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"My whole life, I did whatever Ego wanted. And then, I did whatever the Guardians wanted. I need to go out and discover what I want."
―Mantis to the Guardians of the Galaxy[src]

Mantis is a Celestial hybrid empath with the ability to sense other people's feelings and alter them. She was raised alone by her father Ego and later recruited as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy led by her paternal half-brother, Peter Quill. Since she was a child, Mantis helped ease Ego's neurotic behavior with her powers until the Guardians came to his planet. After bonding with Drax the Destroyer, she came to care for the Guardians and then allied with them to help prevent Ego from conquering the Galaxy. With her own servitude to Ego ended, she became a full-fledged member of the Guardians and accompanied them on further adventures.

When the Guardians were called to action to stop Thanos from collecting the Infinity Stones, Mantis accompanied some of the Guardians to Knowhere where they failed to stop the warlord from gaining the Aether resulting in Gamora being captured. After, they traveled to Titan where they teamed up with Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spider-Man to fight Thanos head-on. The fight once again ended in failure, leading to Mantis and her fellow Guardians turning to dust. Fortunately, five years later, the remaining Avengers resurrected the victims of the Snap, bringing Mantis back to life. She then participated in the Battle of Earth. Afterward, she resumed being a part of the Guardians, with all of them reunited again, now joined by Thor.

Months later, Mantis and the Guardians continued to operate alongside Thor, helping planets in need. However, when news reached them of the campaign of Gorr the God Butcher, the Guardians and Thor went their separate ways, setting out to aid those in need. The following year, with Christmas time nearing on Earth, Mantis traveled there in order to retrieve Kevin Bacon as a gift for the still grief-stricken Quill. Joined by Drax, the pair tracked down Bacon and successfully brought him to Quill, who immediately demanded they return him. Afterwards, Mantis finally revealed to Quill that they were siblings.

After Rocket was gravely injured during an attack by Adam Warlock, Mantis, alongside her fellow Guardians, embarked on a mission to save his life that would eventually put the group into conflict with the High Evolutionary, the creator of Rocket. Successfully defeating the High Evolutionary and saving Rocket's life, Mantis chose to leave the Guardians of the Galaxy in order to be her own person, feeling as though she spent her entire life doing what Ego, and later the Guardians, wanted her to do.


Early Life[]

Serving Ego[]

"Ego found me in my larva state. Orphaned on my homeworld. He raised me by hand and kept me as his own."

Mantis came from a race of empathic insectoid beings who developed from a larval stage into a humanoid form.[5] She learned early on that emotions could be stronger than any warrior or suit.[6] Like countless other interstellar civilizations, Mantis' homeworld was visited by the errant Celestial known as Ego, who sought to produce a Celestial hybrid heir. Mantis herself was one of those spawns, but like countless others before and after her, she did not inherit her father's powers.[1] Fortunately for her, Ego kept her alive for other uses. While she was in her larva state, Mantis was taken in by her father, and brought to his planet. There, she lived alone with Ego all the way into adulthood. Due to her isolated life, Mantis was very naïve and did not know much about social interaction.

Ego utilized Mantis' empathic abilities to ease his mind during his long, galaxy-scouring searches for Peter Quill, helping him sleep whenever it was needed. Mantis was well aware of Ego's Expansion plot, as well as the deaths of his various children who failed to help him finish it, but nonetheless remained in his services as she had nowhere else to go.[5]

Meeting the Guardians[]

Father and Son Reunion[]

"I am Mantis."
"What are you doing?"
"Smiling. I heard it is the thing to do to make people like you."
―Mantis and Drax the Destroyer[src]
GotGV2 HD Stills 7

Mantis meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy

Ego eventually got wind on his son's whereabouts and, accompanied by Mantis, tracked him and the Guardians of the Galaxy, where Ego saved them from a skirmish with the Sovereign. They all then landed on Berhert, where Ego revealed himself as Quill's father. There, Mantis was introduced to the Guardians as a servant to Ego, not revealing to be Ego's daughter.


Mantis happily introduces herself to Drax

That night, they sat around a fire, where they discussed how Ego hired Yondu Udonta to retrieve Quill and deliver him which he ended up not doing. Ego then told Guardians of how they tracked them, and invited them to his planet. Mantis stayed quiet during this conversation. When Ego, Quill and Gamora left the area, Mantis attempted to introduce herself to Drax by smiling, believing it would get him to like her.


Mantis laughs at Drax's practical joke

However, Drax thought she was weird, which she explained that she was not aware of how to interact in a social setting. Noticing Rocket Raccoon, she believed he was their pet, so asked Drax if she could pat him. However, when she went to do so, Rocket tried to bite her, causing her to retreat in fear. Drax then broke out in laughter, informing Mantis that it was a practical joke, so she joined him in laughing, trying to fit in with the first people she had encountered, creating a fondness for Drax.


Mantis puts Ego to sleep

The Guardians chose to take Ego up on his offer, and decided to visit his planet. The next morning, Quill, Gamora and Drax joined Ego and Mantis onboard Ego's Ship and prepared to depart from Berhert. Once they took off, Ego decided to sleep during the journey, so Mantis tended to him and used her empathic abilities to induce a state of sleep upon him.[5]

Demonstrating Her Powers[]


Mantis converses with Peter Quill and Drax

"You feel... love."
"I guess I feel a general, unselfish love for just about everybody."
"No, romantic, sexual love."
"No! No, I don't."
"For her!"
―Mantis and Peter Quill[src]

With Ego now asleep, Mantis joined Peter Quill and Drax, who wanted to ask her a personal question, something she was intrigued by, having never been asked one before. Quill asked about the purpose of her antennas, which Drax revealed they had a bet on. Drax stated he believed that they were for protecting her from low leveled doors, and Quill believed it was for anything else.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol

Mantis uses her powers on Peter Quill

Mantis confirmed that Drax's theory was wrong, revealing that they had something to do with her empathic abilities. Gamora then asked about them, so she explained her abilities to the three, telling them that she was an Empath, meaning she could feel people's feelings. She then asked if she could display her abilities on Quill, which he agreed to. Mantis then touched Quill's hand and began to sense his feelings.

GotGV2 HD Stills 26

Mantis and Drax laugh at Peter Quill

Mantis was able to detect that Quill was feeling love, which he perceived as his love for everybody, but she revealed it was an attraction towards Gamora. Drax then began to hysterically laugh at Quill, and then asked Mantis to feel his feelings. When she touched his chest, she, too, began to break out into laughter, which was completely new to her, having never felt humor as strong as that. She then joined in on laughing at Quill's expense.


Mantis puts Drax to sleep

Wanting to continue using her abilities due to the enjoyment she was getting from it, Mantis moved onto Gamora to sense her feelings. However, Gamora grabbed her by the wrist and threatened to break her jaw if she tried. She then revealed that she was also able to alter people's emotions. She explained that she could make a sad person happy, or a stubborn person compliant. Although, she stated that she mainly used the ability to help Ego sleep. Drax then asked if she could do that to him, so she complied and put him to sleep.

