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"Hello. It's nice to formally meet you. Prepare to die."
―Magistrate's Wife to Dale Yorkes and Gert Yorkes[src]

The wife of the Magistrate is a member of the Gibborim race. Once released from the spaceship she was trapped in, she possessed Stacey Yorkes, periodically gaining control over her host until she was able to completely replace her, after which she reunited with her family. Over the course of her free presence on Earth, the Wife dedicated her efforts into devising a way for the Gibborim to return to their home planet, expressing disgust at the idea that her husband had fathered two children with Leslie Dean. Eventually though, the Wife mysteriously vanished because of a spell cast by Nico Minoru, which forced her to abandon Yorkes' body, leaving her ultimate fate unknown.



Along with the rest of her family, the Magistrate's Wife was exiled from his home planet and lived in a spaceship steered by Xavin. As the spaceship crashed on Earth, she remained trapped beneath the surface with her family, with only her husband being able to escape.[1]

New Host

"What's happened to you? This isn't the Stacey I know."
"No, it isn't. It's a better version."
Gert Yorkes and Magistrate's Wife[src]

During the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, the spaceship in which the Magistrate's Wife was trapped was destroyed, enabling her to be released. In order to survive, she infiltrated the body of Stacey Yorkes.[2] The Wife actually remained dormant during several days, as Stacey's personality remained dominant. However, she was able to resurface from time to time, causing Stacey to lose time.

During her time of awareness, the Wife notably devised a plan to force the Runaways out of their hideout by elaborating a poison meant for Gert Yorkes' dinosaur, Old Lace. While working in the lab, where she had locked herself in, the Wife was approached by Stacey's husband Dale, who did not understand why Stacey no longer needed her glasses due to being ignorant of the possession. As Dale inquired about what the Wife was working on, she abruptly ended the conversation and sent him away. Then, as she was about to load the poison on a Synnergy Drone, the Wife lost control to Stacey.[3] The Wife was eventually able to carry out her plan, which was successful, forcing Chase Stein to bring Gert and Old Lace to the Yorkes Residence.


The Wife prepares the antidote for Gert Yorkes

At that time, the Wife was once again in control, although neither Dale nor Stein knew that they were not dealing with Stacey. The Wife revealed that she had poisoned Old Lace, but that she did not mean for Gert to be poisoned as well. She prepared to inject Gert with the antidote, but was stopped by Stein, who suggested that Gert's symptoms were only psychosomatic. Although the Wife disapproved, she lost the antidote to Dale, who gave it to Old Lace. Before leaving the lab, the Wife gave a cryptic message to Stein, telling him that he knew nothing about her daughter.[4]

Since Gert and Stein were still held at the Yorkes Residence, the Wife and Dale decided to interrogate Stein with sodium penthotal to force him to disclose the location of their hideout. However, the interrogation did not go quite as planned due to Stein continuously mentioning his sex life with Gert. Moreover, Tina Minoru also arrived at the residence to know what the Yorkeses were up to. Fearing that she would interfere in the Wife's plan, the Wife threatened to shoot Minoru with a tranquilizing gun and decided to lock her up in the basement with Yorkes and Stein, who had passed out.

The Wife had once again lost control by the time the Runaways arrived to rescue Gert and Stein, but then resurfaced after they left, with Old Lace still being kept at the Yorkes Residence. As Dale suggested ending the dinosaur's life since she was too dangerous to be controlled, the Wife rejected the idea. Indeed, the Wife planned on releasing Old Lace on purpose so that the dinosaur would lead PRIDE to the Hostel, after which the Wife would agree to kill Old Lace.[5]

Still acting as Stacey, the Wife took part in the trials of the new weapons developed by PRIDE against the Runaways. In the next day, she also attended a PRIDE meeting in the PRIDE Headquarters, during which her violent behavior towards Minoru was mentioned. However, the Wife dismissed the accusations, claiming that at least they did not erase Minoru's memories. She also suggested that they should immediately use the weapons against the Runaways, although the idea was rejected by Victor Stein, who took the reins of PRIDE at this occasion.[6]

R213 Magistrate's Daughter attacks Gert

The Magistrate's Wife captures Gert Yorkes

The Wife took part in the Chase of the Runaways, regaining consciousness in the middle of a market after Stacey failed to convince Gert to return home. The Wife followed Gert to a shop from which she asked the manager to leave. Remaining alone with Gert, who did not understand the brutal change of behavior of her mother, the Wife stealthily grabbed a heavy decoration object and used it to knock Gert unconscious, much to Dale's horror as he arrived. The Wife then ordered Dale to take Gert out of the market, unaware that Dale would actually take Gert away from her.

The Wife then went to the Stein Mansion, where she was reunited with her husband and her daughter. They discussed the absence of the Magistrate's Son, and hypothesized that he could be controlling one of the Runaways. The Wife was then told by the Magistrate that he held Janet Stein, Chase and Karolina Dean as captives that the Gibborim could consume should the bodies they were controlling begin to decay, as they had years ahead of them to build a new spaceship to leave Earth.[1]

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"Your mom's been acting a little strange lately. Erratic. Violent. Actually, some might say bloodthirsty."
Dale Yorkes to Gert Yorkes[src]

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Powers and Abilities


  • Gibborim Physiology: She is part of an extraterrestrial species known as Gibborim, possessing various superhuman attributes that are common among his kind.
    • Longevity: Just like the rest of her family, the Magistrate's Wife had an extended life span, since her arrival on Earth predated the beginning of human history and she remained alive ever since without possessing a host or needing sustenance.
    • Possession: Like the rest of her species, she has to possess a human in order to interact among them while on Earth. Once she was released from the hole on the PRIDE Construction Site, the Wife possessed Stacey Yorkes, and periodically gained control over her until she managed to fully possess her, keeping Yorkes' personality dormant. However, the Wife was eventually forced out of Yorkes' body when Nico Minoru sent her to the Dark Dimension.
    • RunawaysS3-0014589

      The Magistrate's Wife using her powers

      Light Beam Emission: She is able to project beams of light, and notably used this ability to attack Dale Yorkes and Gert Yorkes. She also used her light beams in conjuction with the three other members of her family during the Battle at the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant against the Runaways.





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