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"About to show these boys how we do it. You ready?"
"Higher, further, faster, baby."
"That's right."
―Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers[src]

Director Maria "Photon" Rambeau was a former United States Air Force pilot and the founder of S.W.O.R.D., as well as the mother of Monica Rambeau. She became best friends with Carol Danvers, who was presumed dead after a plane accident. Maria was reunited with Danvers six years later, in the midst of the Kree-Skrull War, and helped her remember her early life. She aided her, Nick Fury, and Talos in finding Mar-Vell's Laboratory and a group of Skrull refugees. Fighting against the Kree, Maria outmaneuvered Minn-Erva during a chase in the Mojave Desert, killing her.

As Fury went on to become Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Rambeau founded and became Director of S.W.O.R.D. In 2018, Rambeau was diagnosed with cancer. While undergoing treatment, her daughter succumbed to the Snap. Rambeau soon underwent remission, until her sudden death in 2020 from the illness.


Early Life[]

As Maria Rambeau grew up, she regularly screamed into a pillow to relieve her stress. She was constantly told that she was intense and overheard conversations in which her parents were told that Rambeau was intense and that they needed to break Rambeau's spirit. She also enjoyed her grandmother's gumbo recipe. In high school, Rambeau ran track.[2]

United States Air Force[]

Befriending Carol Danvers[]

In 1984, Maria Rambeau was accepted to the United States Air Force Academy.[3] She eventually became a pilot, getting the callsign "Photon".[1] On her first day, she was led by Officer Cadets Chen and Resendiz through a line to get her hair cut and her uniform. They were brought to their dorms, where Rambeau became roommates with Carol Danvers before the two went into their room. Rambeau and Danvers introduced themselves, and Rambeau attempted to get a read on the type of person Danvers was. Danvers asked Rambeau if she had a preference for which bed she took, so Rambeau chose the bed on the right and started setting up. After, she sat cross-legged writing in her journal. Suddenly, Danvers remarked at the yelling from the superiors that day, and Rambeau agreed. A little later, they agreed to go to bed. Rambeau got comfortable in her new bed before expressing that it was the best day of her life. They wished each other a goodnight and went to sleep.

The next day, Rambeau woke up at 3 AM to get an early run in before camp. Carol Danvers woke up and they decided to run together. As the camp commenced, they were tested on a mile run, pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups. Rambeau did they most push-ups, allowing her and Danvers to make it to the finals against Tom Bianchi and Garrett Pierre. In the run, Danvers and Rambeau almost lapped them causing an argument between Danvers and Bianchi, who claimed she will never become a pilot. Rambeau went to lunnch with Danvers and asked if Danvers truly intended to become a fighter pilot, but got cut short by cadets yelling about table manners. Later, Rambeau showed Danvers an elite squadron called the Flying Falcons. They decided to become a part of the team so that no one could turn them down.[2]

Field Day[]

"If we set out to win Honor Squadron, then we need to be doing it for ourselves."
"And maybe... like twenty percent to rub Jenks' nose in it."
―Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers[src]

Three weeks later, Rambeau beat Garrett Pierre in combat training. The next week, Carol Danvers figured out that Captain Jenks lead the Flying Falcons. Jenks was very sexist, so Rambeau and Danvers agreed to win field day for themselves as well as to join the Falcons. They were paired up with Tom Bianchi, who had made up with Danvers, Erik Del Orbe, and Pierre, who agreed to help them in a squadron they called the Aggressors. Rambeau participated in the long-distance run and tug-of-war. Right before the event started, Rambeau shouted orders and repositioned her teammates, causing the team to perform well. Their team won the field day, so Rambeau and Danvers approached Jenks, who congratulated Rambeau on her efforts during the tug-of-war and told them they needed a private piloting license to join the Falcons, condescendingly suggesting they support the elite squadron from the ground. Rambeau and Danvers concluded that that would not stop them.[2]

Second Beast[]

During the Second Beast, Rambeau underwent intensive training, and her flight was set to earn Beast excellence. Throughout training, she and Carol Danvers thought of several ideas to try out for the Flying Falcons despite their requirement that one have a private piloting license, discovering through research that doing so requires forty hours of flying time and to pass a written test. They agreed that the written test would be easy, but could not figure out how to get forty hours of flying experience and started to accept that they would have to get their licenses over the summer and try out the following academic year. Rambeau and Danvers ate breakfast together one morning and smiled at each other. The pair agreed that the training was demanding and them sore. Their silence was interrupted by Chen and Resendiz appearing, signaling to them that it was time for their chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear exposure.