Ego Origin

Mantis back on Ego

The group eventually made it to Ego's planet after their trip, where they departed from Ego's Ship, as Ego welcomed them to his planet. Mantis remained alongside Ego as they made their way through the planet, amazed by it. Ego then revealed to them that he was a Celestial, and proceeded to explain his origins and how he met Meredith Quill. However, only Mantis really knew of Ego's true nature, and that he had fathered many children, of which he had later murdered.[5]

Bonding with Drax[]

GotGV2 Empire Stills 5

Mantis builds a bond with Drax

"Those pools, they remind me of a time when I took my daughter to the forgotten lakes of my homeworld. She was like you."
Drax and Mantis[src]

As Peter Quill reunited with Ego, Mantis, having enjoyed the connection she made, continued to bond with Drax. As they sat together, Drax asked how Mantis ended up on Ego's planet, which she informed him that Ego had found her during her larva state and had kept her as his own from then on, which Drax believed made her his pet. Drax then stated that he thought Mantis was hideous, but it meant it was a good thing as Ego loved her for who she was on the inside, making Mantis proud to be ugly.

Mantis and Drax on Ego

Mantis speaks with Drax

Looking at the pools in front of them, Drax then told Mantis about his daughter and how he used to take her to the forgotten lakes of his homeworld. He then said that Mantis reminded him of his daughter, which she interpreted as Kamaria being disgusting, but Drax corrected her, that it was her innocence. Mantis then decided to understand Drax's feelings, so she touched his shoulder, causing her to become saddened.


Mantis decides to tell Drax the truth

Getting to know Drax caused Mantis to care for him and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Knowing the impending danger the Guardians would soon encounter, she decided to inform him of Ego's true intentions, in hopes to save them. However, before Mantis could tell Drax, she was interrupted by Gamora, causing her to keep her secret to herself. Gamora asked what they were doing, which Drax informed of how they were bonding, which Mantis added on how she was ugly, which Gamora disagreed with.

GotGV2 HD Stills 9

Mantis is questioned by Gamora

Gamora then asked Mantis to show them to their quarters where they would be staying. As they made their way, Gamora asked about the lack of population on Ego's planet, which Mantis stated that she was only there to assist Ego, making a civilization unnecessary. Being suspicious of what was happening before she interrupted them, Gamora brought up what she was going to tell Drax earlier, Mantis chose to continue lying to them.[5]

Turning Against Ego[]

Mantis warns Drax

Mantis warns Drax the Destroyer about Ego

"Listen! Ego's gotten exactly what he wanted. I should have told you earlier. I'm stupid. You are in danger."
―Mantis to Drax[src]

After eavesdropping on a conversation between Ego and Peter Quill, Mantis could not let the people she had bonded with suffer from Ego's plans. She headed to Drax's quarters to inform him of the danger about to commence, but Drax thought she wanted to be intimated with him, which made him gag. Mantis reassured him that is not how she feels and then proceed to inform him of Ego's plan.


Mantis is attacked by Gamora

After informing Drax, Gamora and Nebula burst in and Gamora attacked Mantis wanting to know what was happening on the planet and who the bodies were in the cavern. Defending herself from Gamora, Mantis then used her powers to alter Gamora's emotions to make her scared, resulting in her letting Mantis go. Mantis informed them that the dead bodies in the caverns were Ego's children. Gamora made it clear that they had to get off the planet, but Mantis told her that Ego would have manipulated Quill to his side.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol

Mantis follows the attack against Ego

Mantis, along with Drax, Gamora and Nebula rushed to save Quill from Ego as he started his Expansion until Rocket Raccoon, Yondu Udonta and Groot crashed down in a ship, temporarily defeating Ego. They entered the building, where they were greeted by Groot inside the Laser Drill, and they got on board to escape from Ego. When Drax and Rocket Raccoon argued, Mantis interrupted in telling them that Ego was not defeated, and he would be returning soon.[5]

Battle on Ego's Planet[]

GotGV2 HD Stills 15

Mantis joins the Guardians of the Galaxy

"He's coming."
"Didn't you say you could make him sleep?"
"When he wants. He's too powerful. I can't!"
"You don't have to believe in yourself. Because I believe in you!"
―Mantis and Drax the Destroyer[src]

Knowing that they had to defeat Ego, the Guardians of the Galaxy piloted the Laser Drill to Ego's core, in attempts to destroy it. As they made their way down, Mantis expressed that she found Rocket Raccoon very cute, still thinking he was their dog. They eventually made it through the layers, where Mantis pointed out where the core was and warned them to hurry, as Ego would find them.

Drax Mantis

Mantis witnesses Ego reforming

When the Sovereign began to attack, Mantis, Drax and Gamora fell out of the ship. They all managed to land safely on the ground and they witnessed Ego reforming in front of them. Drax then asked Mantis to use her powers to put Ego to sleep, but she doubted herself due to Ego's power. Drax then reassured that she didn't have to believe in herself as he believed in her. Mantis then touched the surface and used her powers to put Ego to sleep as he was about to attack them.

GotGV2 - Big Game 39

Mantis putting Ego to sleep

When Yondu Udonta used the Laser Drill's weapons to destroy the Sovereign fleet, one of the lasers nearly hit Mantis and Drax, but she was still able to maintain control over Ego. The rest of the Guardians then regrouped while Mantis continued to control Ego until she was knocked out causing Ego to regain control.

Mantis is saved by Drax

Mantis is saved by Drax

Drax picked her up and flew her up to the surface where Kraglin Obfonteri was waiting to pick up the Guardians in the Quadrant. As Drax made his way, Ego began to attack each member which caused Drax to sink into the ground but still managed to lift Mantis up so she didn't suffocate. When Drax was freed by Quill, he continued to the ship and put Mantis inside.[5]

Joining the Guardians[]

Yondu's Funeral[]

Mantis at Yondu's funeral

Mantis during Yondu Udonta's funeral

"It's beautiful."
"It is. And so are you... on the inside."
―Mantis and Drax the Destroyer[src]

As the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy made their way up to the Quadrant, Groot detonated the bomb on Ego's core causing Ego to perish, and Mantis, no longer bound to him. The Guardians then flew away with Peter Quill and Yondu Udonta still on the collapsing surface. The Guardians eventually retrieved Quill and a lifeless Udonta from space and then held a funeral for their fallen ally.

