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"If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings."
"You read minds?"
"No, telepaths feel thoughts. Empaths feel feelings... emotions. "
―Mantis and Star-Lord[src]

Mantis is an empath with the ability to sense other people's feelings and alter them. She was raised by Ego and later recruited as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Since she was a child, Mantis helped ease Ego's neurotic behavior with her powers until the Guardians came to his planet. After bonding with Drax the Destroyer, she came to care for the Guardians and then allied with them to help prevent Ego from conquering the Galaxy. With her own servitude to Ego ended, she became a full-fledged member of the Guardians and accompanied them on further adventures.

When the Guardians were called to action to stop Thanos from collecting the Infinity Stones to wipe out half the universe, Mantis accompanied some of the Guardians to Knowhere where they failed to stop the warlord from gaining the Aether resulting in Gamora being captured. After, they traveled to Titan where they teamed up with Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spider-Man to fight Thanos head-on. The fight once again ended in failure, and Mantis and her fellow Guardians, except for Nebula and Rocket Raccoon, were killed when Thanos obtained the Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers.

Fortunately, five years after the Snap, the remaining Avengers successfully gathered the Infinity Stones from different points in the past, and Bruce Banner resurrected the victims of the Snap, bringing Mantis back to life. She then participated and survived the Battle of Earth, attended Tony Stark's funeral after he sacrificed himself. Mantis then resumed being a part of the Guardians, with all of them reunited again, now joined by Thor.


Early Years

Serving Ego

"Ego found me in my larva state. Orphaned on my homeworld. He raised me by hand and kept me as his own."

Mantis came from a race of empathic insectoid beings who developed from a larval stage into a humanoid form. When she was in her larva state, Mantis lived as an orphan until she was taken in by Ego and brought to his planet. There, she lived alone with Ego all the way into adulthood. Due to her isolated life, Mantis was very naive and did not know much about social interaction.

Ego utilized Mantis' empathic abilities to ease his mind during his long, galaxy-scouring searches for Peter Quill, helping him sleep whenever it was needed. Mantis was well aware of Ego's Expansion plot, as well as the deaths of his various children who failed to help him finish it, but nonetheless remained in his services as she had nowhere else to go.[1]

Meeting the Guardians

Father and Son Reunion

Mantis meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy

"I am Mantis."
"What are you doing?"
"Smiling. I heard it is the thing to do to make people like you."
―Mantis and Drax the Destroyer[src]

Ego eventually got wind on his son's whereabouts and, accompanied by Mantis, tracked him and the Guardians of the Galaxy, where Ego saved them from a skirmish with the Sovereign. They all then landed on Berhert, where Ego revealed himself as Quill's father. There, Mantis was introduced to the Guardians as a friend and ally to Ego.

Mantis happily introduces herself to Drax

That night, they sat around a fire, where they discussed how Ego hired Yondu Udonta to retrieve Quill and deliver him which he ended up not doing. Ego then told Guardians of how they tracked them, and invited them to his planet. Mantis stayed quiet during this conversation. When Ego, Quill and Gamora left the area, Mantis attempted to introduce herself to Drax by smiling, believing it would get him to like her.

Mantis laughs at Drax's practical joke

However, Drax thought she was weird, which she explained that she was not aware of how to interact in a social setting. Noticing Rocket Raccoon, she believed he was their pet, so asked Drax if she could pat him. However, when she went to do so, Rocket tried to bite her, causing her to retreat in fear. Drax then broke out in laughter, informing Mantis that it was a practical joke, so she joined him in laughing, trying to fit in with the first people she had encountered, creating a fondness for Drax.

Mantis puts Ego to sleep during their journey

The Guardians chose to take Ego up on his offer, and decided to visit his planet. The next morning, Quill, Gamora and Drax joined Ego and Mantis onboard Ego's Ship and prepared to depart from Berhert. Once they took off, Ego decided to sleep during the journey, so Mantis tended to him and used her empathic abilities to induce a state of sleep upon him.[1]

Demonstrating Powers

Mantis converses with Peter Quill and Drax

"You feel... love."
"I guess I feel a general, unselfish love for just about everybody."
"No, romantic, sexual love."
"No! No, I don't."
"For her!"
―Mantis and Peter Quill[src]

With Ego now asleep, Mantis joined Peter Quill and Drax, who wanted to ask her a personal question, something she was intrigued by, having never been asked one before. Quill asked about the purpose of her antennas, which Drax revealed they had a bet on. Drax stated he believed that they were for protecting her from low leveled doors, and Quill believed it was for anything else.

