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The Mandelibus Dimension[1] is a parallel dimension within the Multiverse that contains infinitely-repeating fractal patterns. It is one of the first dimensions that Stephen Strange was exposed to during his first journey through the Multiverse.


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Stephen Strange passing through the Mandelibus Dimension

Stephen Strange traveled to the Mandelibus Dimension when the Ancient One sent him on a journey throughout the Multiverse. Strange saw his face reflected in the rotating formations of the dimension as he floated through it. Suddenly, a hand emerged from the ground and grabbed Strange by the ankle with another hand taking his leg. A third hand then emerged from the shifting wall taking hold of Strange by his left wrist holding him in place.

The churning formations of Strange's face abruptly morphed into countless hands that shoot up at contorted angles before swiftly reverting into the dimension's shifting structure. The reality-warping powers of the dimension then made the fingers of Strange's right hand appear to form smaller hands which then sprouted fingers of their own upon which even smaller hands formed. To Strange's horror, arms started to swarm all over his body. Strange panicked as he was overcome by the hands which formed a large image of his own face while he himself was released. Strange then exited the Mandelibus Dimension by being drawn through a portal within the eye of the face the hands had created.[2]



The Mandelibus Dimension

The Mandelibus Dimension is an ever-shifting reality that resembles an unending cavernous tunnel that branched off into different tunnels. Light enters from an unknown source through openings above. The continuous shifting surreal landscape had the ability to cause continuous repeating fractal patterns to appear. At times, the fractals can appear as if they are made up of countless amalgamations of the faces of those who have traveled into the dimension.[2]