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"I remember Mamie Johnson. I used to call her Meemaw. That woman, she was always there for me. But she made me keep a picture of you. “That's your mama.” That's what she would say to me. She always made sure I knew."
Tilda Johnson to Mariah Dillard[src]

Mamie Johnson is the adoptive mother of Tilda Johnson.


"Mama Mabel sent me away?"
"To our cousins, the Johnsons. Mamie had just lost her baby, so they were more than happy to claim you."
Tilda Johnson and Mariah Dillard[src]

Mama Mabel proposed Mamie Johnson to take care of Mariah Stokes' daughter, Tilda. As she suddenly lost her child, Johnson ultimately agreed, raising Tilda as her own daughter. Tilda was really close with Johnson, whom she called "Meemaw", however, Johnson had Tilda to keep a picture of Mariah, in order to never forget her actual mother.[1]




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