Mantis uses her powers on Peter Quill

Mantis confirmed that Drax's theory was wrong, revealing that they had something to do with her empathic abilities. Gamora then asked about them, so she explained her abilities to the three, telling them that she was an Empath, meaning she could feel people's feelings. She then asked if she could display her abilities on Quill, which he agreed to. Mantis then touched Quill's hand and began to sense his feelings.

Mantis and Drax laugh at Peter Quill

Mantis was able to detect that Quill was feeling love, which he perceived as his love for everybody, but she revealed it was an attraction towards Gamora. Drax then began to hysterically laugh at Quill, and then asked Mantis to feel his feelings. When she touched his chest, she, too, began to break out into laughter, which was completely new to her, having never felt humor as strong as that. She then joined in on laughing at Quill's expense.

Mantis puts Drax to sleep

Wanting to continue using her abilities due to the enjoyment she was getting from it, Mantis moved onto Gamora to sense her feelings. However, Gamora grabbed her by the wrist and threatened to break her jaw if she tried. She then revealed that she was also able to alter people's emotions. She explained that she could make a sad person happy, or a stubborn person compliant. Although, she stated that she mainly used the ability to help Ego sleep. Drax then asked if she could do that to him, so she complied and put him to sleep.

Mantis back on Ego

The group eventually made it to Ego's planet after their trip, where they departed from Ego's Ship, as Ego welcomed them to his planet. Mantis remained alongside Ego as they made their way through the planet, amazed by it. Ego then revealed to them that he was a Celestial, and proceeded to explain his origins and how he met Meredith Quill. However, only Mantis really knew of Ego's true nature, and that he had fathered many children, of which he had later murdered.[1]

Bonding with Drax

Mantis builds a bond with Drax

"Those pools, they remind me of a time when I took my daughter to the forgotten lakes of my homeworld. She was like you."
Drax and Mantis[src]

As Peter Quill reunited with Ego, Mantis, having enjoyed the connection she made, continued to bond with Drax. As they sat together, Drax asked how Mantis ended up on Ego's planet, which she informed him that Ego had found her during her larva state and had kept her as his own from then on, which Drax believed made her his pet. Drax then stated that he thought Mantis was hideous, but it meant it was a good thing as Ego loved her for who she was on the inside, making Mantis proud to be ugly.

Drax tells Mantis about his own daughter

Looking at the pools in front of them, Drax then told Mantis about his daughter and how he used to take her to the forgotten lakes of his homeworld. He then said that Mantis reminded him of his daughter, which she interpreted as Kamaria being disgusting, but Drax corrected her, that it was her innocence. Mantis then decided to understand Drax's feelings, so she touched his shoulder, causing her to become saddened.

Mantis decides to tell Drax the truth

Getting to know Drax caused Mantis to care for him and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Knowing the impending danger the Guardians would soon encounter, she decided to inform him of Ego's true intentions, in hopes to save them. However, before Mantis could tell Drax, she was interrupted by Gamora, causing her to keep her secret to herself. Gamora asked what they were doing, which Drax informed of how they were bonding, which Mantis added on how she was ugly, which Gamora disagreed with.

Mantis is questioned by Gamora

Gamora then asked Mantis to show them to their quarters where they would be staying. As they made their way, Gamora asked about the lack of population on Ego's planet, which Mantis stated that she was only there to assist Ego, making a civilization unnecessary. Being suspicious of what was happening before she interrupted them, Gamora brought up what she was going to tell Drax earlier, Mantis chose to continue lying to them.[1]

Turning Against Ego

Mantis warns Drax the Destroyer about Ego

"Listen! Ego's gotten exactly what he wanted. I should have told you earlier. I'm stupid. You are in danger."
―Mantis to Drax[src]

After eavesdropping on a conversation between Ego and Peter Quill, Mantis could not let the people she had bonded with suffer from Ego's plans. She headed to Drax's quarters to inform him of the danger about to commence, but Drax thought she wanted to be intimated with him, which made him gag. Mantis reassured him that is not how she feels and then proceed to inform him of Ego's plan.

