist, allowing them to focus their chi and enhance their natural abilities to extraordinary levels. When being branded with the dragon's mark on any part of the body, the warriors has the advantage to harness the mystical spiritual energy through a ceremonial ritual in order to absorb the power from another Iron Fist to obtain it as for themselves.


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