"We're going tactical in five minutes."
"No, you're not. Stand down."
"We're going in. We got an active shooter and a hostage situation."
"They haven't asked for anything and one of ours is in there. We need to be careful."
―Mario Green and Priscilla Ridley[src]

Mario Green is a ESU Lieutenant set out to Harlem's Paradise to neutralize and capture Luke Cage.


When Luke Cage was spotted at Harlem's Paradise, Diamondback and his men began to clear the building and left it under lockdown, taking in hostages. After the death of Damon Boone and the authorization of Judas 2.0, Mario Green and his men were deplored to the scene, intent on the possible arrest or killing of Cage.[1]

While the crowds surrounded the boulevard to witness the fight between Cage and Stryker, Green arrived at the scene, still on the intent to kill Cage with the newly issued bullets.[2]


  • Expert Tactician: to be added





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