Mantis is attacked by Gamora

After informing Drax, Gamora and Nebula burst in and Gamora attacked Mantis wanting to know what was happening on the planet and who the bodies were in the cavern. Defending herself from Gamora, Mantis then used her powers to alter Gamora's emotions to make her scared, resulting in her letting Mantis go. Mantis informed them that the dead bodies in the caverns were Ego's children. Gamora made it clear that they had to get off the planet, but Mantis told her that Ego would have manipulated Quill to his side.

Mantis follows the attack against Ego

Mantis, along with Drax, Gamora and Nebula rushed to save Quill from Ego as he started his Expansion until Rocket Raccoon, Yondu Udonta and Groot crashed down in a ship, temporarily defeating Ego. They entered the building, where they were greeted by Groot inside the Laser Drill, and they got onboard to escape from Ego. When Drax and Rocket Raccoon argued, Mantis interrupted in telling them that Ego was not defeated, and he would be returning soon.[1]

Battle on Ego's Planet

Mantis joins the Guardians of the Galaxy

"He's coming."
"Didn't you say you could make him sleep?"
"When he wants. He's too powerful. I can't!"
"You don't have to believe in yourself. Because I believe in you!"
―Mantis and Drax the Destroyer[src]

Knowing that they had to defeat Ego, the Guardians of the Galaxy piloted the Laser Drill to Ego's core, in attempts to destroy it. As they made their way down, Mantis expressed that she found Rocket Raccoon very cute, still thinking he was their dog. They eventually made it through the layers, where Mantis pointed out where the core was and warned them to hurry, as Ego would find them.

Mantis witnesses Ego reforming

When the Sovereign began to attack, Mantis, Drax and Gamora fell out of the ship. They all managed to land safely on the ground and they witnessed Ego reforming in front of them. Drax then asked Mantis to use her powers to put Ego to sleep, but she doubted herself due to Ego's power. Drax then reassured that she didn't have to believe in herself as he believed in her. Mantis then touched the surface and used her powers to put Ego to sleep as he was about to attack them.

Mantis putting Ego to sleep

When Yondu Udonta used the Laser Drill's weapons to destroy the Sovereign fleet, one of the lasers nearly hit Mantis and Drax, but she was still able to maintain control over Ego. The rest of the Guardians then regrouped while Mantis continued to control Ego until she was knocked out causing Ego to regain control.

Mantis is saved by Drax

Drax picked her up and flew her up to the surface where Kraglin Obfonteri was waiting to pick up the Guardians in the Quadrant. As Drax made his way, Ego began to attack each member which caused Drax to sink into the ground but still managed to lift Mantis up so she didn't suffocate. When Drax was freed by Quill, he continued to the ship and put Mantis inside.[1]

Guardian of the Galaxy

Joining the Team

Mantis during Yondu Udonta's funeral

"It's beautiful."
"It is. And so are you... on the inside."
―Mantis and Drax the Destroyer[src]

As the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy made their way up to the Quadrant, Groot detonated the bomb on Ego's core causing Ego to perish, and Mantis, no longer bound to him. The Guardians then flew away with Peter Quill and Yondu Udonta still on the collapsing surface. The Guardians eventually retrieved Quill and a lifeless Udonta from space and then held a funeral for their fallen ally.

Mantis watches the Ravagers' funeral

After the funeral, Mantis, Drax and Rocket Raccoon sat in the cockpit, when they noticed a fleet of ships arrive, releasing colorful lights. They learned it was that it was the Ravagers, and they were giving Udonta a Ravager's Farewell. As Mantis watched, she stated that she thought it was beautiful, which Drax added by calling Mantis beautiful, admitting to his true thoughts on Mantis. Mantis was then welcomed as a new member of the Guardians, and proceeded to go many jobs with them.[1]

Infinity War

Meeting Thor

Mantis heading to the distress call

"The Avengers?"
"They're Earth's Mightiest Heroes."
"Like Kevin Bacon?"
Star-Lord, Thor and Mantis[src]

Four years later, Mantis and the other Guardians of the Galaxy discovered a distress call from the Statesman. So, they decided to respond to it, and made their way to the ship's destination, listening to The Rubberband Man, which Mantis enjoyed. Mantis then acknowledged that they were arriving into the airspace, so Peter Quill warned them of the potential danger up ahead, so he told them to put on their "mean faces", something Mantis took literally.

