"You didn't find her lab on Earth, because it's not on Earth."
Carol Danvers to Talos[src]

Mar-Vell's Laboratory is an Imperial Kree space cruiser where Mar-Vell conducted her experiments on the Tesseract. Realizing that she was fighting on the wrong side of the Kree-Skrull War, she decided to use her scientific knowledge to build the Light-Speed Engine and help the Skrull refugees find a new home.


Persecution of the Skrulls

"Mar-Vell warned us not to send a signal for any reason. Or the Kree would find us."
Soren to Talos[src]

The Kree scientist Mar-Vell used her own space cruiser as a laboratory to perform experiments involving the Tesseract energy, and was notably able to harness its power to create a Light-Speed Engine. Having grown disgusted by the considerable harm caused by the war waged by the Kree on the Skrulls, Mar-Vell decided to side with the Skrulls so they could find a new planet far from the Kree Empire.

Forced to scatter across the galaxy, a group of Skrulls refugees, among which Soren, sought refuge in Mar-Vell's laboratory. Out of fear that the Kree would find them, the Skrulls refugees refused to make any form of contact outside the ship. Thus, Soren's husband Talos, who desperately looked for his family, was not able to find them, as he believed that the laboratory was a facility located on Planet C-53.

It was not until Talos was able to get help from Vers, Nick Fury and Monica Rambeau that he was able to find the laboratory orbiting into space. Using a Quadjet, the four of them, plus Goose, went to the coordinates left into the black box retrieved from the crash which had cost Mar-Vell's life, and deactivated the laboratory's cloaking, enabling Talos to be reunited with his family.[1]

Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory

"Take them to the hangar too. We'll blast them all into space."
Talos posing as a Kree soldier[src]

Immediately after the reunion, Mar-Vell's laboratory was invaded by the Starforce led by Yon-Rogg, who captured all the Skrulls and their allies. They intended to kill them all by ejecting them into space, except for Carol Danvers, who was forced to commune with the Supreme Intelligence. However, Danvers was able to break free and to gain full control on her powers, which triggered several pulses enabling Nick Fury and Monica Rambeau to break free of their restraints, as well as allowing the Skrulls led by Talos to be released.

A furious battle then erupted in the laboratory for the control of the Tesseract. While Fury and Rambeau made their way to the Quadjet with Goose, who had swallowed the Tesseract, Danvers remained behind to fight the Starforce who still believed her to be in possession of the Tesseract, taking down her former teammates one by one despite the various weapons they used on her. Although it seemed that Fury, Rambeau and the Skrulls were recaptured by the Kree, Talos was actually impersonating a Kree soldier and shot the other guards.

However, having briefly subdued Danvers with his Magnitron Gauntlets, Yon-Rogg had realized that she was not in possession of the Tesseract and managed to wound Talos before the Skrulls escaped from the laboratory with the Quadjet, quickly followed by Minn-Erva using a dropship. Unlike other Kree soldiers, Yon-Rogg was able to avoid being blasted into space and used one of the laboratory's other dropships to leave the imperial cruiser, although Danvers nearly destroyed his pod right before it was ejected.[1]



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