Danvers and Rambeau quietly arrived at the site and were taught about their chemical warfare gear. Danvers assured Rambeau that they could do anything ten minutes, and Rambeau nodded. Rambeau ran in place when ordered to do something to raise her heart rate. She followed instructions to remove the gas mask and recite her reporting statement before calmly leaving with her arms in a T position. As she and Danvers left the chamber, they saw Garrett Pierre vomiting as they checked on each other. They went to Pierre and helped him to where the flight rinsed their masks.

That afternoon, Rambeau and Danvers ate lunch with Pierre and agreed that they were happy for the exposure to be over. They introduced themselves with first names and were joined by Tom Bianchi and Erik Del Orbe, who likewise shared their own first names. When Bianchi shared his, Rambeau and Danvers agreed that he did not look like a "Tom," suggesting other names he might appear as though he had. They teased Bianchi for some time before Rambeau talked to Del Orbe and Pierre about the upcoming Acceptance Parade.

Rambeau reached out to Jack and Bonnie Thompson, who agreed to teach her and Carol Danvers to fly.[2]

Acceptance Day[]

At the end of basic training, Rambeau and Carol Danvers went to the parade field and marched in an inverted-wedge formation with the rest of their flight. Rambeau and Danvers were both awarded the Warhawk, and their flight got presented with both Honor Flight and Beast flight. Rambeau and Danvers were also two out of the eight cadets to be named Honor Graduate. They joined the Cadet Wing and were put into their academic year squadrons. Rambeau approached Tom Bianchi and Danvers, and Bianchi congratulated her. Bianchi then left to find Garrett Pierre and Erik Del Orbe, giving Rambeau the opportunity to tell Danvers that she had figured out a way for them to get a private pilot's license.

Danvers and Rambeau prepared for classes to start and made planes with Bianchi, Del Orbe, and Pierre to meet in the school's library each night to keep each other from getting overwhelmed.[2]

Learning to Fly[]

As Rambeau and Carol Danvers drove to meet with Jack and Bonnie Thompson, Rambeau noticed that Danvers was tense. Danvers insisted that she was relaxed, prompting Rambeau to joke that this was impossible for her. Danvers told Rambeau about a year she spent in fourth grade attempting to imitate a classmate to whom relaxing came easily, prompting Rambeau to comment that she was good at learning everything else. They bonded over their shared experience of being called intense and feeling a need to dial it down. Danvers confessed that she was struggling with not making her goal to prove people wrong, admitting that the percentage of that being her motivation was increasing. Rambeau told Danvers that she needed to get out of her own head before guiding Danvers to their destination.

As they pulled in, they watched Jack and Bonnie land and Jack told Rambeau that she looked like her father and Bonnie commented on how tall she was. Jack commented that the plane, Mr. Goodnight, was not what they were expecting and led them into the hangar. Rambeau explained that Bonnie flew transports in the war and shared with the Thompsons that she and Danvers wanted to fly combat. Danvers said that they hoped joining the Flying Falcons would change people's mind about their ability to fly combat, so Rambeau listed the merits they had already earned. Bonnie warned that they would have to work twice as hard to earn half as much, but Rambeau simply said that she has already been doing that her whole life. The Thompsons then decided to start their training by having them clean Mr. Goodnight to develop their character.

As Rambeau and Danvers drove home, they commented on the way they both smelled. They returned to base and showered before going to sleep, when Rambeau commented that classes were going to be difficult.[2]

First Day of Classes[]

The next morning, Rambeau and Carol Danvers woke up and went to the track, where they found Tom Bianchi, Garrett Pierre, and Erik Del Orbe stretching and talking about Flickerball. They realized that they all would be playing it as their intramural sport and started jogging together. Bianchi asked where they had been the previous day, but Danvers decided not to tell him. Rambeau told Bianchi that he would be jealous, so Danvers promised to tell him eventually. She ran ahead to catch up with Rambeau, who told her that she could have simply told Bianchi. However, Danvers said that she wanted it to simply be their thing. Rambeau agreed as they continued running.