GotGV2 Home Video 14

Mantis watches the Ravagers' funeral

Later, Mantis, Drax and Rocket Raccoon sat in the cockpit, when they noticed a fleet of ships arrive, releasing colorful lights. They learned it was that it was the Ravagers, and they were giving Udonta a Ravager's Farewell. As Mantis watched, she stated that she thought it was beautiful, which Drax added by calling Mantis beautiful, admitting to his true thoughts on Mantis. Mantis was then welcomed as a new member of the Guardians, and proceeded to go on many jobs with them.[5]

Revealing Her Secret[]

Mantis reveals she is Quill's sister to Drax

Mantis explains to Drax her point of view

"Why don't you want me to tell him? He should know you are his sister."
"Our only connection is the source of his greatest shame. I think not."
Drax the Destroyer and Mantis[src]

After the funeral, Mantis privately revealed to Drax that Ego was her biological father, but that she did not want him to tell the others, especially Peter Quill. Drax stated that Quill should know that she was his sister, although Mantis replied that their only connection came from being children of Ego, and that Quill found his parentage shameful. Not wanting to ruin her new place with the Guardians, Mantis thought it was best to keep the truth hidden about her familial connection.[7]

Traveling in the Galaxy[]

In addition to the Quadrant, the Guardians of the Galaxy acquired a new ship with an auxiliary pod ship attached, which they dubbed the Benatar. During several missions, Mantis and the others flew to Grundar,[8] Gangalor[9] and Falligar.[10]

Infinity War[]

Meeting Thor[]

Mantis Witnesses Asgardian Destruction

Mantis heading to the distress call

"The Avengers?"
"They're Earth's Mightiest Heroes."
"Like Kevin Bacon?"
Star-Lord, Thor and Mantis[src]

Four years later, Mantis and the other Guardians of the Galaxy discovered a distress call from the Statesman. They decided to respond to it, and made their way to the ship's destination, listening to The Rubberband Man, which Mantis enjoyed. Mantis then acknowledged that they were arriving into the airspace, so Peter Quill warned them of the potential danger up ahead, so he told them to put on their "mean faces", something Mantis took literally.

Rocket, Mantis and Thor IW

Mantis feeling Thor's immense pain

Once they arrived at the location, they were welcomed by a field of floating debris, having arrived too late. Suddenly, a man landed on the front of the ship, who was still alive, so they brought him on board. They all then observed the unconscious man, as Mantis sensed that he was feeling tremendous pain. She then used her abilities to wake him up, causing him to be initially in shock. He then introduced himself as Thor and told them about the attack, and they discussed Thanos and the Infinity Stones.

Mantis - Like Kevin Bacon

Mantis during the discussion about Thanos

Thor then tried to take their pod, but Quill refused it, trying to put on a deeper voice, which his whole team called out immediately. Thor then told them that Thanos was going to Knowhere, a place Mantis was not aware of, to retrieve the Reality Stone. Thor informed them of the other Infinity Stones' locations, two being on Earth with the Avengers which Mantis thought included Kevin Bacon, recalling Quill's stories.

Mantis confirms Drax isn't invisible

Mantis destroys Drax's belief

He then told them that he had to go to Nidavellir to get a weapon capable of killing Thanos, however, Gamora wanted to try and stop Thanos from getting the Reality Stone. Rocket Raccoon decided that he and Groot would join Thor while the rest of the Guardians went to Knowhere. As they departed in the pod, Mantis waved them goodbye. During the flight, Mantis greeted Drax, who at the time believed himself to be invisible, destroying his belief.[2]

Ambush in Knowhere[]

Mantis ignoring Quill

Mantis entering the Collector's Museum

"For Ovette. For Kamaria!"
Drax the Destroyer and Mantis[src]

Once they arrived on Knowhere, they discovered that it was deserted, except for in the third quadrant, so they headed there. They then entered the Collector's Museum, where they found Thanos already there. Peter Quill tried to lead them, stealthily, but they didn't pay attention to him, and continued into the Museum.

Mantis stops Drax

Mantis stops Drax from attacking Thanos

When they saw Thanos threatening the Collector, Drax went to kill him, seeking vengeance for his family, before the team was ready. Not being able to stop him, Mantis put him to sleep, causing him to hit the ground hard, alerting Thanos of their arrival. They then hid, as Quill tried to organize an assault, which was ignored by Gamora, who went to attack Thanos. They then watched as she stabbed Thanos, killing him, believing to have been successful.

Mantis Reality IW

Mantis is subdued by the Reality Stone

However, it was revealed to all be a ruse, as Thanos had already obtained the Reality Stone and used its power to make Gamora believe she had killed him. He then revealed that the Museum was actually decimated and in flames, and that he knew they would come. When Thanos took Gamora captive, he saw Mantis, and decided to use the Reality Stone again, turning her into living strips. After a confrontation with Quill, who failed to kill Gamora, Thanos used the Space Stone to teleport away with his daughter. Mantis then returned to her normal form.[2]

Searching for Gamora[]

Mantis IW Deleted Scene

Mantis sees the coded message channel

"I would kill either of you if it would stop that blinking yellow light."
"What blinking yellow light? The coded message channel? How long has this been on?"
―Mantis and Peter Quill[src]

Defeated, the Guardians of the Galaxy sat in the Benatar still on Knowhere as Peter Quill attempted to recover from their loss. Mantis noticed a blinking yellow light from the ship, which not known to her was the coded message channel. She sat in front of the light and became mesmerized by it. When Quill and Drax began to argue and blame each other about what happened, Mantis unknowingly alerted them to the channel. When Quill checked it, he discovered twenty-three messages from Nebula telling them to head to Titan.[11]

AIW - Mantis (Antennae Glow) (HQ)

Mantis encounters Spider-Man

They arrived on Titan and came on board a Q-Ship that had just crash-landed. A fight then broke out as Drax signaled to them that there were other people on board. Mantis encountered Peter Parker who had been knocked onto the ground, causing him to become scared by her as she tried to put him to sleep. He then webbed her up and she was left stuck.


Mantis states Drax won't survive the blast

A standoff then occurred, with Quill demanding to know Gamora's whereabouts, but the three they were fighting had no idea what they were talking about. When Drax told Quill to shoot Parker, believing he could take Tony Stark's attack, Mantis cried out that he could not. Doctor Strange agreed with her and told Drax he couldn't, before asking who they worked for. When Parker revealed that they were the Avengers, Mantis mentioned that they were the people Thor told them about before. They all then realized they were on the same side, and decided to form an alliance.[2]

Battle of Titan[]

AIW Kick names Take ass

Mantis and Drax on Titan

"Is he under? Don't let up."
"Be quick. He is very strong."
"Parker, help! Get over here. She can't hold him much longer."
Iron Man and Mantis[src]

They all then left the Q-Ship and Peter Quill quickly noted that the gravity on Titan was way off, so Mantis started bouncing and jumping up in a playful manner. Peter Parker, confused by Mantis' behavior, asked Quill what she and Drax do. Mantis overheard and responded that they "take names, kick ass", mixing up the phrase, leaving Parker and Tony Stark dumbfounded.

