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For the doctor possessed by Jonah, see Jonah
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"Death is not the end... it's simply a door."

The Magistrate, also known as Jonah, is a Gibborim who, along with his family, was exiled from his homeworld. He is also the biological father of Karolina Dean and the former lover of Leslie Dean. Since his spaceship crashed on Earth, Magistrate has possessed human bodies during centuries and influenced the creation of the Church of Gibborim. He assembled the members of PRIDE, granting them resources in order to make them fulfill his own agenda. As part of the deal he struck with PRIDE, Magistrate's host body was repeatedly revived by PRIDE's annual rituals. When he was restored for the fifteenth time, however, he discovered that PRIDE had to face many ordeals. In parallel, Magistrate also began collaborating with Frank Dean. He tightened his grip over the Church of Gibborim and kept pursuing his own agenda.

Magistrate met with Karolina to explain who she was, hoping to convince her to join him once his spaceship would be restored. During the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, the host Magistrate was possessing was killed by Nico Minoru, forcing Magistrate to possess another body: Victor Stein's. Under this new disguise, Magistrate subtly maneuvered to take the head of PRIDE and to influence the other PRIDE members into manufacturing weapons specifically designed against the Runaways, aided in this endeavor by his wife and his daughter, who respectively possessed Stacey Yorkes and Tina Minoru. Thanks to this, and despite Xavin trying to interfere, Magistrate was able to capture Karolina, along with Janet and Chase Stein, intending to use one of them as a new vessel in order to wait until a new spaceship was built.



Arrival on Earth[]

The Magistrate was the patriarch of a noble Gibborim family who were exiled from their home planet, departing on a spaceship. Once underway, they discovered a stowaway, a Xartan named Xavin, who the Magistrate forced to pilot the ship. The ship crashed on Earth at some point in the Stone Age, burrowing deep beneath the surface of modern-day Los Angeles. The Magistrate was able to escape, but the others remained trapped inside.[5]

Early Life on Earth[]

Human Hosts[]


Magistrate living on the Earth as a preacher

"I wish there was another way, but the technology, it just isn't there yet."
―Magistrate to Jonah[src]

Now stranded on Earth, the Magistrate was forced to wait until humanity developed the technology necessary to repair his ship. To that end, the Magistrate possessed countless human hosts, changing from one to another whenever his current host became unable to endure his parasitic influence any further. In the 20th century, the Magistrate possessed the body of a religious preacher, using Gibborim technology to perform so-called miracles.


Magistrate prepares to possess Jonah's body

Once the preacher reached the end of his life, he was approached by a doctor named Jonah, and took him as his new host, progressively erasing the original Jonah's personality until he fully controlled his body.[2]

Influencing a Religion[]

"I can teach you everything you need to know. And you you can bring my Light to the world."
―Jonah to David Ellerh[src]

The Magistrate took over Jonah's life and in 1979 came upon the man named David Ellerh and his daughter Leslie. Ellerh was a hippie prophet whose religious beliefs matched that of the Magistrate's supernatural abilities, and so the Magistrate helped him found the Church of Gibborim, becoming a central figure in it.[2] Refusing to let Leslie fall under the influence of Magistrate, Susan Ellerh was sent to the Crater by her husband David Ellerh. There, unbeknownst to Leslie herself, she was reindoctrinated to become a fanatic adept of the Church of Gibborim and adopted the name of S4E2R.[6] In 1998, Ellerh died due to testicular cancer, and Leslie became the new leader of the Church of Gibborim, with Magistrate offering her guidance to perpetuate her father's legacy.[7]

Assembling the PRIDE[]


Magistrate talking to Geoffrey Wilder and Catherine Henderson

"You all eagerly accepted Magistrate's gifts. You reaped their enormous benefits over the years. You knew he'd ask for something in return."
Leslie Dean to the PRIDE[src]

Needing to form a reliable group to periodically revive his host body,[2] as well as perform specific tasks so he could unearth his spaceship and finally leave the planet,[8] Magistrate went to the Los Angeles Penitentiary and met with inmate Geoffrey Wilder. Magistrate offered Wilder to purchase a land he owned in the south of Los Angeles, claiming that it was highly valuable. When Wilder suggested that they struck a partnership instead of a simple transaction, Magistrate refused as Wilder was imprisoned and thus unavailable for rich business. Catherine Henderson, Wilder's legal counsel, offered to have Wilder released within a month, prompting Magistrate to carefully consider the option. Wilder was eventually released just like Henderson had announced.[3]


