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Maggie Lang's House is a house owned by Maggie Lang, where she lives with her husband Jim Paxton and her daughter Cassie Lang.


Birthday Party

Cassie Lang and Jim Paxton outside Maggie Lang's house

In 2015, Scott Lang arrived at Maggie's house to attend Cassie's eighth birthday party. Paxton quickly confronted him and made it clear that he was not welcome as Lang had failed to pay child-support. They continued to argue, while Lang gave his daughter her birthday present. Eventually, Maggie arrived, intervened and took Lang outside to discuss what he needed to do to see his daughter after Lang had accused him of being an ass-hat. Paxton stood with Cassie as Lang left the party and drove away.[1]

Duel at Maggie Lang's House

Yellowjacket invades Maggie Lang's house

One night, Darren Cross invaded Maggie's house, kicked Maggie out, and took Cassie hostage. Hearing of this prompted Lang to escape and battle Cross once again. With an army of ants as reinforcements, Lang in his Ant-Man suit engaged Cross on Cassie's toy train set. During the duel, Lang and Cross threw sections of the Thomas the Tank Engine toy at each other. As ants attacked Cross, Lang was able to knock Cross onto the train tracks, causing him to get run over by Thomas the Tank Engine. Cross retaliated by throwing the toy at Lang, but Lang knocked the train aside and onto the windowsill. Lang tried to use Pym Particles Disks to enlarge Cross but he deflected them, causing an ant living there and the toy train on the windowsill to grow to gigantic size.

Scott Lang hugs Cassie Lang

Paxton attempted to rescue Cassie, but the Giant Pet Ant trampled him on the stairs as it was leaving. Eventually, Paxton made it to Cassie and tried to protect her from Cross. Lang continued fighting Cross and decided to go subatomic to sabotage the Yellowjacket suit from the inside, causing Cross to shrink fatally into the Quantum Realm, finally killing him. Lang succeeded, but also became trapped in the Quantum Realm; however, he had an enlarging Pym Particles Disk remaining and used it to reverse the suit's mechanism, successfully returning to normal size. Lang then was hugged by Cassie, with Paxton thanking him for saving them.[1]

Family Dinner

Scott Lang having dinner at Maggie Lang's house

Months later, Paxton invited Scott Lang over for dinner in gratitude for having saved him and Cassie. During dinner, Cassie fed the Giant Pet Ant food, which was under the table, acting like a dog.[1]

Released from House Arrest

Cassie Lang hugs her father

In 2018, after Scott Lang was released from his house arrest, he went to Maggie Lang's house and was hugged by Cassie, Maggie, and Paxton.[2]

Scott Lang's Return

Cassie Lang reunites with her father

In 2023, Scott Lang ran to Maggie Lang's house and to his relief found that Cassie had survived the Snap, although she was five years older than when he'd seen her.

Scott Lang, Cassie Lang, and Hope van Dyne

Later, Lang and a restored Hope van Dyne met outside Maggie Lang's house and watched fireworks with Cassie celebrating the people returning from the Blip.[3]


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