Infinity War Empire Still 02

Mantis asks what Doctor Strange is doing

Quill then called them over, but Mantis and Drax continued to not be productive in the formation of the plan, due to their style being more improvisational. Mantis then noticed Doctor Strange levitating and twitching his head and out of concern due to not knowing what he was doing, asked Stark if he did that often. Stark went to check on Strange, who stopped levitating and told them he had used the Time Stone to see into the future and that out of fourteen million, six hundred and five timelines, they only won one.

Battle of Titan

Mantis subdues Thanos with her abilities

Now aware of the stakes, they finally formulated a plan, and everyone got into position. Thanos arrived and they began their attack, utilizing and combining their abilities to defeat him. They eventually got Thanos restrained, so Strange used his Sling Ring to open an portal dropping Mantis onto Thanos' shoulders. She then used her abilities to put him to sleep.

AIW Mantis Feels Thanos' Pain

Mantis feels Thanos' subconscious guilt

Knowing she could not hold him forever, Mantis told them to hurry with the removal of the Infinity Gauntlet. Sensing his feelings, Mantis informed them that Thanos was mourning, which Drax question what he could possibly mourn. However, Nebula, who had recently arrived, revealed that Thanos had killed Gamora, causing Quill to lose it completely and began to attack Thanos, despite them nearly getting the Gauntlet off.

Iron Spider Saving the Guardians

Mantis is saved by Spider-Man

This caused Mantis to start to lose her grip on Thanos, allowing him to fight back, throwing her off him and keeping the Gauntlet on his hand. Parker went to save her from falling, catching her in midair. When Thanos threw a moon at Titan, Parker webbed Mantis and the other Guardians up to a cliff to safety.[2] After regaining consciousness, Mantis was informed that her fellow Guardians had their souls removed by Thanos, after using the Soul Stone, and that she needed to restore them. After a few failed attempts, she was successful and saved Drax, Quill, and Nebula.[11]

Thanos' Victory[]

Mantis Death

Mantis becomes a victim of the Snap

"Something's happening."

As they regrouped, Mantis, who was helping Peter Quill to his feet, sensed impending danger and disintegrated into dust suddenly.[2]

Battle of Earth[]

Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange Return

Mantis arrives on Earth to fight

Five years later, as a result of the Blip, Mantis was restored to life. She, along with Peter Quill, Drax, and Peter Parker were notified by Doctor Strange that five years had passed. Strange then used his Sling Ring to open an Inter-Dimensional Portal and led them through to the ruins of the Avengers Compound on Earth to join the battle against an alternate Thanos and his army.


Mantis helps Captain Marvel

Mantis, along with the assembled allies, formed a line behind Steve Rogers. After he gave the signal for everyone to charge at the opposing army, Mantis ran on the frontline. She used her abilities to subdue a Chitauri Gorilla by putting it to sleep and kicking it. Later, Mantis, alongside other female heroes, joined Carol Danvers, when she was tasked with taking the Nano Gauntlet to the Quantum Tunnel.[12]


Mantis kneels out of respect

The battle ultimately ended when Tony Stark used the Infinity Stones to wipe out alternate Thanos and his entire army, at the cost of his own life. As the allies knelt out of respect for him, Mantis, unfamiliar with the gesture, simply followed everyone else but remained confused.[13]

As Mantis had been wounded during the battle, she spilled her blood on the battlefield, which was collected by Nick Fury's secret Skrull unit and placed into a vial known as the Harvest alongside other enhanced DNA samples. The Harvest vial was later administered by Super-Skrulls Gravik and G'iah, granting them access to Mantis' physiology and abilities.[14][15]

Return to Space[]

Guardians Reassembled[]

Guardians of the Galaxy (Avengers Endgame)

Mantis attends Tony Stark's funeral

"I got some blasters unless you guys want to use knives?"
"Oh, yes, please use knives."
Rocket Raccoon and Mantis[src]

Afterwards, Mantis reunited with the Guardians of the Galaxy. A week later, Mantis attended Tony Stark's funeral at his house.

Asguardians of the Galaxy

Mantis with the Guardians of the Galaxy

Afterwards, the Guardians all returned to the Benatar and flew to New Asgard in Norway where they picked up Thor, who decided to accompany them. When Peter Quill and Thor addressed who was the leader, Mantis joined in the playful banter as Drax suggested that they fight and Mantis agreed with Rocket Raccoon that they use knives. However, they told them there would be no fight.[12] Mantis's short time on Earth resulted in the citizens learning of her existence, and she was featured at the New Jersey AvengerCon.[16]

Adventures in the Galaxy[]

Asgardians of the Galaxy L&T

Mantis with Thor and the Guardians

Over the next several months, Mantis and the Guardians of the Galaxy welcomed Kraglin Obfonteri into the team, while helping Thor lose weight and get back into shape. During this time, Mantis began wearing an accessory between her antennae and later dyed her hair color to be more greenish. At one point, they let Thor pull the Benatar for strength training. During a journey to a swamp-filled planet, Mantis and her teammates fought off swamp robotic creatures while Thor watched from his perch on a rock.[17]

Battle of Indigarr[]

Thor quill mantis

Mantis and Star-Lord talking with Thor

After Thor's request, the Guardians traveled to Indigarr, thinking it would be a "relaxing holiday", but ended up facing Habooska the Horrible and his army, they were also accompanied by Korg, Thor's friend. As Thor was meditating to find peace within himself, Mantis and Star-Lord went to ask him for help to win the battle, which he accepted, and he flew away on top of Stormbreaker. Mantis returned to the battle with Star-Lord, now using a giant gun.

Thor L&T Trailer 16

Mantis watching Thor defeat the Booskans

Taking cover from enemy fire, Mantis then listened as Thor gave a speech to King Yakan of the Indigarrians and then single-handedly defeated Habooska and his army, accidentally destroying the Sacred Temple in the process. After saving the Indigarrians, Mantis and the rest of the Guardians received the thanks of King Yakan.[17]

Answering Distress Calls[]

Guardians (Thor 4)

Mantis sees Thor a final time before leaving

"I'm putting them down.”
“Me too."
Nebula and Mantis[src]

Inside the Benatar, the Guardians argued with Thor for bringing Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher, after initially finding the goats funny, Mantis teams up with Nebula to try to kill the goats, only to be stopped by Thor. Later, Mantis and the Guardians watched the calls for help in horror, discovering that several gods were being killed by Gorr the God Butcher. Before answering the calls, Thor saw a distress call by Sif and then told the Guardians that he needed to help her and the Guardians said goodbye to Thor before leaving.[17]

Operating Knowhere[]

Buying Knowhere[]

The Guardians bought Knowhere from the Collector to rebuild it after it was destroyed by Thanos. They were also joined by a superpowered dog named Cosmo and they acquired a new ship as their main source of transportation. By 2025, Mantis had removed her accessory from her antennae and had changed her hair color back to normal.[1]

Return to Earth[]

Mantis excited

Mantis speaking with Drax about their plan

"Maybe because I'm his sister, I feel like I should give Peter a happy Christmas. He's so sad about Gamora being gone. Maybe if we gave Peter a really wonderful Christmas gift, it would make him happy."
―Mantis to Drax the Destroyer[src]

In December 2025, Kraglin Obfonteri told the story of how Yondu Udonta ruined the Christmas of Peter Quill to Mantis, Drax and Nebula, which disturbed Mantis, who found the story very sad. Nebula and Obfonteri left to continue rebuilding Knowhere, so Mantis told Drax that she wanted to do something for Quill for Christmas, since he was sad about losing Gamora, and due to her secret that she is Ego's child.

