"Did you take down the Manfredi Mob?"
May Parker to Peter Parker[src]

The Manfredi Crime Family, also known as the Manfredi Mob, are a crime syndicate with a presence in New York City.


Altercation with Spider-Man

"Guys, guys, I just wanted dressing on the side! Red bell pepper, anyone? That's it, I'm definitely not giving you a 20% tip!"
Spider-Man's Webs

The Manfredis being defeated by Spider-Man

In 2024, the Manfredi Crime Family had an altercation inside a Upper Manhattan mob-owned upper-class restaurant with Spider-Man, who was en route to collect various travel items for a class trip to Europe. Spider-Man fought the armed mobsters, who were involved in an unidentified crime deal. Using the Iron Spider Armor, he trapped them in his webbing, before handing them over into the custody of a NYPD unit led by Officer Bristow, identifying the sellers, buyers, and rival informants in the deal.[1]

In the wake of the ambush on the Manfredis, J. Jonah Jameson from The Daily Bugle commented on the outlet that New York City's Mafia Cold War had gone hot thanks due Spider-Man's intervention, accusing the wall-crawler from having endangered civilian lives and sass the brave NYPD officers upon his arrival, speculating Spidey from likely taking down the Manfredis under the directions of one of their rivals.[2]


  • In the comics, the Manfredi Family was one of the Five Families conforming the Maggia criminal syndicate. The Manfredi family was led by Silvio Manfredi with Joseph Manfredi being one of its members.

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