Magistrate looking at the Abstract

Magistrate later met with the now married Geoffrey and Catherine and led them to an old basement located in the rich neighborhood of Brentwood. Magistrate told Geoffrey and Catherine that he would give them the land located above for them to build their home on. In parallel, Magistrate also allocated many resources to other people: Robert and Tina Minoru; Victor and Janet Stein; Dale and Stacey Yorkes, Gene and Alice Hernandez. All those people gathered by Magistrate, and the companies they had started, formed PRIDE, led by Church of Gibborim leader Leslie Dean.[9]

Magistrate also had an affair with Leslie, which eventually caused Leslie to become pregnant and give birth to a daughter named Karolina. The child was raised by Frank Dean, Leslie's husband. Periodically, using Dematerialization Boxes, PRIDE perpetrated secret rituals which revived Magistrate once he had returned to a decrepit condition forcing him to stay in bed in a secret room of the Church of Gibborim Executive Office.[9]

Amy and Jonah - RW109

Magistrate plays with Amy Minoru

When Magistrate was revived by the PRIDE for the first time, he went to the Minoru Mansion and dismissed the babysitter who was looking after Amy Minoru. He then played with Amy until Tina got back home and told her that he wanted to thank her for having kept the video tape showing the sacrifice in the Wizard servers. Tina replied that she had only obeyed Magistrate out of fear that he would carry on his threats. Before leaving, Magistrate warned Tina about the fact that Amy could be a difficult teenager when growing up.[10]

Assassination of Amy Minoru[]


Magistrate approaches Amy Minoru to kill her

"He said he was going to just talk to her, find out what she knew, scare her enough to keep quiet."
Leslie Dean[src]

Upon learning that Amy Minoru had hacked into Wizard's servers, Magistrate feared that she might have discovered the video tape displaying her parents and other members of PRIDE performing the Rite of Blood in order to revive him. Therefore, Magistrate headed for the Minoru Mansion, pretending to Leslie Dean that he would simply talk with Minoru to assess what she knew. However, once he arrived in Minoru's room, he forced her to ingest a lethal dose of medicines, making her murder look like a suicide.[11]

Final Revival[]

Waiting for a Sacrifice[]

Leslie Warms Up Jonah

Magistrate, in his near-death state, is warmed up by Leslie Dean

"How do you feel?"
"I feel fantastic."
Leslie Dean and Magistrate[src]

Several years later, Magistrate had returned to his decrepit condition like he used to once his powers wore off and waited for the PRIDE to commit another sacrifice. Leslie Dean came to see Magistrate in his secret chamber at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office and informed him that they had found someone to be sacrificed.[12] However, the day following the sacrifice, Magistrate remained in his frail condition, which Leslie did not understand, unaware that the ritual actually had failed. Later, Magistrate perceived someone trying to break into his room, worrying him, but eventually the intruder was sent away and Magistrate could peacefully rest while waiting for the sacrifice's results to appear.[13]

Dean came once again to visit Magistrate and asked him whether he felt anything, but Magistrate replied that he did not.[14] Magistrate then heard Dean praying in his room, prompting him to ask her to stop and to warm him instead. As a result, Dean took off her clothes and lied next to Magistrate.[15]


Magistrate is successfully revived

Some time later, the PRIDE managed to find another person to sacrifice: Andre Compton, who had been wounded by Alex Wilder and taken to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office to be sacrificed to Magistrate. This time, the Dematerialization Boxes worked and Magistrate was successfully revived thanks to Compton's sacrifice. While Magistrate recovered, Dean ordered all the members of the PRIDE to leave the room. Finally, Magistrate was restored to his youth and Dean asked him how he felt, to which Magistrate replied that he felt fantastic and that he looked forward to meeting Karolina Dean, his biological daughter.[3]

PRIDE Gala[]


Magistrate and Leslie Dean discuss their daughter

"I've been looking forward to meeting you all evening."
"Why? Who are you?"
"I'm a friend of your mother."
"I know my mom's friends."
"I'm an old friend new in town. I'm Jonah. It's my pleasure."
―Magistrate and Karolina Dean[src]

Now fully restored, Magistrate decided to attend a fundraising gala held by PRIDE in Wizard Headquarters, despite his lover Leslie Dean's reluctance to change their usual cover story and risking to have Magistrate meeting her husband Frank Dean. Still, Magistrate insisted on going to the gala as he wanted to meet with his biological daughter, Karolina. Thus, during the gala, Magistrate, posing as an old member of the Church of Gibborim having moved to Los Angeles, came to Leslie as she was talking with her husband and asked her to take him to Karolina who, however, was nowhere to be found.


