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"I hated seeing humans destroying their own culture and knowledge."
―Makkari to Sprite[src]

Makkari is a member of a community of the genetically engineered Eternals, created at the World Forge by the Celestials, who came to Earth in 5000 B.C. to help progress Earth's societal development and protect it from the Deviants. Notably, she helped introduce sign language to human civilization. In Ancient Mesopotamia, she developed an affinity towards Druig and humans alike. In 1521, after completing her prime goal of defeating the Deviants, she and the other Eternals decided to disband and separate. Makkari decided to relocate to the Domo, buried under Iraq, where she started her goal to explore the Earth and collect various objects and artifacts.

In the wake of the Blip, Makkari was summoned by Sersi to rejoin the Eternals to stop the Emergence. After stopping Tiamut the Communicator from emerging and destroying Earth, and the sudden disappearance of Sersi, Phastos and Kingo, Makkari and the remaining Eternals were greeted by Starfox and Pip the Troll as a glimmer of hope.



Makkari was built and programmed by Arishem the Judge, and presumably was sent to multiple planets to protect and help evolve sentient life forms from the Deviants, powering a Celestial seed inside the planet, which would absorb the energy made from the sentient lifeforms. Eventually, the Emergence would occur, destroying the planet in the process. Upon finishing their mission, the Eternals would be sent back to the World Forge to have their memories erased and reset.[2]

Protecting Humanity[]

Arriving on Earth[]

"We're Eternals. We came here from Olympia, seven thousand years ago, to protect humans from the Deviants."
Makkari and Kingo vs Deviants3

Makkari fighting a Deviant alongside Kingo

Makkari alongside the rest of the Eternals were sent to Earth on the Domo. Once awoken, the Eternals were provided with suits to wear before arriving at the planet. Makkari, being one of the Eternal's main fighters, landed on Earth first to fight the Deviants. Makkari used her speed to get the humans to safety, as well as help defeat the creatures. When the Deviants attacking the humans were defeated, the Eternals presented themselves to the race they were assigned to protect. She taught the first humans Sign Language.[2]

Battle of Babylon[]

"I can sense vibrations. Even the tiniest movement. Including your voices when you speak."
Makkari in Babylon

Makkari attacking a Deviant in Babylon

Continuing to protect and assist the human population, the Eternals headed to Babylon, Mesopotamia in 575 B.C., where they fought against more Deviants. Makkari and her teammates were able to defeat a group of Deviants, protecting the city.


Makkari and Druig talk

After the battle, a celebration was held, where Makkari came late, because she was collecting enough artifacts to trade for the Emerald Tablet. When one of the men that she was trying to negotiate tried to steal one of her artifacts, she quickly stopped him. The man said that the Emerald Tablet was a myth, and did not exist.

When Druig controlled the mind of a group of men that were fighting, she adverted him that Ajak said not to allow it, but he ironically pointed out that she was stealing artifacts. Both of them made a deal to not tell Ajak.

In 400 A.D., while stationed in the Gupta Empire, Makkari and the rest of the Eternals witnessed Ikaris and Sersi's wedding.[2]

Battle of Heian-Kyo[]


Makkari battles Kappa

In 1084, Makkari and Druig arrived in the Japanese city of Heian-Kyo. They found that a Deviant or as the people call it, an "Oni", had been terrorizing the town. Makkari pursued him, running around and punching the Deviant known as Kappa. She repeatedly punched him until an arrow came out of nowhere and hit him. Makkari used this opportunity to deliver a punch to Kappa that sent him many meters away.

Makkari then looked up to see a man named Yoshiie Minamoto, who shot the arrow. They devised a plan to capture Kappa. Eventually, the Deviant attacked again, but Minamoto was saved by Druig, who lunged in front of the man. Makkari then carried Druig back to the Domo where Ajak healed him. Afterwards, Minamoto gifted Druig his Onikirimaru.[1]

Defeating Kappa[]

One day, Makkari and the rest of the Eternals found a Deviants Nest. They realized that Kappa was alive and controlling many Deviants that they had fought throughout the years. He gained the ability through Druig during their confrontation. They battled the Deviants until Thena killed Kappa, which also killed the rest.[1]

Recounting the War[]


Makkari questions Sprite

Years later in 1521, Makkari was asked by Ikaris where Sersi was, so she raced around the Domo looking. Gilgamesh told her he heard she was gathering up trinkets. Makkari ran into Sprite, who was no help. She then found Ajak and Phastos, but they did not know where Sersi was, either. She finally found Sersi, who was holding the Onikirimaru. Makkari quickly exclaimed it was hers, but Sersi denied it. However, she confessed that she did not know where it was from. Sprite then arrived and set up an illusion of the Battle of Heian-Kyo. Makkari and Druig then retold the battle.

