"You see a nigga standing in front of you, across the street from a building named after one of our greatest heroes?"
"Yeah, a dead one."
Luke Cage and Mamba[src]

Mamba is a criminal living in Harlem.


Mamba was walking around the terrain in front of the Crispus Attucks Complex when he noticed a man with a hoodie staring at the building. He approached the man, placed his pistol against the back of his head and asked him what he was doing here. While doing this he insulted the man, Luke Cage, with a racial slur. This angered Cage, who even though he had a long day was not tired enough to allow anyone to call him that. While Cage started to tell Mamba about Crispus Attucks and compared him with Pop, turning around while doing so, Mamba kept his pistol aimed at Cage. Cage started to push Mamba into shooting him, but Mamba lacked the guts to do so. Cage took the pistol from Mamba and fired into his stomach. When Mamba noticed the bullet only ricocheted of Cage his skin he got scared and ran away.[1]



  • Colt M1911A1: Mamba carried this gun when he noticed Luke Cage standing in front of Crispus Attucks Complex, and went to threaten him with it. Cage, who was angry due to Pop's death, confronted him, prompting Mamba to even shoot him. However, Mamba was shocked and did not react, so Cage took Mamba's gun and shoot himself in the stomach, with the bullet ricocheting, and making Mamba run scared.




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