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"Why would we leave our beach?"
"Because when they come, they're gonna come right here, and when they do, there's gonna be some serious trouble."
"Who doesn't like a little trouble?"
Makani and Gorgon[src]

The Makapu'u Surfers are a group of former soldiers who encountered Gorgon on Oahu and helped him fight against the Attilan Royal Guard.


Meeting Gorgon

"Those legs are clearly not made for swimming. You must be one of those Inhumans I've read about."
Makani to Gorgon[src]

The Surfers meet Gorgon

During one of their surfing sessions, the Makapu'u Surfers noticed a man drowning into the ocean. They rescued him and the man turned out to be Gorgon, an Inhuman with hooves instead of feet, which kept him from swimming properly. The Makapu'u Surfers welcomed him on their beach, offering him a drink and listening to how he had been exiled from the Moon.

Gorgon warned them about the impending arrival of the Attilan Royal Guard coming for him, but the Makapu'u Surfers decided to remain and help Gorgon fight against his opponents.[1]

Ambush in Oahu

Lucky fights against the Attilan Royal Guard

"This is my fight. For my cousin Triton, for my people, and for my King."
"We had a king once. And then mainlanders came and decided we were a state. I'll fight for your king in honor of mine."
Gorgon and Holo[src]

The Makapu'u Surfers prepared to battle against the Attilan Royal Guard, despite Gorgon warning them that this would not be a fair fight. They waited in ambush in the forests of Oahu. Once the Attilan Royal Guard arrived, the Surfers and Gorgon attacked them. Lucky shot Pulsus with his crossbow, but ended up being killed by Sakas. When Auran had Mordis joining the battle, Gorgon ordered the Makapu'u Surfers to flee and took Lucky's body before running away with them.[2]

Parting Ways

"I need to find Karnak by myself. Auran will find me, and I can't lose you guys too. You feel like family. And I must protect my family."

The Makapu'u Surfers and Gorgon remained in the forests of Oahu, with Gorgon blaming himself for the death of Lucky. Gorgon reiterated his advice that the Surfers should leave him alone as they could not fight against the powerful Inhumans led by Auran, but Holo insisted on helping Gorgon. However, Gorgon eventually convinced his friends to leave him while he searched his cousin Karnak.[3]