Lord Manzini was an English nobleman and a member of the HYDRA society. He was selected to be teleported to Maveth with the Monolith in the 1800s, in order to return Hive on Earth.



Manzini Monolith

Manzini prepares to face the Monolith

A group of lords and nobles had a meeting in England where they decided to have a lottery; he who chose the white stone from the bag of stones would be the one to enter the Monolith. Lord Manzini chose the white stone. As his associates gave him food, water, and a sword, Manzini was fearful to enter the chamber containing the shape-shifting mass and wondered if he would ever return to Earth. He entered the chamber nonetheless and screamed as the Monolith transported him to Maveth.[1]


Upon arriving on Maveth, the planet on the other side of the Monolith, Manzini was intercepted by Hive who used his parasites to kill him and absorb his flesh,[2] leaving his sword and skeleton behind. Centuries later, the sword and skeleton of Manzini was found by Jemma Simmons when she was stranded on Maveth.[3]





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