They returned to the dorms for a shower with Bianchi, Pierre, and Del Orbe, and came across Zoë Noble. Danvers cheerfully introduced herself and Rambeau to Noble using their first names, but Noble responded with her last name. Danvers asked what Noble's first name was, prompting Noble to sigh as Rambeau stifled a laugh. Noble told them her first name, so Rambeau greeted her using it. Noble left as Danvers waved goodbye, which Rambeau made fun of her for. They went to Jenks' Introduction to Soaring class, where Rambeau and Del Orbe were put in Cadet Instructor Pilot Cabot's group. They worked with Cabot for the class, who told them about an upcoming air show which the airmanship students would be attending.

Danvers and Rambeau went to the library, where they started studying with Bianchi, Pierre, and Del Orbe. Rambeau brought up the air show, prompting excited conversation about the United States Air Force Thunderbirds appearing. Noble, who had sat near them, informed the group that Jenks used to be a member of the Thunderbirds until he got grounded, for reasons she did not know. Danvers wondered aloud how he got grounded, but Rambeau warned her about looking into it and making her mission about Jenks. She made Danvers promise that she would not look into it.[2]

First Flight[]

"Best day ever?"
"Best day ever."
Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau[src]

Rambeau and Carol Danvers continued training with Jack and Bonnie Thompson for weeks, when they were finally allowed a flight. Rambeau and Bonnie flew Mr. Goodnight first and landed, extremely happy as she debriefed the flight with Bonnie. While Danvers and Jack flew, Bonnie told Rambeau that she would learn a slow barrel roll. Once Danvers landed, she ran and hugged Rambeau, and the listened as Jack and Bonnie told each other and Rambeau and Danvers' progress. The two agreed that it was the best day ever as they went to the hangar for cherry pie which Bonnie had made.[2]

Air Show[]

Rambeau continued studying into the winter and played Flickerball, scoring points. She gave a high five to Garrett Pierre and Erik Del Orbe. As class ended, she joined Carol Danvers and Tom Bianchi, who were talking about the flying lessons. Bianchi revealed to the rest of the group that Rambeau and Danvers were taking them, so the group joked about Del Orbe's bet that they were watching planes. Bianchi asked why the plane was called Mr. Goodnight, but they did not know. They were approached by Captain Jenks and stood at attention while Jenks embarrassed Danvers, asking her to take stock of the pilots at the air show and find the difference between them and her. Jenks left as Danvers panicked, and Rambeau and Bianchi worked to calm her down. Danvers asked why Jenks hated her, so the group agreed that Danvers was the best, but he only wants people like him to be the best.

The next day at the air show, Rambeau watched in awe as bombers flew overhead. Del Orbe asked to go to the meet and greet being held by Senator John Glenn, and the group agreed to go. They saw Mr. Goodnight flying overhead and watched in awe of Jack and Bonnie Thompson's piloting. As the show continued, the United States Air Force Thunderbirds were introduced, and Danvers announced her desire to touch one of the planes, which Rambeau made fun of her for. However, Danvers and Rambeau also realized that all the pilots looked exactly like Jenks, upsetting them. Pierre brought up Lloyd "Fig" Newton, a black pilot who joined the Thunderbirds, giving Danvers and Rambeau hope. After the show, Rambeau admitted that she also wanted to touch the plane, so they separated from Bianchi, Del Orbe, and Pierre, who waited in line to see Glenn. They touched the plane, excited about their future of flying.[2]

Final Lesson[]

"If my accomplishments were a scientific study or some math problem I'd have to solve, it'd be super obvious that whoever did this stuff equals someone who deserves to be in those top slots. But, it's like I add up all the numbers, study all the data, come up with my conclusions, and then at the bottom of the column I see my name, and then somehow it erases all the data and the facts and the proof and just leaves this giant shrug of an answer. Like, because it's me, it doesn't count, for some reason."
―Maria Rambeau[src]

