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"Half the people uptown have fathers, cousins, uncles, brothers in prison. You're no different than anybody else. You get your wish. You're not special. Instead of running, if you make a move and you take him down once and for all? You stop him, you save this community, and you free yourself."
Claire Temple to Luke Cage[src]

Manifest is the seventh episode of the first season of the Netflix exclusive television series Luke Cage.


Mariah's political career comes under fire, and Cottonmouth picks up information that could put Luke on the run.


Rafael Scarfe's ledger is found inadmissible and Cornell Stokes is exonerated. He threatens to expose Luke Cage's real identity if challenged again. Cage decides to leave Harlem; but Claire Temple convinces him to stay and fight. Stokes reminisces about being raised by Mariah Dillard at the behest of their grandmother, mobster Mama Mabel. As a child, Stokes' musical talents were encouraged by his uncle Pistol Pete, whom Mabel later forced Stokes to kill after learning Pete had made side dealings with her rivals, and molested Dillard. Meanwhile, Misty Knight is investigated by the internal affairs bureau while Dillard is put under pressure by her party to resign from the council. Cage attacks Domingo Colon and takes the weapons, giving them to Knight. Dillard visits Stokes to convince him to let go of his obsession with Cage, which leads into an argument that ends with her killing him when he says she flirted with Pete. Shades praises her and reveals his plan to frame Cage for the murder. Knight finds out "Luke Cage" is an alias just as he meets Temple to reveal his true identity and is shot by Diamondback with the Judas Bullet, the Chitauri bullet, leaving him badly wounded.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Plain Gold Ring Nina Simone

Zip openly sells guns when Luke Cage arrives which sends his buyers running; Zip warns Cage that Cottonmouth is getting out of prison; Misty Knight goes over case board when readies to let her anger out at Stokes but is stopped by Betty Audrey; Stokes taunts Knight's efforts then leave the 29th Precinct Police Station, Cage watches.

Top Going Down, Bottom Going Up Nathan Bartell

At Pop's Barber Shop, Luke Cage tells Bobby Fish that Cottonmouth will not be charged without Rafael Scarfe. Claire Temple suggests that he can still do something to get his own justice.

I'm Bad Like Jesse James John Lee Hooker

Cottonmouth plays the piano; (Flashback) Mama Mabel confronts Pistol Pete on his betrayal of the family then takes him out back along with Stokes and Mariah Dillard where Stokes nervously shoots him dead.

April Sonata Adrian Younge

Mariah Dillard and Cottonmouth begin to tear each other apart as they both begin to crack and as Stokes' words strike at Dillard she attacks him with a wine bottle, pushes him out of window then beats with a mic stand all as Shades watches.



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