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The wife of the Magistrate is a member of the Gibborim race.



Along with the rest of her family, the Magistrate's Wife was exiled from his home planet and lived in a spaceship steered by Xavin. As the spaceship crashed on Earth, she remained trapped beneath the surface with her family, with only her husband being able to escape.[1]

New Host

During the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, the spaceship in which the Magistrate's Wife was trapped was destroyed, enabling her to be released. In order to survive, she infiltrated the body of Stacey Yorkes.[2]

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"Your mom's been acting a little strange lately. Erratic. Violent. Actually, some might say bloodthirsty."
Dale Yorkes to Gert Yorkes[src]

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Powers and Abilities


  • Gibborim Physiology: She is part of an extraterrestrial species known as Gibborim, possessing various superhuman attributes that are common among his kind.
    • Longevity: The Gibborim are effectively long-lived.
    • Possession: Like the rest of her species, she has to possess a human in order to interact among them while on Earth.
    • RunawaysS3-0014589

      The Magistrate's Wife using her powers

      Light Beam Emission: She is able to project beams of light.





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