Mantis smiling

Mantis piloting the Bowie

Thinking about giving him an unforgettable Christmas present, Drax suggested that Quill's hero, Kevin Bacon, would be a perfect option. Mantis agreed and the two quietly left and took the Bowie, which Mantis piloted throughout space to get to Earth.[1]

Visiting Hollywood[]

Drax & Mantis in LA

Mantis and Drax in Los Angeles, California

"You would love to come with us."
"Hey, where are we going?"
―Mantis and Kevin Bacon[src]

They soon arrived, hovering over Earth's atmosphere and arriving directly above the skies of Los Angeles, California. Mantis looked down and became confused as to why the people were staring in their direction, so Mantis asked Drax if he turned on the stealth mode, which he had not. She landed the ship above the Hollywood sign, and made their way to the city.

Mantis and Drax taking photos 6

Mantis taking pictures with humans

Walking along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre, Mantis mistook a Captain America cosplayer for Steve Rogers and hugged him. This ended up scaring him, causing him to run away, much to her confusion. Mantis and Drax then spotted an Ant-Man cosplayer, Captain Marvel cosplayer, and Black Widow cosplayer. She and Drax were then mistaken for cosplayers themselves and earned lots of money. Mantis frowned when the Captain Marvel cosplayer came close to her as she knew now that wasn't the actual one.

Mantis drinking alcohol

Mantis and Drax in a club

Looking for Bacon, Mantis and Drax went to a nearby club where they get alcohol. Initially skeptical, Mantis enjoyed it and doused countless shots and began dancing with the partygoers. After the club had closed down for the night, Mantis and Drax rested on the sidewalk outside. Wondering aloud about Bacon, a woman named Sara, who owned the store next door, offered them a star tours booklet with Bacon's home address but Mantis didn't had no money so she used her emotion manipulation powers and stole the star tours booklet and all the money that Sara had along with her.

Mantis jump on the walls

Mantis chasing Kevin Bacon in his house

They arrived at Bacon's house and found a gated entrance. Mantis rang the gate doorbell and stated she was looking for him, when Bacon hung up, she kept trying to no use. She then said she should get tossed over, in which Drax literally did so, much to her annoyance. When he leaped over, he stole a Christmas elf from the lawn. Mantis scolded him, however, saw a candy cane and picked it up. Mantis called out for Bacon, before Drax broke into his house using the window by the door. The horrified Bacon calls the police and tries to run away, with Mantis jumping from wall to wall while chasing Bacon.

Kevin Bacon, Drax & Mantis

Mantis and Drax with Kevin Bacon

Kevin escaped from his house, but ended up with Mantis and Drax jumping through the street to catch him. The police arrived and ordered Mantis and Drax to stop, however, Drax was bulletproof to their bullets and Mantis kept walking to them. She grabbed one with the candy cane, and proceeded to incapacitate the others, putting them all to sleep. When another police car came, Drax flipped the police car upside down, and Mantis told Drax he could not just kill them. She walked to see if they were okay and gave them her candy cane. Mantis then used her powers to put Bacon in a trance and convince him to go with them.

Mantis realizes Kevin Bacon is an actor

Mantis realizes Kevin Bacon is only an actor

Mantis, Drax and the enthralled Kevin Bacon break into a Christmas decorations store and steal everything, taking it on the ship. While inside the ship, Mantis and Drax asked Bacon about his adventures that Quill was talking about, however, they realized that Bacon was not a hero, but just an actor. They both got disgusted, believing that actors were repugnant people and thinking that Quill's perception of Bacon was warped. Mantis used her powers to get Bacon to act as an actual hero.[1]

Celebrating Christmas[]

Mantis HS 16

Mantis waiting for Peter Quill

"He is my father too."
"Wait. so does that make you my sister? Mantis, that's the greatest Christmas gift I could ever get."
―Mantis and Star-Lord[src]

With the help of the rest of the inhabitants, the Guardians of the Galaxy decorated Knowhere for a Christmas party, which amazed Peter Quill, but he soon got horrified when he found out that his present was Kevin Bacon. Quill immediately told Mantis to get Bacon out of the trance which she did, but later Bacon then decided to stay at the Knowhere for a while and performed a song with Bzermikitokolok at the Christmas party. Mantis then gave a Christmas decoration to Drax as a present and after that Groot delivered his present to her.

Mantis hugs her brother

Mantis and Quill hugging

Later that night, Quill asked Mantis why she would go such lengths to make him happy and she told him about Kraglin Obfonteri's story how Yondu Udonta ruined Christmas for him. Quill then told her the rest of the story and how Udonta made up for it. Mantis then admitted to Quill that the real reason was that they were siblings. Quill was astonished, but told her it was the best present he could ever receive. The two hugged.[1]

Adam Warlock's Attack[]

GotG Vol

Mantis crying over Rocket

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Months later, after finishing their rebuilding of Knowhere, the Guardians were attacked by Adam Warlock. During the fight, Mantis attacked Adam, but was easily defeated when the latter broke her arm and threw her away, Mantis then stanched Rocket Raccoon's bleeding and asked Quill for Med-Paks, using one of them to fix her arm. However, they were unable to treat Rocket, with his cybernetics reacting violently to the Med Pak.[18]

Saving Rocket[]

Reunited with Gamora[]

Mantis confused in the Bowie

Mantis talking to Quill

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At the Bowie, Nebula explained to the Guardians that Rocket had a kill device on his body, which prevented the Med-Paks from curing him and that they needed a code to save him. Mantis and the team resolved to travel to the Orgoscope, headquarters of the High Evolutionary's company Orgocorp, in the hopes of finding the override code. Mantis later talked to Star-Lord about his family back on Earth before the ship got intercepted by Ravagers, which Nebula hired.

Ejected into space

The Guardians jumping into space

With the assistance of the Ravagers and a reluctant Gamora, they infiltrated the Orgoscope using spacesuits and briefly talked before being scolded by Nebula. After entering OrgoCorp, Master Karja and his henchmen questioned the Guardians about who they are, only to be tricked by Mantis, Drax and Quill.