For her final lesson, Bonnie Thompson led Rambeau through completing a barrel roll. The first time she tried the roll, she froze and did not complete the roll, flying upside down. Rambeau worried about her seat belts breaking while Thompson finished the roll. They continued flying until Rambeau had completed the barrel roll successfully and finished her forty hours of flying necessary to take her pilot's license test. As they drove back to campus, she told Carol Danvers about the experience, as well as Thompson's past flying a crop duster for her family. As they arrived at campus, Danvers told Rambeau that she was a good pilot, confusing Rambeau. Danvers continued, complimented the slow roll she completed. Rambeau fought the urge to belittle her achievement and thanked Danvers, and the two returned to their dorm rooms.

Danvers was quiet as they returned to their dorm, prompting Rambeau to check on her. Danvers said that she felt nervous about everything, prompting agreement with Rambeau. Rambeau started talking about her accomplishments, saying that if she saw someone who had achieved them, they would be deserving to be considered the best. However, she continued by saying that it felt as though it did not count since she was the one doing it. The two talked about the importance integrity and loving oneself, joking about how they sounded. They assured themselves out loud that they were good pilots before laughing at how cheesy they felt.[2]

Facing Her Emotions[]

"And do you want to know what I feel around you?"
"I'm happy. I finally feel like I belong somewhere. That I'm important. That I matter."
―Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers[src]

Some time later, Rambeau and Carol Danvers took their private pilot's license tests and were told by the woman administering it that it would take one or two months to hear the results. Weeks later, Rambeau went to Introduction to Soaring class, where Danvers was being berated by Jenks. Danvers blurted out that she and Rambeau were going to try out for the Flying Falcons and lied about them already having their private pilot's licenses. Jenks said that he intended to stop them from doing so and turned to Rambeau with disdain, upsetting her. At the end of class, Danvers rushed to apologize and started to explain herself. Rambeau cut her off and told her that Jenks would never accept her, telling her to that she would need to decide how much she was willing to sacrifice for her belief that her way was the only way. Rambeau took her hand and said that she needed to figure it out herself before leaving to catch up with Tom Bianchi and Garrett Pierre.

They went to the mess hall, where an argument started about whose family made the best meals. The conversation got awkward when Danvers joined them, but Rambeau resumed the argument by praising her grandmother's gumbo. The argument resumed as Rambeau smiled at her. The group went to the library together, but Danvers chose not to join them. Rambeau was worried about Danvers, so she returned to her dorm room and sorted through papers until Danvers returned. Danvers started to apologize, but Rambeau cut her off, explaining that she was not angry with Danvers for what she said. Rambeau explained that she was bothered by Jenks' questioning of whether she and Danvers could be taught, which sounded similar to the "Let yourself learn" advice Danvers had received. She talked about how the concepts scared her, saying that she realized why. She asked Danvers what she wanted from Jenks, prompting Danvers to admit that she was hoping for him to believe she was good so that she could be happy. Rambeau then asked how Danvers felt around her, and Danvers said that she felt happy and a sense of belonging. Rambeau said that she felt the same, and the two hugged as they cried. They agreed that they would never belong in Jenks' world and that it was a good thing.[2]

Flying Falcons Tryouts[]

As Rambeau and Carol Danvers received the results from their private pilot's license tests, they hesitated to read them. However, it came to be the last day to try out for the Flying Falcons, so Danvers suggested they open their envelopes at the track. Rambeau tried to get the envelopes to stop them, but Danvers got them first and put them in her pocket. They hesitated to accept that they might have passed before leaving for the track, where they found Tom Bianchi, Garrett Pierre, and Erik Del Orbe stretching. They asked if they were okay, so Danvers showed them the results. The group was temporarily distracted by Pierre and Del Orbe's attempts to say "private pilot's license" ten times fast, and Del Orbe suggested they open it at the same time. Rambeau and Danvers got worried about one passing but not the other, but Bianchi got tired and took the envelope from them, opening it for them and revealing that they passed. The group celebrated, but Danvers noticed that Bianchi was upset and told the others to run. Rambeau pushed Del Orb and Pierre to start running. Zoë Noble joined the group, and they started playing freeze tag.

