"Stay away from me."
"Maria, it's still me. I'm still the same."
"No, you're one of them."
―Maria and Elena Rodriguez[src]

Maria is a young woman who lives in Miami, Florida, and was a friend of Leticia and Elena Rodriguez.


Blackout in Miami

"It's her. She has the gun! She's the Inhuman."
―Maria to Briggs[src]

Maria, bride to be, together with her friends and bridesmaids Leticia and Elena Rodriguez visited a party on a rooftop in Miami. During the party they watched Mertz, a magician, perform a magic trick with a cocktail umbrella. When Mertz told them he was able to do the trick because he was born with a gift Maria asked him if he was also able to get Elena into a dress. When Elena reacted that it had never happened in the ten years before Maria reassured her that she needs to wear one during the wedding.

During their conversation Maria noticed that Elena ignored a call from Alphonso Mackenzie, and asked her who he was and if she was coming with her to the wedding. Since he was not Maria grabbed Elena's phone to ask him herself. Just after Mackenzie answered the phone the connection was broken because of an EMP device.

Like most of the partygoers Maria and her friends watched the city turn black. Quickly after a helicopter which had been effected, fell from the sky and crashed into a nearby building, exploding in a massive fireball and falling to the ground.

Maria tried to reach her fiancé, wondering how a blackout took out her phone. Elena told her that is probably was an EMP. Since Maria does not know what an EMP was Elena explained it to her, making Maria wonder what it was exactly that Elena does for work. Darryl walked up to them, telling them about a so called Inhumans attack and suggesting to move downstairs. Even though Elena objected Maria walked off because she wanted to find her fiancé. Elena and the others quickly followed.

As they made their way into the lobby Maria planned to walk outside and search further. Before leaving the building they were suddenly surrounded by members of the Watchdogs led by Briggs, who all charged in armed with guns. Despite Darryl trying to hand over his wallet, Briggs made it clear that they were not there for money, but to find the Inhuman who was hiding among them.

While Briggs hold them all under gunpoint and explained they only want the Inhuman Maria told Elena and Leticia that the situation was ridicilous, stating that they would know if there was a "freak of nature" among them. Elena quickly responded that the inhumans are people too, something Maria did not agree with. They all watched on when some of the watchdogs grabbed Mertz, who was blamed by Darryl, and planned to kill him.

Maria noticed how Elena had used her powers to take the pistols away from two watchdogs, walking away from her and revealing her actions to the watchdogs. The watchdogs surrounded her, planning to execute her. Just in time Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz entered the hotel. While a brawl began Briggs got out his knife and placed it on Maria her throat, threating to kill her if they did not stop. Elena used her powers to take the knife away while Coulson punched him down.

Following the brawl Maria told Elena to move away. Even though Elena told her that she was still the same and still her friend Maria walked off, leaving Elena behind.[1]





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