Mantis, Drax, Gamora & Star-Lord

Mantis escaping

After Gamora's instructions, Mantis and Drax started looking for a space that Groot could land with the Bowie, she then caused a guard to fall in love with Drax to infiltrate. After briefly searching together, Mantis and Drax were attacked by the Orgoscope's guards, Mantis then jumped in the air and kicked Master Karja, and proceeded to defeat more henchmen using her empathic powers to manipulate their minds. Mantis then ran towards Drax after he is injured, but got captured alongside him and Nebula, however, they escaped after Quill remotely activated the guards' suit jetpacks. The Guardians then succeeded in their plan to retrieve Rocket's file and escaped in the Bowie with Groot.[18]

Visiting Counter-Earth[]


Mantis arriving at Counter-Earth

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At the Bowie, Mantis cried after seeing Rocket's past along with the others through Nebula's robotic parts, later, after an argument with Gamora, Mantis and the Guardians put on their uniforms and flew towards Counter-Earth. After arriving in Counter Earth, they encountered Humanimals who were created by High Evolutionary, during which Drax accidentally knocked out a Humanimal child in his attempt to playfully throw back the child's ball. This almost resulted in a fight with the Humanimals during which Groot enlarged himself to stop them but got resolved when Quill communicated with a Humanimal named Neelie, who took them to her house where they also met her husband Till and their children, and Groot reverted back to his normal size. Neelie then revealed the location of the Arête Laboratories, in reality the High Evolutionary's ship.

Mantis, Nebula and Drax running

Mantis running towards the ship

Quill travelled to the Arête Laboratories on Till's car with Groot and Nebula, while Mantis and Drax were ordered by Quill to stay behind with Gamora to protect Rocket. However, after they left, Drax disobeyed the order and went towards Nebula on a motorcycle, tricking Mantis into accompanying him, with Nebula being angered that they abandoned Rocket and Gamora. The High Evolutionary began to explode the planet, Mantis, Drax and Nebula then quickly ran towards the ship to save Quill and Groot, leaping at the end. Unknown to them, Quill and Groot meanwhile had already left the ship and retrieved the override code after killing Theel before fleeing the exploding planet with Gamora and the unconscious Rocket, capturing Adam and taking his pet Blurp with them. After the ship entered space, Mantis and the others began to freeze, but Drax managed to break the door to enter, finding several children caged.

GotG Vol

Mantis erases Drax's memories

Nebula angrily lashed out at Drax for disobeying Quill's order for him to remain with Gamora and Rocket, and claimed he was a liability to the Guardians due to his naivety and occasional tendency to disrupt their plans. Mantis defended Drax from Nebula, pointing out that Nebula kept seeing the flaw in others and that Drax, despite his naivety and sadness over his past, still loved and cared for them and was the only Guardian not afraid to be himself. Despite this, Drax was remorseful of his actions and hurt by both the argument and of Mantis's belief that he was stupid, forcing her to erase Drax's memories of the argument. [18]

Attack on Arête Laboratories[]

Drax talks with Star Children

Mantis looking at Drax

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As Drax freed the children, Mantis and Nebula made contact with Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon, and the three of them were relieved that Rocket was alive. However, the High Evolutionary knocked Mantis, Drax and Nebula out, and imprisoned them. During their imprisonment, they encountered the freed children. Nebula sternly told the children to stay away from the ship's Starboard wall as Quill planned to destroy that side of the ship while Mantis attempted to communicate that to the children through sign language, causing an argument between her and Nebula. However, this resulted in Nebula and Mantis unintentionally scaring them due to their inexperience with handling children and their inability to understand their language.

GotG Vol

Mantis, Nebula, and Drax surrounded by the Abilisks

Drax then calmed the children, who reminded him of his late daughter, and revealed to Nebula and Mantis that he knew their language, telling the children to stay away from the Starboard wall. This shocked both Mantis and Nebula, with the latter inquiring Drax about his earlier refusal to reveal his knowledge of the children's language to which Drax responded that she could have asked him. High Evolutionary later attempted to have the three of them fed to three Abilisks.

Happy Mantis and Abilisk

Mantis with the Abilisks

They were attacked by the three monsters, but Mantis managed to tame the beasts, using her empathic powers. Mantis, Nebula and Drax then reunited with Quill, Rocket, Groot and Gamora, with Quill initially wanting to leave after finding them before the three of them revealed the children on the ship. Although Gamora still wanted to leave the ship and abandon the children, claiming that it would soon blow up due to its damage from their attack, Nebula argued that the children would die without their help. After Rocket stated that he had enough of running away, the Guardians then decided to rescue the children, accompanied by Blurp.[18]

The Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy prepares to fight

The Guardians then encountered several High Evolutionary's henchmen and Hell Spawn on the way. Mantis engaged in combat, leaping into the air to kick a soldier before hanging onto Groot to capture another enemy and threw him against Groot. She then fought other enemies and put them to sleep. After the fight, Mantis and the Guardians went towards the children to save them while Kraglin Obfonteri and Cosmo arrived with Knowhere, allowing the kids to escape. After noticing Rocket's absence, the Guardians rushed to save him and defeated the High Evolutionary together, with Mantis leaping into the air and kicking his head.

GOTG Volume 3 Super Bowl Trailer (31)

Mantis crying over Quill

After his defeat, Gamora unmasked him to reveal his true disfigured face underneath and the team carried him onto Knowhere to be imprisoned for his crimes.[19] Mantis and the Guardians also saved all the other trapped animals at Rocket's insistence, including the Abilisks. Later, after Cosmo passed out from exhaustion, the High Evolutionary's ship began to explode, Quill then fell and entered the vacuum of space. Mantis and the others panicked, but Adam saved Quill after having a change of heart when Groot rescued him earlier and the Guardians embraced their leader.

Leaving the Guardians[]

Mantis salutes rocket

Mantis salutes Rocket Raccoon

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In the aftermath of the battle, once Gamora left the Guardians to reunite with the Ravagers, Mantis and Quill both informed the group that they were leaving the Guardians, with Quill planning to return to Earth to reunite with his remaining family there while Mantis planned to leave to focus more on herself instead of others, having followed orders from Ego and the Guardians for most of her life.