Magistrate tells Leslie Dean to take him to Victor

Magistrate then listened to the speech delivered by Tina Minoru, which was quickly followed by Victor Stein revealing that he knew about his wife Janet cheating on him with Tina's husband Robert. As Victor fainted on the ground and was transported in a quiet room, Magistrate figured out that the PRIDE would need his services and went to find a bag containing some of his serum. Just like he expected, Leslie came to ask for his help to heal Victor, who suffered from a brain tumor. Before going, Magistrate remarked how Leslie had trouble with keeping the members of PRIDE in line.


Magistrate meeting Karolina Dean for the first time

Magistrate arrived in Victor's room and told Victor's son Chase that he would cure his father. Remaining only with Leslie and Dale Yorkes, Magistrate injected some of the serum into Victor's body, which immediately and significantly improved his condition. Magistrate then returned to the party and managed to find Karolina. He introduced himself as a friend of Leslie, although Magistrate was visibly moved to finally meet his daughter. As Frank joined the conversation and Karolina left, Magistrate praised Frank's work for the Church of Gibborim and told him that despite what Frank believed, he had ascended to the rank of Ultra.[9]

R106 Frank and Jonah

Magistrate having a conversation with Frank Dean

Following their conversation at the gala, Magistrate gave Frank Healing Gloves. He was confronted about this decision by Leslie, who feared that Magistrate was trying to undermine her authority in the Church of Gibborim. However, Magistrate replied that despite everything Leslie had done for it, the Church belonged to the past and that Leslie's focus should be in PRIDE, which was all what mattered.[16]

Victor Stein's Demise[]


Magistrate arrives to revive Victor Stein

"Victor is the only one of you that's actually necessary for this to work. The dig is about to start, and his time is just about up, so I would appreciate it if you choose quickly. Because if I don't revive him, you all die. And so do your children."
―Magistrate to the PRIDE[src]

Magistrate was informed of Victor Stein's death by Tina Minoru, prompting him to drive to the Stein Mansion with his Dematerialization Box. Upon arriving, Magistrate told the PRIDE's members that he needed to sacrifice one of them to revive Victor, as he was the most valuable member of the PRIDE to him. Magistrate told that the person responsible for the situation had to be sacrificed and reassured Leslie Dean when she thought he was talking about her. Instead, Magistrate ordered Janet Stein to give her life for her husband's. However, Janet refused, blaming Magistrate and the serum he had given Victor to cure him.

Magistrate then remained silent as an argument erupted within the members of the PRIDE as to who they should sacrifice. Annoyed by their struggling, Magistrate threatened to kill them all as well as their children if they did not quickly decide. As the argument continued, Magistrate told Janet that he would sacrifice either Janet or her son Chase. Janet agreed to give her life, but requested some time to say goodbye to her son, something Magistrate initially refused.

R108 Tina destroys a Box

Magistrate watches Tina Minoru destroy the Dematerialization Box

However, as they were all distracted, Magistrate and the others realized that Robert Minoru intended to sacrifice himself instead. Although Magistrate did not see any problem in that, Tina refused to let her husband die and destroyed one Dematerialization Box with the Staff of One before Magistrate could stop her, thus making the sacrifice impossible.

Disappointed, Magistrate still stopped Dean from attacking Tina, claiming that he no longer needed to be revived. Magistrate then had the members of the PRIDE putting Victor's body in the remaining Dematerialization Box, which would be kept by Magistrate while waiting for another solution to revive Victor.[17]

Facing the Runaways[]


Magistrate activates the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine

"If you question my leadership in any way, the consequences shall be severe. So, let me ask you again. Where are your children?"
―Magistrate to the PRIDE[src]

As the dig in the PRIDE Construction Site were ready to begin, Magistrate dismissed the security team provided by Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. and replaced them with members of the Church of Gibborim. He then welcomed the members of PRIDE into the site and informed them that they were close to their objective. Ignoring Dale Yorkes' and Tina Minoru's requesting details about the energy source they were supposed to find there, Magistrate activated the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine, enacting the final phase of his plan.