Mantis after waking up an unconscious Thor

Once they arrived at the location, they were welcomed by a field of floating debris, having arrived too late. Suddenly, a man landed on the front of the ship, who was still alive, so they brought him onboard. They all then observed the unconscious man, as Mantis sensed that he was feeling tremendous pain. She then used her abilities to wake him up, causing him to be initially in shock. He then introduced himself as Thor and told them about the attack, and they discussed Thanos and the Infinity Stones.

Mantis during the discussion about Thanos

Thor then tried to take their pod, but Quill refused it, trying to put on a deeper voice, which his whole team called out immediately. Thor then told them that Thanos was going to Knowhere, a place Mantis was not aware of, to retrieve the Reality Stone. Thor informed them of the other Infinity Stones' locations, two being on Earth with the Avengers which Mantis thought included Kevin Bacon.

Mantis unintentionally destroys Drax's belief

He then told them that he had to go to Nidavellir to get a weapon capable of killing Thanos, however, Gamora wanted to try and stop Thanos from getting the Reality Stone. Rocket Raccoon decided that he and Groot would join Thor while the rest of the Guardians went to Knowhere. As they departed in the pod, Mantis waved them goodbye. During the flight, Mantis greeted Drax, who at the time believed himself to be invisible, destroying his belief.[2]

Ambush on Knowhere

Mantis entering the Collector's Museum

"For Ovette. For Kamaria!"
Drax the Destroyer and Mantis[src]

Once they arrived on Knowhere, they discovered that it was deserted, except for in the third quadrant, so they headed there. They then entered the Collector's Museum, where they found Thanos already there. Peter Quill tried to lead them, stealthily, but they didn't pay attention to him, and continued into the Museum.

Mantis stops Drax from attacking Thanos

When they saw Thanos threatening the Collector, Drax went to kill him, seeking vengeance for his family, before the team was ready. Not being able to stop him, Mantis put him to sleep, causing him to hit the ground hard, alerting Thanos of their arrival. They then hid, as Quill tried to organize an assault, which was ignored by Gamora, who went to attack Thanos. They then watched as she stabbed Thanos, killing him, believing to have been successful.

Mantis is subdued by the Reality Stone

However, it was revealed to all be a ruse, as Thanos had already obtained the Reality Stone and used its power to make Gamora believe she had killed him. He then revealed that the Museum was actually decimated and in flames, and that he knew they would come. When Thanos took Gamora captive, he saw Mantis, and decided to use the Reality Stone again, turning her into living strips. After a confrontation with Quill, who failed to kill Gamora, Thanos used the Space Stone to teleport away with his daughter. Mantis then returned back to her normal form.[2]

Searching for Gamora

Mantis watches the coded message channel

"I would kill either of you if it would stop that blinking yellow light."
"What blinking yellow light? The coded message channel? How long has this been on?"
―Mantis and Peter Quill[src]

Defeated, the Guardians of the Galaxy sat in the Benatar still on Knowhere as Peter Quill attempted to recover from their loss. Mantis noticed a blinking yellow light from the ship, which not known to her was the coded message channel. She sat in front of the light and became mesmerized by it. When Quill and Drax began to argue and blame each other about what happened, Mantis unknowingly alerted them to the channel. When Quill checked it, he discovered twenty-three messages from Nebula telling them to head to Titan.[5]

Mantis encounters Spider-Man

They arrived on Titan and came onboard a Q-Ship that had just crash-landed. A fight then broke out as Drax signaled to them that there were other people onboard. Mantis encountered Peter Parker who had been knocked onto the ground, causing him to become scared by her as she tried to put him to sleep. He then webbed her up and she was left stuck.