Mantis waves

Mantis waving at Drax before leaving

Drax, who also planned to leave the Guardians, initially wanted to join Mantis as he believed she needed someone to protect her despite her objections but Nebula told Drax that she needed him with her in Knowhere to raise the rescued children, stating that Drax was born to be a father rather than a destroyer, which Drax agreed with. The group then honoured Rocket as the new leader of a reformed Guardians that included Groot, Kraglin, Cosmo, Adam, Blurp and one of the rescued children, Phyla. After Quill left for Earth, Mantis shared an emotional goodbye with Drax before she left Knowhere with the Abilisks to travel the galaxy.[18]


"You are horrifying to look at. But that's a good thing."
"When you're ugly and someone loves you, you know they love you for who you are. Beautiful people never know who to trust."
"Well, then I am certainly grateful to be ugly!"
Drax and Mantis[src]

Mantis is somewhat naïve, showing no offense when Drax the Destroyer refers to her as Ego's pet and not understanding what a practical joke is or that she embarrassed Peter Quill by revealing his attraction to Gamora. This is probably due to her being isolated with Ego for most of her life. Despite this, her use of higher-level vocabulary shows she bears intelligence. She holds a passive demeanor, always bowing her head in Ego's presence and being hesitant to attack anyone. This inevitably resulted in her having low self-confidence needing Drax to goad her on in using her powers against Ego. In spite of her loyalty to Ego, she was unable to condone him slaughtering his own children eventually telling the Guardians of Ego's true plan and working with them to thwart him.

Even years later, her naïveté persisted as shown by her practicing a "mean face" after Quill sarcastically told the Guardians to do so as they neared the wreckage of the Statesman. Much like Drax, she was blunt to the point of open honesty telling Iron Man, a presumed enemy at the time, that Drax was unlikely to survive his Repulsor Cannons. Mantis was almost entirely non-malicious instead approaching Spider-Man out of curiosity. Despite her lack of weapons, she was a brave individual openly jumping at Thanos in spite of the Titan possessing four Infinity Stones and later using her powers to subdue him. Though maturing, her child-like mind-state still persisted as, in spite of Thanos' imminent arrival, she took advantage of Titan's fluctuating gravitational fields to mimic the effects of a trampoline. Mantis, while generally having a calm personality, is easily angered by Drax, possibly due to the fact that Drax was her closest friend. Since Drax was the one who encouraged her and supported her when she was still serving Ego, she acts most comfortably around Drax. Mantis was very protective of Drax who would often get into arguments with Nebula and other Guardians, as Mantis and Drax has a very close bond and a near sibling relationship, and the fact that Drax was able to embrace his self.

Even while fighting the cops when she and Drax attempted to bring Kevin Bacon to Knowhere, Mantis didn't want to kill them, but just put them to sleep, however, while fighting real enemies, Mantis is willing to take violent measures, such as when she made a Orgosentry to start shooting at her allies, resulting in several fatalities, and when she viciously attacked the High Evolutionary's subordinates.

After all the years with the Guardians, Mantis became more caring towards the other members, especially Peter Quill who was her half-brother. Initially, Mantis hesitated and didn’t want to tell Quill as she was afraid that will make them distant. Mantis is shown to be very considerate as she wanted to cheer Star-Lord up and hence decided to go to Earth during Christmas time in search for a Christmas present, even kidnapping Kevin Bacon to make Quill happy. She also expresses her consideration by preparing Christmas lights and decorations to decorate Knowhere for celebrating the holidays. Eventually, she told Star-Lord the fact that they were siblings and they developed a much closer relationship, with Mantis as Star-Lord’s actual family.

Mantis did not have her own purpose her entire life before leaving the Guardians. As Ego’s daughter, she followed Ego’s orders blindly and acted as a servant to the Celestial. Even after joining the Guardians, she did not have her own purpose too as she only followed the Guardians and worked with this close-knit family, and did everything only for the interests of the group, neglecting her own. After all the adventures with the Guardians, Mantis seeks to find her own purpose in the universe and leaves with the Abilisks in search of this, saying an emotional farewell with the Guardians and especially Drax who broke into tears.

Powers and Abilities[]


"Telepaths know thoughts. Empaths feel feelings. Emotions."
  • Hybrid Physiology: Due to her mother's species' heritage, Mantis possesses superhuman attributes and empathic powers.
    • Superhuman Strength:
      Guardians fighting together

      Mantis sending an enemy flying

      Mantis has superior strength than humans, she was able to pull a large robotic creature underwater on a swampy planet, was able to send Master Karja flying with a kick, was strong enough to restrain a Kree soldier before incapacitating him with her powers, and during the Attack on Arête Laboratories, Mantis kicked and threw several enemies at considerable distances, even breaking a guard's bones by throwing him at Groot's arm. She was also able to kick the High Evolutionary with enough force to launch him flying away. Mantis was able to easily break a metal lock on a cage containing Lambshank.
    • Superhuman Durability:

      Mantis being hit by burning debris

      Mantis's heritage allows her to withstand otherwise lethal physical damage, as she effortlessly landed on her feet completely unharmed after falling from the Laser Drill and withstood a laser beam from the ship. Later, Mantis was merely knocked unconscious when a piece of flaming debris struck her head at full force without suffering any severe injuries. During the Battle of Titan, an enraged Thanos headbutted her after she subdued him which she survived without injuries. She also did not suffer any kind of injury when Drax the Destroyer threw her over a gate, getting back up only after a few seconds. Even after Adam Warlock broke her arm, Mantis was able to endure it and get up to use her other hand to make Rocket Raccoon's injure to stop from bleeding, all of this before using a device to heal her arm. Mantis also withstood falling on her neck repeatedly from great heights and was unharmed when attacked with a baseball bat in her back by a humanimal. In the Attack on Arête Laboratories, Mantis was able to withstand the quantum blast of an Abilisk, and after she tamed the three Abilisks, Mantis jumped off an Abilisk with no injuries.
    • Superhuman Agility:

      Mantis leaping towards Kevin Bacon

      Mantis is extremely agile, using her capabilities to move quickly and effortlessly. She jumped over the stairs and onto the walls inside Kevin Bacon's home, climbing and leaping throughout the upper floor while attempting to catch him, and landed to the ground floor in one final leap. She also evaded the hits and shots of the policemen that tried to stop her from kidnapping Bacon, while putting them to sleep with her powers. During the Infiltration into the Orgoscope, Mantis quickly leaped from soldier to soldier to attack them with her powers. In the Battle of Counter-Earth, Mantis jumps a great distance to reach the High Evolutionary's ship and later she was also able to do inhuman acrobatic feats while fighting the High Evolutionary's henchmen.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Mantis can fight for great periods of time. She fought several Thanos' allies without any visible fatigue, she was able to jump repeatedly without getting tired while chasing Kevin Bacon to kidnap him, and during the Infiltration into the Orgoscope, Mantis repeatedly jumped to attack her enemies without any problems.
    • Empathy: Mantis can sense and experience a person's emotions and feelings through mere touch, making her antennas light-up. She was able to feel that Star-Lord was attracted to Gamora just by touching his hand and was able to feel Thor's anxiety even while he was unconscious. In addition, she can also experience a person's feelings rather than simply sensing them, allowing her to feel the grief and sadness of Drax, which caused her to weep, even while he remained emotionless on the outside. Mantis also experienced the anguish and mourning of Thanos while he was subdued by her and the other heroes. She was also able to sense Thanos' snap, even before anyone had evaporated on Titan. In the High Evolutionary's ship, Mantis connected with the Abilisks and tames them.
      • Emotion Manipulation:
        Kevin Bacon enthralled by Mantis