Danvers and Rambeau then struggled to find the sign-up sheets between classes, but eventually found the office, where Danvers complimented the receptionist's eye shadow. Rambeau agreed with the woman that it was rebellious. They told the receptionist that they wanted to sign up, making the receptionist smile as she gave them the sign-up sheet. They noted that Bianchi was one of seventeen people trying out for two open spots, and that they were the only women.

The day of the tryouts, Danvers and Rambeau put on their uniforms and went to meet the rest of the people trying out, including Bianchi. Jenks walked them through the tryout process, explaining that the names of the people who made the team would be posted at the end of the week. They were instructed to sit on wooden benches and told the order in which they would fly, with Rambeau flying eleventh. Rambeau and Danvers then mouthed motivational phrases to each other and laughed to themselves. Rambeau watched as the cadets went through their tryouts, when eventually it was Bianchi's turn. When Bianchi took off seamlessly, Rambeau turned to Danvers as they silently agreed on how impressive his skills were.

When it was Rambeau's turn to fly, she went to Jenks and saluted him while the other cadets rushed to work with the other two instructors. She went through Jenks' procedures completely sure of herself and got in the cockpit. Rambeau then took off seamlessly and soared into the sky, impressing the cadets below. While flying, she executed the barrel roll which was taught to her by Bonnie Thompson.[2]

Celebratory Meal[]

Jack and Bonnie Thompson held a celebration for the tryouts and told Rambeau and Carol Danvers to invite their friends. While Rambeau helped Bonnie prepare macaroni and cheese, she helped Rambeau realize that the important part was that she was flying, not that she was flying combat. As Danvers told them that Jenks put the engine on idle during her tryout, Rambeau commented on his apparent belief that he was saving Danvers from herself while standing with jack near his smoker. Bonnie sent Pierre and Bianchi to get drinks while Jack asked Rambeau and Danvers what their plan was. The two said that they would find another way to be the first female fighter pilots, but Jack suggested there was another way to fly, but got cut off by Bonnie insisting they eat as their friends returned.

Rambeau saw Danvers zoned out and checked on her, but Danvers said she was simply happy. Rambeau told Danvers about her conversation with Bonnie earlier, and Bonnie helped Danvers realize that flying was important to them, regardless of whether they were flying combat. She suggested that they find a new goal, which Jack cheered. While Jack, Bonnie, and Del Orbe got dessert, Danvers recounted the advice she had received to let herself learn. This prompted the group to realize that it applied to their desire to find a new goal, and that flying combat was not the only important form of flying. Jack and Bonnie then gave each pilot a silver dollar from the year they were born, showing the group their own. Del Orbe noted that they had been rubbed smooth, so Bonnie commented that they needed a lot of luck. The pilots all thanked the Thompsons, and Bonnie reminded them to be themselves. They all ate dessert together.[2]


As the United States Air Force Academy started its Recognition ceremony, Rambeau fell into line with her squadron. Rambeau participated in a series of physically demanding activities for the first day and the group said goodbye to each other that night, all going to sleep. The next morning, Rambeau found Danvers looking at her and asked why. Danvers told Rambeau that she had realized they would not be roommates for much longer, so Rambeau made fun of Danvers, having made the realization weeks prior. As the two got ready for their day, Danvers prepared to give a speech, but simply told Rambeau that Danvers viewed her as a sister. Rambeau told Danvers about their first time flying Mr. Goodnight, declaring that she had felt as though Danvers was her sister since then. Rambeau assured Danvers that she had earned a friend like Rambeau, and the two hugged.

Rambeau and Danvers then arrived for their second day of Recognition late, which was noticed by Tom Bianchi and Erik Del Orbe. Rambeau suggested that they take it easy since the second day would be the hardest, and Danvers agreed as they stretched. Danvers and Rambeau shared the conversation they had, prompting Bianchi to remind her that they had another three years of studying. Danvers said that she understood logically, but not emotionally, which Bianchi understood. The group all looked to him to say more, but he refused and asked to return to the topic after Recognition. They agreed to get a group photo after the Run to the Rock, when they were all emotional.