Mantis states that Drax won't survive the blast

A standoff then occurred, with Quill demanding to know Gamora's whereabouts, but the three they were fighting had no idea what they were talking about. When Drax told Quill to shoot Parker, believing he could take Tony Stark's attack, Mantis cried out that he could not. Doctor Strange agreed with her and told Drax he couldn’t, before asking who they worked for. When Parker revealed that they were the Avengers, Mantis mentioned that they were the people Thor told them about before. They all then realized they were on the same side, and decided to form an alliance.[2]

Battle of Titan

Mantis and Drax on Titan

"Is he under? Don't let up."
"Be quick. He is very strong."
"Parker, help! Get over here. She can't hold him much longer."
Iron Man and Mantis[src]

They all then left the Q-Ship and Peter Quill quickly noted that the gravity on Titan was way off, so Mantis started bouncing and jumping up in a playful manner. Peter Parker, confused by Mantis’s behavior, asked Quill what she and Drax do. Mantis overheard and responded that they "take names, kick ass", mixing up the phrase, leaving Parker and Tony Stark dumbfounded.

Mantis asks what Doctor Strange is doing

Quill then called them over, but Mantis and Drax continued to not be productive in the formation of the plan, due to their style being more improvisational. Mantis then noticed Doctor Strange levitating and twitching his head and out of concern due to not knowing what he was doing, asked Stark if he did that often. Stark went to check on Strange, who stopped levitating and told them he had used the Time Stone to see into the future and that out of fourteen million, six hundred and five timelines, they only won one.

Mantis subdues Thanos with her abilities

Now aware of the stakes, they finally formulated a plan, and everyone got into position. Thanos arrived and they began their attack, utilizing and combining their abilities to defeat him. They eventually got Thanos restrained, so Strange used his Sling Ring to open an portal dropping Mantis onto Thanos' shoulders. She then used her abilities to put him to sleep.

Mantis feels Thanos' subconscious guilt

Knowing she could not hold him forever, Mantis told them to hurry with the removal of the Infinity Gauntlet. Sensing his feelings, Mantis informed them that Thanos was mourning, which Drax question what he could possibly mourn. However, Nebula, who had recently arrived, revealed that Thanos had killed Gamora, causing Quill to lose it completely and began to attack Thanos, despite them nearly getting the Gauntlet off.

Mantis is saved by Spider-Man

This caused Mantis to start to lose her grip on Thanos, allowing him to fight back, throwing her off him and keeping the Gauntlet on his hand. Parker went to save her from falling, catching her in midair. When Thanos threw a moon at Titan, Parker webbed Mantis and the other Guardians up to a cliff to safety.[2] After regaining consciousness, Mantis was informed that her fellow Guardians had their souls removed by Thanos, after using the Soul Stone, and that she needed to restore them. After a few failed attempts, she was successful and saved Drax, Quill, and Nebula.[5]

Thanos' Victory

Mantis becomes a victim of the Snap

"Something's happening."

As they regrouped, Mantis, who was being helped to her feet by Peter Quill, sensed impending danger and disintegrated into dust suddenly.[2]

Battle of Earth

Mantis arrives on Earth to fight

Five years later, as a result of the Blip, Mantis was restored to life. She, along with Peter Quill, Drax, and Peter Parker were notified by Doctor Strange that five years had passed. Strange then used his Sling Ring to open an Inter-Dimensional Portal and led them through to the ruins of the Avengers Compound on Earth to join the battle against an alternate Thanos and his army.

Mantis helps Captain Marvel

Mantis, along with the assembled allies, formed a line behind Steve Rogers. After he gave the signal for everyone to charge at the opposing army, Mantis ran on the frontline. She used her abilities to subdue a Chitauri Gorilla by putting it to sleep and kicking it. Later, Mantis, alongside other female heroes, joined Carol Danvers, when she was tasked with taking the Nano Gauntlet to the Quantum Tunnel.[3]

Mantis kneels out of respect

The battle ultimately ended when Tony Stark used the Infinity Stones to wipe out alternate Thanos and his entire army, at the cost of his own life. As the allies knelt out of respect for him, Mantis, unfamiliar with the gesture, simply followed everyone else but remained confused.[6]

Guardians Reassembled

Mantis attends Tony Stark's funeral

"I got some blasters unless you guys want to use knives?"
"Oh, yes, please use knives."
Rocket Raccoon and Mantis to Peter Quill and Thor[src]

Afterwards, Mantis reunited with the Guardians of the Galaxy. A week later, Mantis attended Tony Stark’s funeral at his house.

