"So my man went out drinking last night. He gets so plastered, he comes home and he starts crying. Crying and calling me mama. I have three kids to take care of. I don't need a fourth. My babies are my life."

Makayla is a prostitute and friend to Sheena and Amber.


"You a cop or something?"
"You wanna party?"
"Yeah. Yeah, I do."
―Makayla and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Makayla approached Jeri Hogarth when the lawyer parked up on the side of the street and asked her if she wanted to party. Hogarth accepted, and took Makayla to her apartment where they were joined by Sheena and Amber. Makayla watched Hogarth undressed and performed an erotic dance before the women joined in. Afterwards, the women conversed between one another, enjoying wine before Hogarth paid them and requested they leave her apartment.[1]



  • 3 Children



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