They began finding other artifacts and Sprite repeated the same process.[1]

Defeating the Deviants[]

"Where are the others?"
"We had to split up."
Ajak and Makkari[src]

Makkari saves Sersi

While the Spanish invaded Tenochtitlan, Makkari and the others defeated the last Deviants. She went to the city and saved a child from a falling monument, before meeting Thena, Ajak, Sersi, Sprite, Phastos and Druig, when men with heavy weaponry began to massacre the natives of the region. Makkari advised Druig to stay strong when he confronted Phastos about how he helped humans develop those weapons, when suddenly Thena's Mahd Wy'ry caused her to fight the others unknowingly. She attacked Sersi, who was saved by Makkari, who gently put her down. Makkari then sprang into action, but Thena stabbed her. After stopping Thena, Ajak healed Makkari.

While they took Thena to lay on a pedestal and Ajak healed Makkari and the others wounds, an argument between Druig and Ajak began, resulting in Druig deserting the Eternals, and Ajak splitting up the team, telling them to go live their lives as they wanted.[2]

Living in the Domo[]

Eternals (film) 29

Makkari reading inside the Domo

After Ajak split the Eternals, Makkari sought the rest of her days in the Domo collecting human artifacts, including books, paintings, idols and even the Excalibur and the Emerald Tablet. She spent centuries waiting to come back to her home; Olympia.[2]

The Emergence[]

Reuniting with the Eternals[]

"So you mean... I've been waiting for centuries to go back to Olympia, and now you're telling me... it doesn't exist?"
"That, and the world is ending."
"At last my boredom is ending."
―Makkari and Kingo[src]
Makkari and Druig

Makkari and Druig reunited after centuries

When she reunited with Druig and the other Eternals, Makkari was seen to be reading as they walked in and was very excited and thought it was finally time to go home. She was then informed about the Emergence and was intrigued and upset by the fact that she was genetically engineered by Arishem the Judge, and that the home she wanted to return to for a long time did not exist.


Makkari finding the Emergence point

Makkari then found Sprite outside, accidentally scaring her. Sprite made an illusion of Babylon, saying it used to be right in front of them, if they ever had a home, that was it. Makkari told her that nostalgia did not suit her. Sprite rebuttaled, saying that Makkari had a collection in the Domo. Makkari simply told her that she was keeping Humans from destroying the artifacts. Sprite then asked why Makkari would care to save the Humans after what they had done. Makkari talked about how they brought back the people from the Snap with just a little perseverance.[3] While planning what to do to stop the Emergence, Tiamut started to awake, and Phastos asked Makkari to find the exact place that he would emerge. She traveled for miles, until she found the Island that was the epicenter of the Emergence.[2]

Ikaris' Betrayal[]


Makkari runs away from the Domo

As Ikaris was revealed to be Ajak's true killer, she came back to the Domo, informing that she had found Tiamut. Ikaris then tried to kill her, but she deviated, at the same moment that Kingo protected her. He then said to her to get out of there, as she ran away from the Domo.


The Eternals preparing for battle

When Ikaris and Sprite left, Makkari came back. As Kingo was leaving, too, she tried to make him stay, but he left anyway. After Phastos was finally able to create the devices to connect all of them in the Uni-Mind, the team suited up and prepared to battle.[2]

Stopping the Emergence[]

"We became one... even Ikaris and Sprite all because of Tiamut."
Makkari vs Ikaris

Makkari attacks Ikaris

Makkari, Druig, and Sersi went to the ground, while Thena and Phastos stayed in the Domo, to stop Tiamut through the Uni-Mind, but Ikaris found out and blasted Druig through the ground. A devastated and rageful Makkari wailed as she saw this and sought to seek revenge for Druig, as she thought he was dead. She gained the upper-hand in fighting Ikaris, but quickly lost as her fight pattern was recognized by Ikaris and he held her by the neck and blasted her chest, wounding her.


Makkari hugging Druig

She continued to battle him with the other Eternals, and was almost killed by the leader of the Deviants named Kro but was saved by Thena. As they were eventually successful in stopping Tiamut from emerging, Makkari was shocked as to the fact that they defeated Tiamut together through the Uni-Mind and even Sprite and Ikaris ascended all because of Tiamut. She was reunited with Druig, much to her surprise.


