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"If you're already a target, you might as well be the first person to take a swing."
―Marci Stahl to Foggy Nelson[src]

Marci Stahl is a lawyer and girlfriend of Foggy Nelson who then later took Nelson's job at Landman and Zack. However, upon questioning her own company's true integrity, Stahl decided to assist Nelson and Matt Murdock in taking down Wilson Fisk and later helped them investigate the Punisher during his trial. Upon the release of Fisk from prison, she encouraged Nelson to run for District Attorney in order to get him back behind bars.


Working for Landman and Zack

Rivalry with Foggy Nelson

"We're doing the city a favor by trying to renovate."
"You know that's not true!"
"Yeah, because the law's always about the truth."
―Marci Stahl to Foggy Nelson[src]

While training to become a lawyer herself, Marci Stahl began a casual relationship with Foggy Nelson. However, when the long-serving interns Nelson and his close friend Matt Murdock turned down a job offer from Landman and Zack in order to start their own law firm at Nelson and Murdock, Stahl saw the opportunity and took the job herself, gaining large financial success.[2]

Elena Cardenas' Case

"You know how this goes. It's her word versus my client's, and there's a whole backlog of these cases pending throughout the city. No one is going to help her but us. If I were you, I'd go to Mrs. Whatever today and strongly urge her to accept our offer."
"Marci. Convincing my client to agree to your terms, that's your job, and I'm not going to do it for you."
―Marci Stahl and Foggy Nelson[src]

Stahl mocks Foggy Nelson and Karen Page

While working for Landman and Zack, Stahl was ordered to greet Foggy Nelson, who had since set up with own independent law firm with Matt Murdock named Nelson and Murdock and was now representing a woman named Elena Cardenas, who was suing one of Landman and Zack's own clients Armand Tully over damage to her home. She met him and Karen Page and explained she had taken his job and was representing Tully, instantly trying to throw off Nelson by using her nickname of Foggy Bear and teasing his relationship with Murdock and his own commitment issues.

Stahl debates with Foggy Nelson

Getting to business, Stahl argued that the workman had not acted illegally and had left because they feared for their own safety as the building was filled with drug-dealers and they had offered Cardenas a pay-off to leave. Nelson argued back that Tully was acting illegally and could not force Cardenas out and promised he would see her in court. When Stahl told Nelson he would have done well at Landman and Zack, Nelson told her she did not have a soul since being there.[1] Later, Nelson spoke to Stahl and learned that Tully was "on an island without a name for the unforeseen future".[3]

Late Night Affair

Stahl after having sex with Foggy Nelson

"Can you do it with your indoor voice without speaking?"
"That's a very asshole thing to say. I'm impressed."
"And now you've ruined it. You going to work or what?"
Foggy Nelson and Marci Stahl[src]

Stahl met with Foggy Nelson a few nights later and they ended up having sex in her apartment. While Stahl prepared to go to work the next morning, she used her favorite nickname for Nelson, "Foggy Bear" while she was preparing to go to work at Landman and Zack. While he was in bed, Stahl nagged Nelson about to go work at Nelson and Murdock, leading to Nelson insulting her about not wanting to hear her voice.

Stahl explains she does not care about drama

Stahl complimented Nelson for being rude to her for once as she called it being an asshole, which he ruined by then apologizing for being rude to her. While Stahl put her own clothes back on, Nelson revealed that he may never go back to work with Matt Murdock ever again for reasons he did not tell her. Stahl noted that the pair of them had been friends for as long as she had known them before she then told him she did not care for his drama as she did not want to be involved in all of their own drama and then left for work, telling him to lock the door when he had finally left her apartment.[4]

Foggy Nelson's Theory

Stahl meets with Foggy Nelson at Josie's Bar

"You're asking me to commit career suicide."
"I'm asking you to trust me. One way or another Fisk, Owlsley, anyone connected with what they've been doing they're going to get what's coming to them and there's going to be some hard questions about how much Landman and Zack knew and when they knew it."
―Marci Stahl and Foggy Nelson[src]

Foggy Nelson asked to meet Stahl at Josie's Bar. While she waited, she ordered a Vodka Martini from Josie but only got a glass of vodka. When Nelson arrived, he informed her that he needed her help, much to Stahl's disappointment as she was hoping they would have sex again. Nelson revealed that Elena Cardenas' case was bigger than they expected and they had learned that many other similar cases were being organized by Wilson Fisk. Stahl tried to leave as Landman and Zack represented Fisk, but Nelson convinced her to read his case file about it all.[5]

Stahl listens to Foggy Nelson's theory

Stahl became transfixed by Nelson's papers and saw the corruption that Fisk was involved with. Nelson revealed much of the information they had gained from Daredevil; they debated if Daredevil or Fisk were responsible for the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen. Nelson tried to convince her of Fisk's guilt but Stahl argued that Fisk was one of their most valuable clients and she could lose her job just speaking to him. Nelson convinced her that Fisk was going down, and this was her chance to help herself. She agreed to help and began sending Landman and Zack documents to help with the investigation.

Stahl watches Parish Landman being arrested

Thanks largely to Stahl's help, Nelson and Murdock were able to take on Carl Hoffman as a client and he revealed Wilson Fisk's entire organization, resulting in the arrests of everyone connected to his criminal empire. As Stahl arrived at her work, she witnessed her employer Parish Landman being arrested by the FBI for his part in Fisk's organization. As she watched him being taken away, Stahl sat in her car and smiled to herself, knowing that she had helped bring down a powerful criminal empire, although she later insisted that Nelson help her find a new job somewhere else.[6]

Kingpin's Return

"The best way to protect yourself from Fisk is to make noise, is to be out in the open."
"Oh, like a public execution."
"Like a public call to action. If Blake Tower won't do anything to stop Fisk, then run against him for district attorney."
―Marci Stahl and Foggy Nelson[src]

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"I was starting to like the idea of being married to the DA."
"Pretty sure Blake Tower's not married."
"Yeah, he'll have to get by without me. You, on the other hand, are in luck. The firm will be thrilled to have you back."
"The thing is, Marci I'm not sure I want that anymore."
"I was afraid you were going to say something like that."
―Marci Stahl and Foggy Nelson[src]

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"What's the deal with the meat grinder in the pencil skirt?"
Karen Page[src]
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Stahl is outspoken and very honest with little care for how her words may affect others. When Foggy Nelson learned that his best friend for years, Matt Murdock, was habitually lying to him, Nelson went to Stahl for comfort.

Though Stahl is blunt and usually says what she feels, she hides that she truly cares for Nelson. When she saw him approaching Josie's Bar to meet her, Stahl's face lit up and she checked her appearance; something that was unnecessary if it was only a "booty call" as she claimed. Stahl knows that she can be callous to others, but she is also respectful; after the death of Elena Cardenas, Stahl no longer mispronounced her name.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Marci Stahl was only supposed to appear in one episode, but Amy Rutberg's acting was so well received, she went on to appear in more episodes. Rutberg herself has asked Joe Quesada when her character will appear in the comics.[7]


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