        Mantis manipulating Kevin Bacon

        Mantis is also able to manipulate emotions to some degree using her touch essentially mind controlling someone. For example, she can make a sad person happy, or calm down an angry one. She was able to cause Gamora to become scared when attacking her. Mantis managed to influence a woman's mind to give her the map and all the money she had. Later, she also made Kevin Bacon come with her and Drax as well as having him pretend like he was a hero, on top of this, she made him a more happy version of himself. Mantis is also able to undo her trance from someone, as she did to release Kevin Bacon from her control when Quill ordered her. While fighting the OrgoCorp's soldiers, Mantis made a guard fall in love with Drax, made another guard think he was a cat, made another soldier dance, and another soldier feel immense rage.
      • Sleep Manipulation:

        Mantis incapacitating Thanos

        Mantis can, also through touch, cause a person to fall asleep almost instantly, using her powers to manipulate a person into becoming docile. This technique can even incapacitate extremely powerful beings like Ego, Thanos and Chitauri Gorillas, but doing so requires that she has physical contact with the person. This power can be at least partially nullified, however, if the victim's willpower is strong enough as Mantis was only able to send Thanos into a state of half-consciousness. Conversely, Mantis can awaken people as she used this command after the Guardians rescue Thor when finding him adrift in space. Mantis can also use this to reunite a soulless body with their astral form, essentially reviving them.[11] When kidnapping Kevin Bacon, Mantis did not want to kill any police officers, so she made them go to sleep. In the Arête Laboratories, Mantis made many soldiers fall asleep during battle.
      • Memory Erasure: Mantis has the ability to erase people's memories with physical contact, as she did to Drax after an argument with Nebula on the High Evolutionary's ship.


  • Expert Martial Artist:
    Mantis kicks karja

    Mantis fighting the Orgosentries

    Mantis was originally a poor fighter, having no formal training or combat skills. However, with years of experience with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Mantis has become an expert martial artist, able to defeat several members of Thanos' army and other enemies she and the other Guardians found during their missions. While on a trip to Earth in order to kidnap Kevin Bacon, she easily fought off multiple police officers while putting them to sleep. In the Infiltration into the Orgoscope, Mantis jumped in the air and kicked Master Karja then incapacitated two other guards before they even used their weapons. During the Attack on Arête Laboratories, Mantis kicked a soldier and flips in the air, landing on the ground, Mantis then swings onto Groot's arm to attack another enemy, trapping him with her thighs and throwing him away.
  • Expert Marksman: Mantis acquired a level of proficiency in using firearms, shooting at the Booskan invaders in Indigarr during their battle.
  • Master Acrobat:

    Mantis doing a flip on her enemy

    Mantis' agility allowed her to perform acrobatic movements while chasing or battling her targets. She lunged around the walls of Kevin Bacon's house in order to catch him while he tried to escape, and later flipped and spun around many police officers to incapacitate them.
  • Pilot: Mantis is a capable pilot, able to pilot the Bowie in a trip to Earth. Mantis was also capable of co-pilotting the Bowie on several occasions, such as when the Guardians of the Galaxy left Knowhere to save Rocket Raccoon and when they were arriving at Counter-Earth.
  • Multilingualism: Mantis is fluent in her native language, and she can also understand Groot after spending years with Groot. She also claims to have a translator, which allowed her to communicate with the Abilisks, but was unable to understand the langauge of the Star Children.



Other Equipment[]

  • Translator Implant: Mantis has a translator implant that helps her understand many of the languages spoken in the universe.[21] After finding children imprisoned in the High Evolutionary's ship, Mantis stated that their language was not in her translator.[18]
  • Med-Pak: Mantis used a med-pak to heal her arm after Adam Warlock's attack.
  • Space Suit: A special suit used to survive in the vacuum of space. Mantis and the other Guardians of the Galaxy used the suits until she accidentally threw them away.


  • Ego's Ship: Mantis and Ego used their ship to travel across the galaxy looking for Peter Quill. After the Guardians of the Galaxy entered the ship, Drax and Quill made a bet about what Mantis' antennae were for, and they discussed Mantis' ability to read people's emotions. Drax enjoyed Mantis revealing Quill's were for, and Mantis joined Drax's enjoyment. Mantis also explained that she could people to sleep, and demonstrated her ability on Drax at his own request.
  • Laser Drill:
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol

    Mantis aboard the Laser Drill

    Mantis and the other Guardians of the Galaxy boarded a laser drill and used it to go to Ego's core, hoping to destroy it and kill the Celestial. However, the ship got a hole in the bottom, causing Mantis to fall out.
  • Quadrant: Drax fled carrying the unconscious Mantis Battle on Ego's Planet onto a quadrant of the Eclector. The rest of the Guardians made it to the quadrant safely, except for Yondu Udonta, who sacrificed himself for Quill. Mantis and the other Guardians mourned Udonta in the Quadrant and held a funeral for him, watching as other Ravager clans came together and held a Ravagers' funeral for him.
  • Benatar:
    Mantis and nebula

    Mantis aboard the Benatar

    The Guardians of the Galaxy used the Benatar following the destruction of the Milano. They responded to a distress call on the ship, causing the team to meet Thor and learn that Thanos was looking for the Infinity Stones. The team took the Benatar to Knowhere, hoping to stop Thanos from getting the Reality Stone there, but failed. Mantis and her teammates then took the ship to Titan, where they again confronted Thanos and Mantis was killed in the Snap. Five years later, Mantis returned and the team again took off in the Benatar, leaving Earth alongside Thor. The Guardians used this ship until it was replaced by the Bowie.
  • Bowie: In December 2025, Mantis and Drax used the Bowie to go to Earth to kidnap Kevin Bacon. Both of them later returned to Knowhere with Kevin Bacon. In the following year, Mantis and the other Guardians used the Bowie to help Rocket after he was injured by Adam Warlock, until it was damaged during the Attack on Arête Laboratories.




  • Ego † - Father, Former Master, Attempted Killer and Indirect Victim
  • Mother[22]
  • Peter Quill/Star-Lord - Paternal Half-Brother and Former Leader
  • Paternal Half-Siblings †




Appearances for Mantis


  • In the comics, Mantis was a human of Vietnamese and German descent whose father left her in the care of a sect of the Kree Empire called the Priests of Pama, who raised her with the intent of eventually mating her with the Cotati to produce a Celestial Messiah, as part of their religious prophecies. Later, she had her memory wiped and was sent to live alongside mankind to gain life experience, and has been a member of the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Fantastic Four on various occasions.

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