Later, Magistrate was asked by Frank Dean for a private interview. Both men met in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office and Frank, who had been informed by his daughter Karolina who trusted, revealed to Magistrate that the Runaways knew about the PRIDE's secret rituals and that they were trying to stop whatever plan's PRIDE was attempting to achieve. As a result, Magistrate contacted the members of the PRIDE and ordered them to join him in his room in the Church's office.

Jonah and PRIDE - RW109

Magistrate warns the PRIDE about the Runaways

Once all the PRIDE was gathered, Magistrate repeated what Frank had told him about the teenagers having discovered the PRIDE's illegal activities. Magistrate also confronted some of the members of the PRIDE with their most recent choices: Leslie Dean not informing him of the Attack on Victor Stein, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder not telling him that Molly Hernandez had witnessed a ritual and Yorkes keeping a vial of his serum. Magistrate warned the members of the PRIDE that they had hard choices ahead of them and that he would punish anyone who defied him. He then asked the PRIDE whether they knew where their children were.

Magistrate later got into a car with Frank. While on their way, Frank received a call from Karolina, who still ignored her father's betrayal, which enabled Magistrate to learn that the Runaways wanted to enter the PRIDE Construction Site. As Frank hung up, Magistrate congratulated him on his performance and claimed that Frank would be a good leader to the Church of Gibborim.[10]

Jonah vs

Magistrate fights against Karolina Dean

Magistrate and Frank arrived on the PRIDE Construction Site where the PRIDE was already confronting the Runaways. Using his powers, Magistrate incapacitated Hernandez as she attempted to attack them. Although the PRIDE members forbade Magistrate to hurt the children, with Minoru even raising her Staff of One against Magistrate, Magistrate ignored them. He disarmed Minoru before turning his eyes on the Runaways and knocking them over with a powerful light beam. The teenagers briefly stood back before fleeing when asked by Karolina, who knew Magistrate was only interested in her. Magistrate countered Karolina's light beams with his own, which created a powerful vortex. In the end, Magistrate was more powerful than Karolina's, enabling him to capture his daughter.[11]

Preparing the Future[]


Magistrate reveals to Karolina Dean that he is actually her father

"Frank has done a wonderful job raising you. I will always be grateful to him, but I think you know the truth. I'm your father. You're a smart girl, Karolina, always hungry for answers. I think last night you got them. I realize how difficult it must be, discovering the truth about yourself with no one to guide you, no one who truly understands. Unfortunately, the truth can make you very lonely. But now now for the first time in such a long time I don't feel quite so alone."
―Magistrate to Karolina Dean[src]

Magistrate took Karolina into his secret room at the Church of Gibborim's office, waiting for her to regain consciousness. When Karolina woke up, Magistrate told her that he was her biological father. Magistrate also told Karolina that he was willing to guide her through the use of her newfound powers so that she would not feel as lonely as he had felt in the past.


Magistrate confronts the Wilders

Later, Magistrate was informed that the Wilders had come to the Church's office. Magistrate went to see them and informed them that Leslie was not here. However, the Wilders replied that they had come to see Karolina, prompting Magistrate to pretend that she was still recovering and unable to have visitors. As Geoffrey's tone became more threatening, Magistrate signed to some members of the Church of Gibborim to be ready to intervene should the situation escalate. Magistrate then subtly mocked the Wilders and dismissed them before leaving.[11]

As Karolina Dean was successfully rescued from the Church of Gibborim Executive Office by her friends, Magistrate received a text message from an unknown sender informing him that the mission they had been assigned to was accomplished.


Magistrate and Frank Dean agree to collaborate

Later, Magistrate met with Frank Dean in a secret room where Magistrate kept Victor Stein's body in the Dematerialization Box. Magistrate assured Dean that their collaboration would be very successful and that things would get even more interesting once Stein would have been revived. However, Magistrate also noticed that the skin on his arm started to peel, signaling that he was slowly returning to his decrepit condition and thus that time was running out.[11]

Talking to His Daughter[]

Magistrate visited Victor Stein in his Healing Algorithm and explained the deal. He then had Stein use his expertise to hopefully create a new Dematerialization Box as the last sacrifice did not work as planned. Stein agreed to help. Later, Magistrate was contacted by Karolina Dean, who wanted to talk. He met his daughter on a cliff. She wanted answers for who she was. He wanted to give them to her, but suddenly, there was an earthquake.[18]

