"Did you take down the Manfredi Mob?"
May Parker to Peter Parker[src]

The Manfredi Mob are a crime syndicate with a presence in New York City.


The Manfredi Mob had an altercation with Spider-Man inside an upper-class restaurant, who was en route to collect various travel items for a class trip to Europe. Spider-Man fought the armed mobsters wearing the Iron Spider Armor, and trapped them in his synthetic webbing, before handing them over into the custody of a NYPD unit led by Officer Bristow.[1][2]


  • In the comics, the Manfredi Family was one of the Five Families conforming the Maggia criminal syndicate. The Manfredis were led by Silvio Manfredi, later known as the criminal Silvermane, with Joseph Manfredi being one of its members.

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