Mantis with the Guardians of the Galaxy again

Afterwards, the Guardians all returned to the Benatar and flew to New Asgard in Norway where they picked up Thor, who decided to accompany them. When Peter Quill and Thor addressed who was the leader, Mantis joined in the playful banter as Drax suggested that they fight and Mantis agreed with Rocket Raccoon that they use knives. However, they told them there would be no fight.[3]


"You are horrifying to look at. But that's a good thing."
"When you're ugly and someone loves you, you know they love you for who you are. Beautiful people never know who to trust."
"Well, then I am certainly grateful to be ugly!"
Drax and Mantis[src]

Mantis is somewhat naïve, showing no offense when Drax the Destroyer refers to her as Ego's pet and not understanding what a practical joke is or that she embarrassed Peter Quill by revealing his attraction to Gamora. This is probably due to her being isolated with Ego for most of her life. Despite this, her use of higher-level vocabulary shows she bears intelligence. She holds a passive demeanor, always bowing her head in Ego's presence and being hesitant to attack anyone. This inevitably resulted in her having low self-confidence needing Drax to goad her on in using her powers against Ego. In spite of her loyalty to Ego, she was unable to condone him slaughtering his own children eventually telling the Guardians of Ego's true plan and working with them to thwart him.

Even years later, her naïveté persisted as shown by her practicing a "mean face" after Quill sarcastically told the Guardians to do so as they neared the wreckage of the Statesman. Much like Drax, she was blunt to the point of open honesty telling Iron Man, a presumed enemy at the time, that Drax was unlikely to survive his Repulsor Cannons. Mantis was almost entirely non-malicious instead approaching Spider-Man out of curiosity. Despite her lack of weapons and fighting skills, she was a brave individual openly jumping at Thanos in spite of the Titan possessing four Infinity Stones and later using her powers to subdue him. Though maturing, her child-like mind-state still persisted as, in spite of Thanos' imminent arrival, she took advantage of Titan's fluctuating gravitational fields to mimic the effects of a trampoline.

Powers and Abilities


"If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings."
―Mantis to Peter Quill[src]
  • Empathy:

    Mantis feeling Thor's immense pain

    Mantis can sense and experience a person's emotions and feelings through mere touch, making her antennas light-up. She was able to feel that Star-Lord was attracted to Gamora just by touching his hand. In addition, she can also experience a person's feelings rather than simply sensing them, allowing her to feel the grief and sadness of Drax, which caused her to weep, even while he remained emotionless on the outside. Mantis can also do this at a small distance to some degree.
  • Emotion Manipulation:

    Mantis altering Gamora's emotions

    Mantis is also able to manipulate emotions to some degree using her touch. For example, she can make a sad person happy, or calm down an angry one. She was able to cause Gamora to become scared when attacking her. She has even shown herself to be able to make people more docile, to the point of unconsciousness.
"I can also alter emotions to some extent."
"Yeah, like what?"
"If I touch someone who is sad, I can ease them into contentment for a short while. I can make a stubborn person compliant. But mostly, I use my powers to help my master sleep."
―Mantis and Peter Quill[src]
  • Sleep Manipulation:

    Mantis incapacitating Thanos

    Mantis can, also through touch, cause a person to fall asleep almost instantly, using her powers to manipulate a person into becoming docile. This technique can even incapacitate extremely powerful beings like Ego, Thanos and Chitauri Gorillas, but doing so requires that she has physical contact with the person. This power can be at least partially nullified, however, if the victim's willpower is strong enough as Mantis was only able to send Thanos into a state of half-consciousness. Conversely, Mantis can awaken people as she used this command after the Guardians rescue Thor when finding him adrift in space. Mantis can also use this to reunite a soulless body with their astral form, essentially reviving them.[5]


  • Combatant: During the Battle of Earth, Mantis proved to be a very efficient fighter when she defeated several members of Thanos' army.



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  • In the comics, Mantis was a human of Vietnamese and German descent whose father left her in the care of a sect of the Kree Empire called the Priests of Pama, who raised her with the intent of eventually mating her with the Cotati to produce a Celestial Messiah, as part of their religious prophecies. Later, she had her memory wiped and was sent to live alongside mankind to gain life experience, and has been a member of the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Fantastic Four on various occasions.

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