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"Lock the door behind you when you leave."
Marci Stahl[src]

Marci Stahl's Apartment is the place where Marci Stahl lives.


Morning Grunts

Foggy Nelson was awakened by a phone call, and Marci Stahl, with whom Nelson spent the night, asked him if he had somewhere to be in the morning, while she prepared to go to work at Landman and Zack. Nelson simply grunted as an answer.

Stahl jokingly reminded him that he was not in the woods and grunts did not count as words, calling him "Foggy Bear". Nelson asked her not to call him with that name and when she told him that she would call him whatever she wanted, Nelson asked her to do it with her inside voice without speaking. Stahl was impressed that Nelson was able to say something so rude, but he ruined it by apologizing.


She then asked Nelson if he was going to work, but he then explained that he was not going that day, and never again with Matt Murdock. Stahl pointed that Nelson and Murdock had been friends since she met him, but she did not care about what was happening between them.

Stahl kissed Nelson and then went to work, asking him to lock the door behind him when he left. Nelson simply rolled over on the bed, trying to sleep again.[1]


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