"I'm their Queen."
"No wonder you are so bossy."
Medusa and Louise Fisher[src]

Make Way For... Medusa is the fourth episode of the first season of the television series Inhumans.


The search for Black Bolt continues on Earth; meanwhile, Maximus makes bold moves to cement his status as the new ruler of Attilan.


Evan Declan, who is working for Maximus, takes Black Bolt and Sammy to his facility, to harvest Black Bolt's DNA for another Terrigenesis on Maximus. Maximus orders Tibor to prepare for the upcoming Terrigenesis, while his guards kill the rest of the Genetic Council. After losing the helicopter, Medusa and Louise Fisher manage to locate Declan's facility. Black Bolt and Sammy deduce Declan's malevolence and escape before being confronted by Auran's party. Medusa and Louise arrive as Mordis fires at Black Bolt, causing an explosion. Black Bolt escapes with Medusa and Louise, taking an unconscious Locus, a member of Auran's party with the power of locating people, with them to help find their family members. Meanwhile, Gorgon deserts his party in order to protect them and find Karnak, who begins to develop a romantic relationship with Jen, while Reno kills their fellow farmer. Elsewhere, Crystal meets Dave, who gets Audrey to examine and help Lockjaw.


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Shake it! The Upsessions
  • Medusa and Louise Fisher stop at a roadside canteen for lunch as Louise continues to search for the helicopter that whisked Black Bolt away the night before. After leaving the table, Louise turns around to find Medusa gone and with her laptop.
Mourning Anne Dereaux
  • At the beach, Jen removes her clothing and orders Karnak to do the same as they dips into the water; Jen teaches Karnak the basics of swimming then kisses him which he then questions her about.
High Up Sir Sly
  • Jen and Karnak kiss then become more intimate inside of Jen's tent. Reno digs a whole to bury Ted's body.


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