Once it stopped, Magistrate knew what it meant, but Dean did not. Magistrate did not explain, but instead tried to teach Dean how to use her powers. He explained that she controlled it at the dig site and told her to do the same thing. He took off her bracelet and he was able to teach her how to control the glowing. Magistrate contacted Janet Stein for help and met with her, complimenting Stein's intelligence. She asked if Victor was alive, so he showed her Victor's body inside the Healing Algorithm. Magistrate was intrigued that she cared for Victor, but shot him. Janet explained that getting Victor back was the best chance for getting Chase Stein back. She then handed him the plans to the Dematerialization Box.[19]

Problems with Victor[]

The next day, Magistrate found Leslie and Frank Dean talking. When Frank left, Magistrate remarked that he thought she hated Frank. Leslie said that she did and reassured Magistrate that she was still siding with him. Magistrate then met with Victor Stein, hurrying him up as he was getting desparate. Stein did not appreciate being rushed and lashed out at Magistrate, which caused an argument. Stein refused to help.

Magistrate called Janet Stein, complaining about her husband. Janet explained that Victor was exactly like Magistrate, so him pressuring Victor to do something would not work. Instead, she suggested that she meet with him. Magistrate agreed, but Janet said she would have to be alone.[20]

Losing Time[]

Magistrate worked on the Dematerialization Box as Victor Stein started it. He looked at his hand, seeing the decaying skin; he was running out of time. He then started coughing up blood and weakly called Karolina Dean, saying he wanted to talk to her. He met with Dean in a trolley and talked about how she was his top priority. He explained that she was free to leave, but if she does, she would never know who she really was.

Suddenly, there was an earthquake. Knowing it was from the dig site, Magistrate and Dean quickly went there. However, the street was blocked because a light was down. They got out and started walking over. As they went, Magistrate claimed that Dean's protection was important to him. As they approached, they found Dale and Stacey Yorkes messing with the hole, meaning they were the cause of the earthquake. The Yorkes quickly reveresed out of the parking lot. Magistrate shook that off and approached the hole with Dean. He then told her to go down with him. The two used their powers to levitate down the hole, with Magistrate holding her hand.[21]

At the bottom of the hole, he showed Dean everything, including the fact that his wife, daughter, and son were in the hole, ready to come out. He even revealed to Dean that she was an alien, leaving her shocked. He then returned to the Dematerialization Box and told Frank Dean to get him a victim. Later, he was met by Robert Minoru.

During their conversation, Magistrate started feeling sick. Minoru revealed that he created a device through Dean's bracelet that causes Gibborim to grow sick. Minoru kicked Magistrate, saying that was for Amy Minoru. Magistrate was saved when Frances and Aura arrived, knocking out Minoru. Magistrate awarded them with the rank of ultra.[5]

Preparing for the Conclusion[]

Magistrate carried the unconscious Robert Minoru to the PRIDE building and dropped him at the feet of Tina Minoru. He then announced that the plan was coming to a close. He gave everyone tasks. The Deans will provide protection, the Steins will make sure everything goes smoothly, the Minorus will focud on the ship, and the Yorkeses will do science. The Wilders then asked what they would be doing. Magistrate said that they have completed their mission and are done.

He returned to the Church of Gibborim and watched as Leslie and Frank Dean made a speech to their people and then kissed. In his office, Magistrate talked to Leslie, saying that he still loved her as much as he did in the past. He then talked to Frank, saying he was disappointed in Frank and was right to kick him out of PRIDE in the first place. Leslie refused to get Magistrate a victim. Magitrate asked if she wanted him to die. Leslie simply said that she had been killing for him for years. This time, he would have to do it himself.