The Eternals eating pizza

After the battle, Phastos, his family, Makkari, Thena and Druig reunited in Ajak's Homestead while watching the news on TV. When Druig questioned Makkari if the other Eternals would accept the truth as they did, she said they would, because "the truth will set them free". Thena, Makkari and Druig then boarded the Domo, to travel around the Universe finding the other Eternals and tell them everything.[2]

Finding Other Eternals[]

Meeting Starfox[]

"Thanos' brother?"
―Makkari to Thena[src]

Makkari meeting Eros

While on the Domo, Makkari, Thena, and Druig were confused as to why the other Eternals were not communicating with them. Thena quickly realized that Arishem the Judge found out about the plan and took them, when suddenly Starfox came through the Domo through a portal, revealing that he was the Prince of Titan, Thanos' brother. He offered help and informed them that their friends were in danger.[2]


"When humans have conflict, Ajak tells us not to interfere."
―Makkari to Druig[src]

Makkari, at heart, is a very noble and kind person. When she rescues a boy when she first arrives on Earth, a shocking sensation hits her: the feeling that one has after saving a life. Throughout her time on Earth, she is fond of saving children from perilous circumstances as she did in Mesopotamia, that is repeated in Tenochtitlan. Her sense of right and wrong is also clearly defined, as she sided with the Eternals opposing Tiamut's Emergence, as it would lead to the annihlation of Earth and humanity. Makkari cares for her teammates, as after the Uni-Mind, she embraced Sersi, happy that she was alive. She is obedient to her leaders, as she reminded Druig not to interfere with human conflict as advised by Ajak, and followed Sersi as the new Prime Eternal.

Makkari may be seen as old-fashioned, as she remarked to Kingo that she does not have a DVD Player to watch his movies. This may also be viewed by her preservation of culture in the Domo, turning it into a mini-museum. Her superhuman speed led her to traverse every corner of the planet, leading to her boredom, that she supplanted with a voracious reading of books, usually at superhuman speeds. Makkari has a naughty side, as she is remarked by Druig to be fond of stealing. She can also be stern and retaliatory to people who insult her intelligence, as with the two smugglers in Babylon.

Makkari has a very intimate connection to Druig. They have a very close but a playful and antagonistic relationship to each other, and it is implied they have been romantically intimate in the past. Their closeness mirrors that of Sersi and Ikaris, as they both genuinely love and care for each other. During the Battle at the Emergence Point, she screamed in agony when Ikaris blasted Druig to the ground after grabbing him by the neck and flying him airborne. During her fight with Ikaris, she fought with the intent to kill him,as she thought that Druig was dead. When she saw him alive after the Uni-Mind, she was very relieved to see him again.

Makkari enjoys the thrill of using her abilities, as her clear joy was cut short when she arrived at the Point of Emergence, when she was asked to find it by Phastos before the Battle at the Emergence Point.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Eternal Physiology: By design from the Celestials, Makkari is an Eternal possessing superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and healing, numerous times more superior than any normal human being, as well as immortality and being able to manipulate cosmic energy to a certain degree.
    • Superhuman Strength: Like all Eternals, Makkari possesses great superhuman strength, numerous times stronger than any normal human being though this attribute, of course, largely take a backseat to her formidable speed. She was able to punch Ikaris with enough force to cause him to stumble.
    • Superhuman Durability:

      Makkari withstanding Ikaris' optic blasts

      Makkari's body is numerous times more resistant to physical and energy damage than any normal human being; this is one reason how she can survive extreme velocity when accelerating a peak speed. During her final battle against Ikaris, she was able to withstand being thrown across the beach and the cosmic energy beams projected by him onto her chest without causing much damage.
    • Superhuman Agility: Makkari naturally possesses far greater agility, equilibrium, flexibility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination than any normal human being. Makkari can leap great distances or great heights by utilizing the immense thrust generated while running at extreme speed.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Makkari's advanced musculature is considerably more efficient than any normal human being. As a result, her muscles virtually do not produce fatigue toxins during physical activity. Her endurance allows her to exercise her maximum capacity for an extremely long period of time without tiring at all. Makkari can also function in a stable internal environment that requires constant monitoring and adjustments to her condition that changes constantly, meaning she can resist the effects of friction and temperature while moving at incredible speeds.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:

