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"I gave you ten years to live your life. And where did that get you? You walked in my shadow. I trained you so the most dangerous people in the world couldn't kill you. Son, it's time for you to take your place by my side."
―Mandarin to Shang-Chi[src]

Wenwu is an extremely powerful, legendary, and nearly mythical terrorist leader known as the Mandarin, who is the feared founder and supreme leader of the Ten Rings. He is also Shang-Chi and Xialing's father.


Early Life

Legendary Warrior

"He was a warrior-king. Inspired generations of men through the Middle Ages, perhaps even further back in time."
Jackson Norriss to Trevor Slattery[src]

The Mandarin's past is shrouded in mystery, but his followers described him as an ancient warrior-king that has inspired generations of men since the Middle Ages, perhaps even further back in time.[2] His name was an ancient Chinese war mantle, meaning "advisor to the King".[1]

The Ten Rings

Expanding Operations

"I understand you failed to obtain the War Machine Armor. Explain why you should leave this room alive."
"I-It's true, Mandarin. We did not succeed in capturing Rhodes. However, the conflict served its purpose. Our hidden agents analyzed the armor with every imaginable scanning device."
―Mandarin and Ten Rings Agent[src]

As the leader of the Ten Rings, the Mandarin became a myth to his followers, with only his most trusted men being aware that he really exists.[2] In 2009, they had bought illegal Stark Industries weapons from Obadiah Stane, who made a deal with them to ambush a military convoy in order to get rid of Tony Stark, who was on a business trip to Afghanistan. Said and done, the Ten Rings kidnapped Stark, whom they then imprisoned on their base and attempted to force into making them advanced new weapons. However, Stark made a suit of armor and escaped.[3]

The Mandarin attempted to have Stark assassinated, and his reputation destroyed, by recruiting Ivan Vanko to kill him, as he sent one of his agents to arrange passage for Vanko to get to Monaco to kill Stark, although this failed.[4] Over the next year, the Ten Rings suffered numerous defeats at the hands of Iron Man, as the Mandarin ordered his men to capture James Rhodes and his new armour. However, Rhodes managed to defeat the Ten Rings, causing the Mandarin to consider executing his men, although he was informed that they had obtained valuable information needed to destroy Iron Man.[5]

2012 Copycat Attacks

"There's somebody who wants to meet you."
"Do I know him?"
"No. You took his name and now he wants it back."
Jackson Norriss and Trevor Slattery[src]

Eventually, the Ten Rings became dormant, until the Mandarin himself would eventually come to notice that many recent terrorist attacks happening around the world were later said to be from the Ten Rings as a man calling himself the "Mandarin" assumed the responsibility for these attacks. The impostor continued to declare that these attacks were a lesson for the people of the United States of America, and were on behalf of the Ten Rings. However, these events had infuriated the Mandarin, who planned to recover his name.

Unbeknownst to him, the mind behind the attacks was the A.I.M. CEO Aldrich Killian, who had built his idea from legends he had heard, unaware that the Mandarin was quite real. However, after Tony Stark managed to uncover the truth behind the attacks and Killian was killed, the man who impersonated the Mandarin was revealed to be Trevor Slattery, a British actor who was hired by Killian.[1] The real Mandarin was never willing to allow Slattery to get away so easily and understood that he had a right to know the truth about Slattery's motivations.

As the Ten Rings started to become more active around the world, the Mandarin ordered his loyal agent Jackson Norriss to break Slattery out of the Seagate Prison. Disguised as a documentary filmmaker, Norriss successfully infiltrated the prison and abducted Slattery into the Mandarin's custody. Norriss explained to Slattery the legend of the Mandarin, and had sworn that Slattery would suffer greatly for the insult done against him, as well as their organisation, although Slattery had still remained unsure about who the Mandarin actually was.[2]


"Explain why you should leave this room alive."

A ruthless and calculating terrorist, the Mandarin led the Ten Rings with an iron fist, threatening his subordinates with death if they did not accomplish his orders, like when one of his agents failed in obtaining the War Machine Armor. Nevertheless, the Mandarin is not extremely cruel with his men: when his agent told him that he had got valuable information surrounding War Machine's battle suit, the Mandarin simply spared him, demonstrating that he accepts any kind of useful progress on his plans.

Having his style of leadership, the Mandarin has demonstrated that he does not like to be imitated, being willing to punish those who had dared to impersonate him for their purposes. When the Mandarin fiasco engineered by Aldrich Killian incriminated the Ten Rings from Extremis-caused explosions and had Trevor Slattery posing as the Mandarin himself, the Mandarin resented them enough even after Killian died to the point of sending one of his most loyal agents to the Seagate Penitentiary in order to abduct Slattery for as of yet unknown purposes.

Powers and Abilities


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Other Equipment

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Appearances for the Mandarin

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  • In the comics, the Mandarin is a would-be conqueror who came across ten Makluan rings, whose power he used to build a criminal empire. Using a combination of superhuman martial arts abilities, alien science, Chi manipulation, and the ten energy-blasting Makluan rings, the Mandarin wages a never-ending war on civilization. He was also one of Iron Man's greatest enemies.
  • Shang-Chi's father in the comics was originally Fu Manchu, a Chinese doctor and criminal mastermind, who was an adaptation of the character of the same name from Sax Rohmer's novels. When Marvel lost the comic book rights of Fu Manchu, the character was reinvented as Zheng Zu, a powerful Chinese sorcerer and leader of the Five Weapons Society.

Behind the Scenes

  • According to Jon Favreau and Jeff Bridges, the Mandarin was intended to be the primary villain in the first Iron Man. Kevin Feige revealed in an interview that early drafts of the film depicted the Mandarin as a younger individual, contemporary to Tony Stark, who would have business dealings with Stark Industries. Though this idea was eventually omitted to further push Obadiah Stane as the main antagonist of the film as opposed to the Mandarin, some of the traits for the character were incorporated into the character of Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3.
  • The Mandarin was considered by Marvel Studios to be introduced in The Avengers alongside Shang-Chi in the post-credits scene as a tease for the Chinese market, but Beijing's development team shot down the idea as they didn't want the first Chinese character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be a villain.[6]
  • Early versions of the story of Iron Man 3 featured the real Mandarin, but writer Drew Pearce suggested the idea that the film's Mandarin was an impostor during one of the writing sessions, conceiving the character that ultimately became Trevor Slattery. Director Shane Black detailed: "Who would be fool enough to declare that they're an international terrorist? If you're smart, whatever regime you're part of, you'd put a puppet committee and remain in your house".[7]
  • Shang-Chi's creator Jim Starlin, who originally adapted Fu Manchu as Shang-Chi's father for his comic book story, wished for the character to not be translated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to his problematic origins.[8]


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