Magistrate then proceeded to go to Geoffrey Wilder's gym. He then killed Wilder's trainer and lured Wilder into a shower. There, Magistrate used his light tendrils to incapacitate Wilder. He brought the victim to the Dematerialization Box and put Wilder in the other one. The procedure commenced, partially healing Magistrate. However, the process was interrupted. Magistrate opened his eyes to find that Wilder was broken out.[8]

Magistrate got the Church to get ready for his return home. He then talked to Leslie before being texted by Karolina Dean, saying she wanted to meet. Magistrate went to the meeting point, but Karolina was not there. Leslie arrived, telling Magistrate that Karolina was tricking him. Magistrate then brought Leslie with him to the dig site.[7]

Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site[]


Magistrate and Leslie arrive on the dig site

The Magistrate and Leslie Dean arrived on the dig site. Reaching the hole, the Magistrate instructed Karolina Dean to leave the hole, claiming it was too dangerous for her to be there. He also contacted Xavin and ordered them to proceed with the launch, counting on Karolina to safely fly out. Since Karolina could only carry two people at a time, she took Chase and Hernandez with her and safely brought them back to the surface, where all of PRIDE had arrived and had been informed of the Runaways' presence. Karolina attempted to return into the hole to bring Nico back, but Magistrate told her not to, triggering Robert Minoru's anger. Still, Nico was able to leave the hole on her own.

The Magistrate then announced that he wanted Karolina to leave Earth with him as part of her Gibborim heritage. However, Karolina refused to go with him. Before Magistrate could reply, the beginning launch of the spaceship caused an earthquake, and Magistrate admitted that he had lied to PRIDE about the probability of such an event occurring. Magistrate insisted that Karolina had to come with him if she wanted to live, but she still refused to come.


Magistrate's Ship

Upset by Karolina's decision, Magistrate ordered Xavin to accelerate the launch, causing a shockwave which made everyone else fall on the ground. Nevertheless, PRIDE and the Runaways quickly reacted and attempted to stop the ship. Victor Stein told Chase to attack Magistrate with the Fistigons, with Chase being protected from Magistrate's light beams by Karolina. Thanks to the distraction, Victor threw the Anti-Gravity Device created by Janet Stein on the ship's shell.


The ship lifts off

Karolina explained to Magistrate that they did not want anyone to get hurt, and Magistrate replied that she had the power to stop all of this, only to be hit by Hernandez with a metal bar. Taking advantage of Magistrate being briefly incapacitated, Dale and Stacey Yorkes fired multiple doses of the Anti-Gibborim Serum they had developed on the ship's shell. Initially though, it seemed that neither the Anti-Gravity Device nor the Anti-Gibborim Serum worked, enabling Magistrate to get back on his feet and to violently retaliate, generating a powerful shockwave which knocked back everybody around. Nevertheless, the effects of PRIDE's technology eventually manifested. The ship's remained stuck on the surface while the shell was affected by a massive necrosis, which eventually caused the spacecraft's whole destruction.[7]


The ship is destroyed

The Gibborim escaped and took hosts in the people present at the moment: the Magistrate's Wife went to possess Stacey Yorkes; the Magistrate's Daughter infiltrated the body of Tina Minoru;[1] while the Magistrate's Son possessed Alex Wilder.[22]

R207 Nico stabbing Jonah

Magistrate is stabbed by Nico Minoru

Outraged by this turn of events, Magistrate moved towards PRIDE and prepared to furiously attack them. However, behind him, Nico regained consciousness and reclaimed the Staff of One. She imbued it with the serum contained in an unused vial and ragingly stabbed Magistrate from behind to avenge her sister Amy's death, which had been caused by Magistrate two years ago. Fatally wounded, Magistrate fell on the ground much to the horror of Karolina, who rushed at her father while all of PRIDE and the rest of the Runaways watched in astonishment. Magistrate managed to whisper that he would have to "take it all" before losing control of his host, who briefly regained awareness and wondered why Karolina was crying over him before dying.[7]

Possessing Victor Stein[]

Fighting for Control[]

Despite losing his host, Magistrate managed to survive by possessing Victor Stein.[4] He then pretended to be Victor as he worked on a way to reunite with his family. Janet Stein came downstairs and he did not give up his guard. She accidentally dropped a fragile item, getting her upset. Magistrate told her it was okay and threw his own mug on the floor, proving his point. He and Janet then had sex before he lost control to Victor.

Magistrate later gained back control and found Tina Minoru. However, he soon realized it was not Minoru, but instead his daughter. He embraced her, finally reuniting with one of them. He then went outside and hung fliers up with Gibborim language.[4]

Gaining Full Control[]

Magistrate lost control, but eventually got it back. He then increased the dosage on Victor Stein's weapons to make sure it hurts the kids before he lost control again. He gained it back permanently and donned a blue suit that would allow him to be immune to the effects of the Inhibitor Pods.

