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"It's hard to keep these host personalities in check. This particular vessel is a control freak."
―Magistrate's Daughter[src]

The daughter of Magistrate is a member of the Gibborim race. Once released from the spaceship she was trapped in, she possessed Tina Minoru and progressively gained control over her body.



The Magistrate's Daughter was exiled from her home planet with the rest of her family. Their spaceship was steered by Xavin, a Xartan stowaway. The ship crashed on prehistoric Earth, with only the Magistrate himself being able to escape.

The Magistrate's Daughter remained trapped with the others for 11,000 years.[2]

New Host

During the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, the spaceship in which the Magistrate's Daughter was trapped was destroyed, enabling her to be released. In order to survive, she infiltrated the body of PRIDE member Tina Minoru.[3]

Magistrate's Daughter is met by Robert Minoru

Initially, the Magistrate's Daughter's personality remained concealed under Tina's. However, she progressively gained control and sometimes resurfaced, making Tina appear as a very different person. As such, the Magistrate's Daughter enjoyed some chocolate cake, much to Robert Minoru's bewilderment as his wife usually never ate such food. When Robert recalled that their daughter Nico had killed Jonah, the Magistrate's Daughter whispered that there would be consequences before losing control to the real Tina.[1]

The Magistrate's Daughter later retook control as Tina was with Janet Stein in the lab of the Stein Mansion. She expressed amazement when touching the metal of the recently created Subsonic Wave Generator, and the situation got even more awkward after she found Janet's underwear in the lab. As they discussed over the use of weapons against the Runaways, the Magistrate's Daughter encouraged Janet to try the generator, but her promiscuous behavior greatly disturbed Janet who quickly left.

Victor Stein then arrived and called Tina by her name, but the Magistrate's Daughter, who had recognized her own father in Victor, stated that she was not Tina. When the Magistrate replied that he was not Victor, both shared a hug as their family had begun to reunite.[4]

Magistrate's Daughter is confronted by Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein

The Magistrate's Daughter also resurfaced during Tina's imprisonment in the basement of the Yorkes Residence, where her behavior puzzled Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein. While enjoying pancakes, the Magistrate's Daughter told them that PRIDE was ready to go at war against the Runaways and encouraged them to give up. However, the fact that she did not inquire about Nico indicated to Yorkes that something was indeed wrong with Tina.

She later managed to escape from the basement when the Runaways arrived to rescue their teammates. Although initially told to remain in the basement, she took advantage of Old Lace being distracted by Dale and Stacey Yorkes to leave the Yorkes Residence.[5]

Full Control

The Magistrate's Daughter eventually gained full control of Tina Minoru's body in the aftermath of a violent confrontation against Nico Minoru, during which both Tina and Robert Minoru were defeated by Nico. Once Robert's survival to his wounds was ensured, the Magistrate's Daughter, now permanently controlling Tina, went to the Stein Mansion to reunite with her father and mother. They also discussed the absence of her brother, and they hypothesized that he could have possessed one of the Runaways.

The Magistrate's Daughter then went into the lab with her family, and noticed that her father's host's skin had begun to peel. Commenting on the fragility of human hosts, the Magistrate's Daughter was then told that they had prisoners they could convert into energy to regenerate their bodies: Janet Stein, Chase Stein and Karolina Dean.[2]

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The Magistrate's Daughter's personality was clearly different from the one of her host Tina Minoru. She expressed considerable amazement at simple sensations, such as touching metals or eating cake. She also tended to behave in a sensual way bordering on promiscuity, which surprised and puzzled both Robert Minoru and Janet Stein. She also described Tina as being a control-freak and a very difficult host to keep in line.

The Daughter felt jealousy towards her brother, feeling that their parents enabled him in his negative and out-of-control behavior whereas she was never granted any significant power. In order to counter her brother and make sure that he was stripped of his power, she was willing to strike a deal with her father, which involved leaving the Magistrate's Wife, her own mother, on Earth, showing that her personal interest was more important to her than her family ties.


  • Gibborim Physiology: She is part of an extraterrestrial species known as the Gibborim, possessing various superhuman attributes that are common among her kind.
    • Longevity: The Magistrate's Daughter, with the rest of her family and Xavin, was able to survive in a state of suspended animation for over 11,000 years after crash-landing on Earth.
    • Possession: Like the rest of her species, she must possess a human in order to survive Earth's atmosphere. Upon being released from the wrecked ship beneath the PRIDE Construction Site, she possessed Tina Minoru and gradually took control over her until she had achieved full possession of her body, leaving Minoru's personality dormant. She remained in control of Minoru until Tina's daughter Nico banished her and the rest of her family to the Dark Dimension.
    • Light Beam Emission: She is able to project beams of light to attack and incapacitate enemies.


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