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"I'm from Earth."
"Yeah, well, that would be the one thing that I do know, wing nut. But from where? What area?"
"Manitowoc, Wisconsin."
Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw[src]

Manitowoc is a city in the state of Wisconsin.


Birth of Phil Coulson

"Manitowoc, Wisconsin?"
"I was born there."
Melinda May and Phil Coulson[src]

On July 8, 1964 two of Manitowoc citizens, Robert Coulson, a history professor at the local high school and the coach of the schools football team, the Manitowoc Outlaws, and his wife Julie Coulson had a son: Phil Coulson.[1]

The Slicing Talons

"You won't kill her. Though, the truth is, you're capable of such things. That's what I'm trying to teach this whole damn town. I don't even know if they're listening."
Calvin Zabo[src]

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