Magistrate then posed as Victor while trying to round up the Runaways. Magistrate drove his car to get Karolina Dean as Tina Minoru observed the chase with her drones. Magistrate followed Dean into a building and used the pods to make her ill. As he talked to her, Xavin arrived, taking apart the inhibitor. The Magistrate argued with Xavin over their betrayal, and Dean realized that her father was inside Victor.

The Magistrate confirmed this before defeating Xavin and knocking out Dean. He brought Dean to the Stein Mansion where he met with Janet and Chase Stein. Chase knew "Victor" was infected by an alien and threw a pod. Magistrate said that would not work and incapacitated the Stein's with his powers. He then trapped the two Steins and Dean in the Healing Algorithm. When his Wife and Daughter arrived in Stacey Yorkes and Tina's bodies respectively, Magistrate revealed that they would feed off of the test subjects for power.[1]

Tricked by Xavin[]

The Magistrate, the Wife, and the Daughter went on live television for PRIDE announcing the injury to Robert Minoru. The Wife then said there was a family member still out there and he needed to contact them. The Magistrate and his family then ate breakfast together as they talked about the Son. Magistrate told the Daughter what her cover was as Tina Minoru.

Later, the Magistrate got a call from what looked like Gert Yorkes. Gert went on to say that she was the Son. Relieved, they told him to text them a location. Once he did, they went to grab him. They found the Son in the street. The Son was sad they brought Inhibitor Pods with them, but Magistrate explained it would only be used if necessary. Suddenly, the Son revealed he was actually Xavin and ran. The Magistrate chased after them, but could not catch up. The Magistrate and the Daughter returned to the mansion, unable to find the Wife.[23]


Magistrate talked with his Daughter over the Wife's attitude. He then heard a box drop in the closet and looked inside to see nothing there. Upstairs, Magistrate and his Daughter continued to talk as they walked through the hallway. They went downstairs and the Daughter left for work. Magistrate then met with Karolina Dean on the algorithm, reminding her that she was a prisoner now.

Magistrate went upstairs to find that his Abstract was gone. However, they Staff of One was on the ground, meaning Nico Minoru was there. He angrily went downstairs and examined the pods before lowering Chase Stein's oxygen to suffocate him. However, he noticed the oxygen magically go up as Stein's hands glowed like a Gibborim. Magistrate was suddenly ambushed by Minoru and the two fought. Magistrate used his powers to break the Staff of One, making it a hand to hand fight as Alex Wilder released the prisoners. Magistrate was suddenly sneaked up on by Molly Hernandez who hit him before Xavin used the Inhibitor Pods to defeat Magistrate, leaving him in pain on the ground.[24]

Next Steps[]

With help from his daughter, Magistrate was able to heal with a sacrifice from the grub hub guy. Magistrate emerged from the Dematerialization Box as he and his daughter talked about next steps. They soon start cleaning up from the battle when Magistrate's Wife finally arrives, mad that Magistrate let them take the Abstract. She then ordered Magistrate to find their son, claiming Magistrate wanted him to be lost so they could take Karolina Dean instead. Magistrate explained that the son would only come out when he wanted something.

Later, The Daughter returned from work with a hunk of metal, saying that that is what would happen if they use the ship in its current state, which is what she tested. When the Wife stepped out for a brief moment, Magistrate revealed to his daughter that they were planning to leave the Wife behind. Suddenly, Magistrate got a call from his son. Magistrate was relieved until his son said he wanted to stay in Alex Wilder's body a little longer.[22]


Magistrate continued to negotiate with his Son until the son agreed to get Leslie Dean's unborn baby to him. Then Magistrate would take the baby as the fourth person instead of the Son, who could stay on Earth. The Magistrates waited at PRIDE's clean energy building until the Son finally arrived with the baby. However, they were also met by the Runaways, who created Anti-Gibborim Weapons. The Magistrates set up their ship, but were forced to flea.

