"Greg was envious. But wrestling came easy to Nathan. He was gifted. So Greg got over it. They were always making up their own moves, you know?"
―Manuel Silva to Jessica Jones[src]

Manuel Silva is the husband of Ana Silva and the father of Nathan Silva.


"Everything all right?"
"Ms. Jones is here to help us."
"Is that what she's doing? Did she tell you she's one of those superpowered people?"
Ronnie Velasco and Manuel Silva[src]

Manuel Silva lived in Wappingers Falls with his wife Ana and son Nathan. Nathan practiced in wrestling, as he befriended Gregory Sallinger who was envious when Nathan started getting recruitment orders, however, they still were inseparable. Suddenly, Nathan went missing and the Wappingers Falls Police Department was unable to find him. The day later, Sallinger built a gazebo at the backyard of their house.

Years later, the Silvas were visited by Jessica Jones who questioned them about their missing son. Silva told Jones about Nathan and his relationships with Sallinger, saying that they were very close. However, Ana interrupted them and demanded her to leave and later called up Ronnie Velasco to get Jones out of their house. Silva tried to reason with Ana and Velasco, saying that Jones can help them find Nathan.

Suddenly, Jones entered the backyard and headed to the gazebo built by Sallinger and the Silvas followed her. Velasco stopped both of them, saying that following Jones could be dangerous. Jones then removed the gazebo and started digging, despite Velasco's demands to surrender. However, Jones found the corpse of Nathan who was murdered by Sallinger, to the Silvas' shock and horror.[1]







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