"Do you think I chose you because I enjoy your company? I chose you because of your capability to perform specific tasks, so I could get my ship out of that damn hole and get the hell outta here!"
Jonah to PRIDE[src]

The Magistrate's Ship was the Gibborim spaceship used by the Magistrate, who would later be known as Jonah, along with his family and Xavin, to travel across the universe.


In prehistoric times, a family of Gibborim of royal lineage, known as the Magistrate and his family, were exiled from their home planet. They left their homeworld in a Gibborim-made spaceship equipped with a biomorphic shell. During the journey, the Gibborim found a stowaway on the spaceship: the Xartan Xavin, who believed in a prophecy which made her part of a couple meant to bring peace to the universe. Xavin was forced to steer the spaceship for the Gibborim.

Eventually, the spaceship crashed on Earth, in the area where the city of Los Angeles would be erected. Only the Magistrate was able to escape, while the other Gibborim as well as Xavin were trapped beneath the surface. Due to the lack of technology, the Magistrate had to wait until the Human civilization reached the required level of industrial advancement to be able to unearth his spaceship.[1] Thus, in modern times, the Magistrate, now known as Jonah, influenced the creation of PRIDE. The site where the spaceship was buried was acquired by the organization, who claimed to be building a school.[2]

Karolina Dean touches the ship

Jonah then intended to drill a massive hole through the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine so he could unearth his ship and leave Earth, planning on taking with him Karolina Dean, the Human-Gibborim hybrid he had conceived with Leslie Dean.[3] To that end, he brought Karolina down into the hole and had her touch her half-brother's hand through the shell. Before that, the ship's shell had been sampled by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, which had caused a minor earthquake.[4]

Alerted by Janet Stein about the potential consequences of launching the spaceship, the Runaways devised their own plan to release the trapped Gibborim. However, Chase Stein's Fistigons proved to be unsufficient to permanently cut through the shell, forcing the Runaways to give up on their idea. Jonah, who had arrived and was followed by PRIDE, instructed Xavin to initiate the launch, regardless of the Runaways' presence right above the spaceship. As a result, the spaceship began to move upwards and to cause tremors on the surface.

The ship emerges out of the hole

Due to Karolina refusing to follow Jonah, Jonah ordered Xavin to put the spaceship at maximum acceleration, causing a more violent earthquake. The spaceship thus squeezed its way to the surface, finally emerging in front of Jonah. Nico Minoru attempted to stop it using the Staff of One, but it proved too difficult for her to manage and she fainted, with her mother Tina being unable to use the Staff instead of her daughter.

The ship is destroyed

However, PRIDE had two other weapons: the Anti-Gravity Device, thrown at the spaceship by Victor Stein, and the Anti-Gibborim Serum developed by the Yorkeses. The combined effect of these two inventions blocked the ship's ascension by stopping its anti-gravity engine and causing necrosis on its biomorphic shell, which turned black as the spaceship contracted itself. The ship then exploded into a myriad of colored fragments, leaving no trace behind.[3]

However, the Gibborim trapped in it, as well as Xavin, survived the blast, with the Gibborim secretly possessing the bodies of Stacey, Tina[1] and Alex Wilder.[5]


A scan of the ship's engine

"Tina and Robert, once he's recovered his senses, will repair my ship's computer system. Dale and Stacey will run diagnostics on my ship's biomorphic shell."
Jonah to PRIDE[src]

The spaceship was built using Gibborim knowledge and technology, and as such, it was an extremely advanced vehicle. Its biomorphic shell could change its shape, thus enabling it to be squeezed through more confined spaces. It also featured advanced computer systems, and its engine relied on antigravity.


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