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"You know, he's so clean, it's... it's freaky."
"In what way?"
"He has, uh, no credit cards. No email address."
"But he has a social security number."
"Yeah, but no bank account. No Facebook. No porn."
"Why do you find no porn so disturbing?"
"This guy, he doesn't exist. He was created. He's the figment of someone's imagination. Who the hell is this guy? And who made him?"
―Mark Bailey and Misty Knight[src]

Mark Bailey is a police detective of the New York City Police Department.


Ambush at the Harlem Junkyard

"Hey, Bailey. How you doing?"
"It's another beautiful day at the office. What's not to love?"
"Don't you start singing show tunes on me."
Misty Knight and Mark Bailey[src]

Bailey attended the junkyard crime scene where Shameek Smith, Chico Diaz, and Dante Chapman ambushed an arms deal between Cornell Stokes and Domingo Colon's men. When asked how he was doing by Misty Knight, he answered her by saying that it was another beautiful day at the office. Knight warned him to not start singing show tunes on her.[1]

Uneventful News

"Nandi's right. You never liked her. You never trusted her."
"But I trust you. Look, I don't wanna be right about this."
"Nandi deserves the benefit of the doubt."
"Well, then help us clear her. Or bring her in. Because she might have a direct line to Bushmaster."
―Mark Bailey and Misty Knight[src]

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"Misty. We're friends, but I'll always tell you the truth. Your injury makes people feel uncomfortable."
―Mark Bailey to Misty Knight[src]

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