After an intense second day of Recognition, Rambeau and her friends went to dinner, when Danvers remembered that the names of the people had been admitted into the Flying Falcons were posted. While Garrett Pierre and Del Orbe went to sleep, Rambeau went with Bianchi and Danvers to see who had been chosen. They went to find the list, seeing that Bianchi and Bret Johnson had been chosen. The group expressed confusion about Johnson, followed by disappointment, as they had still hoped Jenks would choose Rambeau and Danvers. Bianchi noted that Jenks could have changed the world, so Danvers said they would do it themselves. Rambeau and Danvers congratulated Bianchi, who decided to wait to process his emotions about the decision.

On their final day, Rambeau and Danvers had a room inspection and rushed to the Run to the Rock. They got into formation, where Cadets Chen and Resendiz yelled at each cadet about their positive qualities. Resendiz yelled at Rambeau about her integrity. The run commenced, and once they reached the top, Rambeau, Pierre, Del Orbe, and Danvers hugged. Bianchi stood on the side and got emotional, eventually giving in and hugging them all as well. They saw that Bianchi had a camera, which he told Rambeau he had gotten to the top carefully, and asked Zoë Noble to take five group pictures of them, one for each of them. Noble responded sarcastically, but took the pictures. The group said their goodbyes to each other and prepared for a Recognition dinner, where they received prop-and-wings pins. Rambeau and Danvers started to go back to their dorm room, but were interrupted by the appearance of Brigadier General Whalen.

Whalen complimented Rambeau and Danvers' flying, asking who had taught them. Rambeau and Danvers told Whalen that they learned from Bonnie and Jack Thompson, impressing Whalen as they explained that they learned on Mr. Goodnight. Whalen asked the pair if they had considered being test pilots and offered to make a phone call for them before dismissing them. Rambeau and Danvers got excited at the prospect, realizing it could be their new goal. Rambeau and Danvers then realized that since Whalen mentioned have worked with Bonnie and was involved in secretive missions, it was likely that Bonnie was a spy with the CIA. The pair talked for hours before going to sleep.[2]

Listening to Planes[]

Early the next morning, Rambeau and Carol Danvers left the academy and drove near an airport, where Danvers had Rambeau close her eyes and listen to planes taking off to guess which sound belonged to which plane. They disagreed on the first plane, and Rambeau was ultimately right in saying it was a Cessna 172. Danvers correctly guessed the next plane, and they commented that they had forever to spend with each other. After a few moments of silence, the next plane came, which the pair recognized as being Mr. Goodnight. The pair waved and cheered to Jack and Bonnie Thompson, hoping they could hear.[2]

Having a Child[]

Rambeau eventually had a child named Monica, but was left to raise her as a single mother; Maria named Carol to be Monica's godmother, who then helped raise her throughout her adolescence. Rambeau graduated the Air Force's training program with flying colors, and subsequently went to celebrate at Pancho's Bar.[1]

Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.[]

"We had to get up so early. The Air Force still wasn't letting women fly combat, so testing Lawson's planes was our only shot at doing something that mattered."
―Maria Rambeau to Carol Danvers[src]
Captain Marvel (film) 19

Rambeau and Carol Danvers walk together

After graduating, Rambeau took on the callsign "Photon" as a pilot. She and Danvers were recruited by Dr. Wendy Lawson for Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.. They tested Light-Speed Engines in order to gain new technology. One day, Rambeau was woken up by Danvers at dawn. Danvers raced in her Ford Mustang while Rambeau drove her Camaro. Danvers took a shortcut, which Rambeau complained was cheating.