      Makkari dodging Ikaris' energy beams

      Makkari can react and dodge objects traveling at high speeds, much quicker than any normal human being. And though this is a common attribute amongst the Eternals, in Makkari's particular case, her enhanced reaction time goes hand-in-hand with her elevated capacity for hastened locomotion and mobility, to the point where she can dodge Ikaris' optical beams at point-blank range.
    • Enhanced Senses: Makkari can sense vibrations, even the tiniest movement, including the voice when people speak. She was able to sense one of the men who was trading the Emerald Tablet tried to steal one of her artifacts, even though she was facing away from him, and using her super speed to stop him from doing so. During the search of other Eternals, only Makkari and Thena were able to sense someone was teleporting to the Domo, while Druig was completely unaware of it.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Makkari's metabolism enables her to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than any normal human being. She was able to quickly recover from being shot in the chest by Ikaris' optical beams and a powerful shockwave generated by Kro using cosmic exoskeleton.
    • Immortality: As an Eternal, Makkari is genetically able to live forever, without dying due to old age or illnesses.
    • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: By design of the Celestials, all Eternals are genetically capable of using cosmic energy. Each Eternal possesses a unique ability, all derived from the same cosmic power source. Makkari uses her cosmic energy to boost her normal Eternal speed, making her the fastest woman in the universe.
      • Superhuman Speed:
        Makkari running

        Makkari running at extreme speeds

        Makkari is the fastest woman in the universe. She uses her cosmically powered super speed to scout planets for the Eternals, and as the only Deaf Eternal, the sonic boom that accompanies her cosmic running does not affect her. She was able to think, act, move, and perceive in seconds or less, far faster than any normal human being can ever perceive. As such, she could perceive the world as moving in slow motion, especially when she is moving at super speed, while all others could see her as a vibrating blur of motion. Her power causes her to generate an aura of golden and transparent energy currents and mist-like shapes, much like fire or wind, leaving behind a trail of it as she runs. Her speed allows Makkari to explore every single place on earth over the centuries. Her speed also extends to her cognitive abilities and processes as she is able to read at a superhuman rate. Makkari has shown the ability to run across Earth in minutes; and when attacking a singular target, she can move so fast to create speed doubles that attack from virtually every angle. By utilizing the momentum generated by her speed, Makkari can generate immense levels of force which allows her to enhance the power of her attacks, strikes, impacts, and collisions, often propelling objects or massive Deviants several feet.
        • Shockwave Generation:
          Makkari and Kingo vs Deviants2

          Makkari generates a huge shockwave

          Makkari is capable of generating sonic booms due to her being able to break the sound barrier. She can also use this offensively, as when during the fight with the Deviants, Makkari's charge and sudden halt generated a strong enough shockwave that she didn't even touch the Deviant and still it was able to sent it flying a considerable distance.

Former Powers[]

  • Uni-Mind Energy Manipulation: The Eternals can harness their cosmic powers together to create the Uni-Mind, which amplifies their powers.
    • Levitation: During the Uni-Mind, Makkari was able to float a few feet above the ground.


  • Master Combatant: Makkari is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with thousands of years of training and combat experience, making her one of the most powerful and best fighters in the universe.
  • Master Acrobat: To be added
  • Gifted Intellect: Being able to read a whole book in mere minutes, Makkari's mind is faster than the speed of sound.
"Is that... a sarcophagus in my lab?"



Other Equipment[]

  • Celestial Armor: Makkari donned a red armor, equipped on her by the Domo. The armor was durable enough to withstand multiple blows during the fight with the Deviants and fellow eternal, Ikaris.


"You built a museum of human history on our spaceship."
Sprite to Makkari[src]
  • Domo: Makkari arrived on Earth in the Domo, the Eternals' starship, after being created in the World Forge. After the disbanding of the Eternals, Makkari moved to the Domo, buried deep in an archeological site in Iraq. Makkari used Phastos' Lab to store and hoard her robbed artifacts and objects.






Appearances for Makkari


  • In the comics, Makkari was one of the Eternals more involved in human history, protecting the Earth under the alias of the Roman god Mercury and the speedster vigilante Hurricane.
  • Makkari is the first Deaf character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Makkari is the eleventh character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be depicted as a different gender from their counterpart in the comics, following Jeri Hogarth, the Ancient One, Fenris, Ghost, Mar-Vell, Morgan Stark, Gabriella Rosetti, Flag Smasher, Taskmaster, and Ajak.
    • However, during the wide rebirth of all the Eternals, Makkari was reborn as a female. According to Ikaris, Eternals commonly take advantage of the rebirth process to change appearance and biological sex every 20,000-25,000 years.

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