Magistrate walked around until he accidentally bumped into the alarm. As he disabled it, Chase Stein sneaked up on him. Magistrate was pinned to the ground. As he struggled, he claimed he wanted to die so that Stein could see his father's eyes go dark. This caught Stein off guard, allowing Magistrate to knock him down. Magistrate then ran back over to the ship. The four of them blasted the Runaways, but Karolina Dean blasted back. The Magistrates were no match for her as their powers escaped through the shield. Suddenly, the Staff of One emerged from Nico Minoru. She used this to cast a spell that made the Magistrates vanish, leaving no trace.[25]


This section requires expansion

Magistrate is a person shrouded by large mystery; he is such a dark individual, which shares a dislike to discuss about his past or true identity. Despite this, Magistrate proves himself to be an extremely powerful individual, giving orders to the PRIDE members and controls them in very strong hand, which means that he is a truly tyrannical individual.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Gibborim Physiology:
    Jonah Light Generation

    Magistrate using his power

    Magistrate is part of an extraterrestrial species known as the Gibborim, and possesses various superhuman attributes that are common among his kind.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Magistrate's DNA has regenerative properties. It was even able to synthesize a serum that cured Victor Stein's brain tumor.
    • Longevity: Magistrate's ability change hosts ensures he is virtually immortal.
    • Possession: Like the rest of his species, Magistrate must possess a human in order to survive in Earth's atmosphere. Due to the sheer amount energy he releases, his human hosts are unable to contain him for extended periods of time without an energy transference through a human sacrifice.
    • Light Generation:

      Magistrate generating tendrils of light

      Magistrate's skin emits an aura of iridescent light.
      • Light Beam Emission: Magistrate is able to project beams of light that can stun and injure his enemies.
      • Flight: When taking his daughter to see the wreck of his ship, deep underground, he and Karolina both floated down to the bottom.
      • Life-Force Absorption: Magistrate is able to drain the life force from other entities using tendrils of light energy emitted from his body.


  • Master Tactician: To be added
  • Expert Scientist: To be added
  • Combatant: While possessing the body of Victor Stein, the Magistrate was able to hold his own against Nico Minoru, a skilled martial artist, although he ultimately resorted to his Gibborim powers to truly defeat her.


Other Equipment[]

  • Healing Gloves: The Magistrate owned healing gloves which enabled him to cure other people from seemingly fatal diseases or injuries. He often used them while posing as a preacher performing miracles, but eventually gave them to Frank Dean to empower him and make him feel important so he would lure him to his cause.
  • Dematerialization Box: Designed by the Magistrate and built by Victor Stein, the Dematerialization Boxes were used by Magistrate to convert a body into pure energy he used to restore the body he was using as a vessel. Magistrate temporarily lost one of the Box which was destroyed by Tina Minoru, but later had Stein build another one.
  • Abstract: The Magistrate possessed the Abstract, a book containing all of the Gibborim knowledge. He entrusted it to Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder for them to carry it during the ceremonies. He also promised to leave it behind once he would take his spaceship away from Earth.
  • Church of Gibborim Bracelet: Magistrate wore a bracelet similar to the ones carried by every member of the Church of Gibborim, although he did not need it to control his Gibborim powers.
  • Magistrate's Serum: Magistrate carried vials of an extremely powerful regenerative serum he notably used to heal Victor Stein's brain tumor. He later realized that Dale Yorkes had stolen some of the serum from him.
  • Inhibitor Pods: While posing as Victor Stein, the Magistrate reclaimed some Anti-Gibborim inhibitors created by Robert Minoru before going to confront his daughter Karolina Dean and disable her powers while he would remain unaffected by the inhibitors thanks to a specialized suit material.


  • Magistrate's Ship: The Magistrate and his family arrived on Earth on a bio-organic spaceship which crashed in prehistoric California. He managed to escape from the ship and waited for millennia until Humans gained the necessary technological aptitude to access and repair the buried ship. Magistrate attempted to launch his ship from Earth, but his attempts were thwarted by both PRIDE and the Runaways, causing the destruction of the ship and forcing the Magistrate to consider building another one.


  • Church of Gibborim Executive Office: During his time in his decrepit condition, Magistrate remained in bed in a secret room publicly known as Leslie Dean's private meditation room in the main facility of the Church of Gibborim. Once he was revived, Magistrate turned the room as his main base of operations and welcoming his visitors in it.
  • PRIDE Construction Site: Despite being forced to remain in bed most of the time, it was Magistrate who ordered PRIDE to undertake a massive drilling on a construction site which would enable him to reach his ship beneath the surface of the Earth. During his final revival, Magistrate personally oversaw the activation of the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine on the site.
  • Stein Mansion: When the Magistrate possesses Victor Stein, he also took over his mansion.






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