When they got to the hangar, Lawson was agitated, saying lives were going to be lost. Danvers insisted that if lives were at stake, she would fly the plane. They were both presumably killed in a crash and all that was left was half of Danvers' dog tag. Being the last person to see them alive, Rambeau was interviewed by Air Force Office of Special Investigations. However, she never believed that Danvers was really dead because she knew somewhere, Danvers was fighting to stay alive.[1]

Kree-Skrull War[]

Reunion with Carol Danvers[]

Maria Rambeau & Carol Danvers

Rambeau discussing Carol Danvers' history

"What's hard is losing my best friend in a mission so secret they act like it never even happened. Hard is knowing you were out there somewhere too damn stubborn to die. And now you come up in here after six years, with your supercharged fire hands."
―Maria Rambeau to Carol Danvers[src]

While Maria was working on a plane in her residence, she and Monica were both surprised to see her best friend Carol Danvers alive and well, as they had been told that her plane had crashed, and she had been presumed dead. In a long talk with Danvers and her new friend Nick Fury, they explained to Maria everything that had happened to Danvers in the past six years since her crash, asking for her help as she was one of the last persons to see Danvers alive. Initially Maria had difficulty believing them, but Danvers demonstrated her powers by heating a kettle with her hands. Maria then helped Danvers remember some of her past.[1]

Arrival of the Skrulls[]

Rambeau Playing Blackbox

Rambeau plays the recording of the crash

"You didn't find her lab on Earth, 'cause it's not on Earth."
"That was the location on the date of the crash six years ago. If we track its course, we'll find it in orbit right now."
"It's just basic physics."
―Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers[src]

Maria, Danvers and Fury were interrupted by Talos, who had successfully tracked them to Maria's residence. Worried, Maria looked out the backdoor to see where Monica was, but to her surprise, she saw herself out in the yard playing with Monica. Talos convinced them that he was there not to fight but to talk. After a tense moment they decided to give him a chance. Maria sent Monica outside and played the black box recording of Danvers' plane crash.

Danvers recovered her memory of the crash and how she got her cosmic powers, lost and confused more than ever about her identity now that she realized that she had been lied to by the Kree for years. Maria saw the situation and comforted her, calming her down by reminding her who she was, how she always supported Maria and how she was already the strongest person she knew even before she had any superpowers. Danvers then decided to make things right with the Skrulls by helping them find Wendy Lawson's old lab, asking for Maria's help as a good co-pilot.[1]

Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory[]


Rambeau co-piloting a Quadjet in space

"Get the Skrulls in the Quadjet and go. Take the... Flerken with you."
"What about you?"
"I'll buy you some time!"
Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau[src]

Carol Danvers, Talos, Nick Fury, Rambeau, and Goose arrived at the laboratory in a modified Quadjet, where they found more Skrulls as well as the Tesseract. However, they were soon ambushed and captured by Starforce, but Danvers eventually broke out and set them free. Rambeau stuck with Fury, and Danvers caught up with them and decided to buy them time to escape from the laboratory. Maria piloted the Quadjet to get Fury and the Skrull refugees to safety on Earth. Minn-Erva followed them in a dropship, leading to an air combat over the Mojave Desert. Maria used her piloting skills to out-maneuver Minn-Erva and shoot her dropship out of the sky, killing her. Yon-Rogg then arrived at the battle in his dropship and shot their Quadjet, slightly damaging it, but Danvers used her newly discovered flying capabilities to intercept him, saving her allies including Maria.[1]

Celebrating Victory[]

"That's some nifty flying you did out there. S.H.I.E.L.D. could always use a good pilot like you."
"I'll consider it. As long as you don't call my flying nifty again."
Nick Fury and Maria Rambeau[src]

Returning to the Rambeau Residence to celebrate their victory over the Kree, Maria enjoyed dinner with her friends. Nick Fury invited Rambeau to join S.H.I.E.L.D., and Rambeau replied that she would consider the offer. Danvers then decided she would go help the Skrulls find a new home far away from the Kree, and she said goodbye to everybody on Earth, bidding Maria and Monica a farewell.[1]

Director of S.W.O.R.D.[]

Founding S.W.O.R.D.[]

"I know S.W.O.R.D.'s your home. Your mom built this place from the ground up. You grew up here."
Tyler Hayward to Monica Rambeau[src]

After Captain Marvel left Earth to find Talos and his Skrull refugees a new home,[1] Rambeau founded S.W.O.R.D. under the United States Government. During her tenure as director, she kept close contact with Nick Fury,[4] who would go on to become Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. While S.H.I.E.L.D. continued to enforce global security and safety, Rambeau founded S.W.O.R.D. with the intention to focus on manned missions and extraterrestrial operations.[5]

Cancer Diagnosis and Death[]

"Maria died three years ago."
Highland to Monica Rambeau[src]

By 2018, Rambeau had been diagnosed with cancer, and was undergoing treatment at Parkside hospital, where Dr. Highland was administering her treatment. During one of her final treatments before remission, the Snap occurred; Rambeau survived, but her daughter Monica was killed while resting on her bedside. She came up with a new policy within S.W.O.R.D. to ground snapped agents in case they ever returned, a policy made in place out of the interest of Monica's well-being. Two years after the Snap in 2020, Rambeau's cancer made a recurrence, and she died shortly afterwards from complications associated with the illness.[5] Shortly before death, Rambeau was visited by Danvers, and she encouraged Danvers to take Goose with her to space.[6]


"Maybe it's a good thing you weren't here when your mother died. Because clearly, you don't have the stomach for this job."
Tyler Hayward to Monica Rambeau[src]

In the wake of Rambeau's death, she was memorialized at S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters, with her callsign "Photon" distinguished on her memorial plaque from her time serving the United States Air Force. Tyler Hayward, Rambeau's subordinate, co-worker, and a high-ranking operative of S.W.O.R.D., replaced her as Director. In the beginning of his tenure, he redirected the organization's efforts to robotics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, primarily to facilitate Project Cataract.[5][4]

When the Blip occurred in 2023, Monica was resurrected at the Parkside hospital, devastated at the news of her mother's passing three years prior.[5]


"Young lady, I have a special skill that kinda allows me to get into places I'm not supposed to be."
"Call me 'young lady' again, I'm gonna put my foot in a place it's not supposed to be."
Talos and Maria Rambeau[src]

Maria was a brave and resilient woman, much like her best friend. She pursued her love of aviation when it was uncommon and unexpected for women, eventually becoming an expert pilot, while raising her daughter on her own. She adapted to new and unexpected situations very well, as she quickly got over her first extraterrestrial encounter with Skrulls, used her skills to co-pilot a Quadjet and travel to space, and later shot down an experienced space pilot such as Minn-Erva when thrown into combat. She also disliked derogatory compliments like 'Young Lady', as she was furious when Talos called her that.


"You know, I could use a good co-pilot."
Carol Danvers to Maria Rambeau[src]
  • Master Pilot: Having been a part of the Air Force, Rambeau was an extremely skilled pilot, being good enough that Carol Danvers wanted her to come along to Mar-Vell's Laboratory. She was able to outmaneuver Minn-Erva, and impress Nick Fury with her skills.
  • Expert Tactician: Rambeau was the head and founder of S.W.O.R.D., requiring her to make decisions on part of the agency.









Appearances for Maria Rambeau


  • In the comics, Maria Rambeau is the mother of Monica Rambeau who became a superheroine, codenamed Photon. The name "Photon" was also used as a superhero name by Monica.
    • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Maria shares similarities with the character Marina Renner, a single mother who is close friends with Carol Danvers.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Earlier versions of Captain Marvel were structured in a more linear fashion and started with Carol Danvers' friendship with Rambeau and her life on Earth.[7]
  • DeWanda Wise was originally cast in the role but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.[8]
  • Lashana Lynch described Rambeau as "resilient" and "strong" saying, "Maria's got a strength that's undeniable, in that you don't feel like you need to help her. She is thrown into many a situation in this movie that she's never been a part of, never seen, never experienced — and she just learns it, immediately."[9]
  • WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer had Maria Rambeau killed offscreen in the We Interrupt This Program episode so they could set Monica Rambeau up with a storyline of her own in a rough and meaningful way, feeling that Maria was a deep part of Monica's own character.[10]
  • Lashana Lynch was personally informed by Kevin Feige through an email about Rambeau's death in WandaVision long before the show premiered, as Feige did not want Lynch to learn about her character's death through someone else without telling her.[11]
  • Keisha Tucker was a stunt double for Lashana Lynch in the role of Maria Rambeau.


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