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"I have a special gift, too. I'm impervious to bad attitude. So you can throw your self-pitying bullshit at me all day, Murdock, and I'll still be standing right here. Pissed off, maybe, but right here. You're gonna talk to me."
―Maggie Grace to Matt Murdock[src]

Sister Margaret "Maggie" Grace is a nun at Clinton Church, who briefly had an affair with Jack Murdock, giving birth to Matt Murdock. A short time later, she was forced to abandon her child due to her own mental illnesses. Many years later, Grace was reunited with her son after he had been saved from the ruins of Midland Circle, as Grace and Paul Lantom helped Murdock regain his strength and enhanced senses, in order to continue his battle against Wilson Fisk. However, just as Murdock had gained his confidence, he learned the truth about his mother, causing him to abandon her, as Grace was then forced to care for Karen Page, as she was attacked by Benjamin Poindexter who then proceeded to murder Lantom before being stopped by Murdock. Eventually, Murdock defeated Poindexter as well as Fisk, avenging Lantom's death, as he and his mother made peace with each other, while Grace remained at the church.


Early Life

Meeting Jack Murdock

"I was a danger to Matthew when I gave him up. Nowadays, they know a great deal about postpartum, but at the time I was convinced that I was betraying God. I hadn't yet taken my vows, but in my heart I believed I had committed an unforgivable sin. And so I replaced that sin with another. I abandoned my child."
―Maggie Grace to Karen Page[src]

A young Maggie attending a boxing arena

Grace was raised Catholic at a young age in New York City. During a visit at the boxing arena, she met Jack Murdock and provided aide between rounds, wiping his sweat and squirting water. The two became romantically involved, conceiving a son they named Matthew. After the birth, Grace suffered from postpartum depression, believing she had turned away from God and retreated to Saint Agnes Orphanage to live as a nun.[2]

Family Reunion

Matt Murdock's Recovery

"Back then, you were just a boy who lost his eyesight. And now, you're the Devil of Hell's Kitchen."
"You've heard of me."
"I live in an orphanage, not under a rock. I just never imagined it'd be one of ours running around in that Halloween costume."
―Maggie Grace and Matt Murdock[src]
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Grace had been given the heavily injured body of Matt Murdock by Father Paul Lantom, tasked to patch and heal his wounds under secrecy.[1]

Meeting Karen Page

"Everyone in Matthew's life abandoned him. Including me. When someone in need tries to push you away, you have to find the strength to hold on tighter."
―Maggie Grace to Karen Page[src]

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Aiding Murdock

"I'm the idiot. I told you to involve your friends, and I made things worse. I'm used to putting on a brave face when people bring their troubles to the church. And I find that they don't just bring their troubles, they bring their answers, too, if you let them talk enough. But what you're dealing with is so far beyond my experience that... Well, all I can hope to do is help keep your wounds stitched and your head clear, so you can be safe."
―Maggie Grace to Matt Murdock[src]

Following the Attack on the New York Bulletin Building, Matt Murdock made his way back to Saint Agnes Orphanage, where his wounded were tended to and stitched by Grace. As Murdock berated himself for believing he had trumped over Wilson Fisk, only to put his friends' lives in danger and cause the death of Jasper Evans, Grace assured him that she was the idiot for advising him to work with his friends. With Murdock ranting on the assassin having the same Daredevil suit, Grace reminded him that the unique suit could not be bought at a Sears, causing Murdock to realize that Melvin Potter is involved.[3]

Mother of the Devil

"When Jack was alive, I convinced myself the truth would confuse Matthew. After Jack died, I convinced myself it would do more harm than good. Finally, I just realized that I was too much of a coward. The Lord has a way. Sending the Devil of Hell's Kitchen to me now. Showing me what became of my sin. The Lord gave me another chance to make things right. And I failed, yet again."
―Maggie Grace to Karen Page[src]

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Providing Sanctuary

"Trust me. The church has been helping people hide for two thousand years. Hide here. Give me a day to make a few calls, and you'll have shelter halfway around the world by the end of the week. Please, let me do something for you. For Matthew."
―Maggie Grace to Karen Page[src]

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Search for Daredevil

"Eternal Father, I beg you welcome Paul into your holy embrace and do not punish him for my stupid decisions, for my weakness, my sin, and for what I have brought unto us all."
"Sister, we need access to every area of the church grounds. Now."
"I'm sorry, Sister. I know you're in mourning, but we need your help."
―Maggie Grace, Benjamin Poindexter and Ray Nadeem[src]

Walking back to the Clinton Church, Maggie witnessed as civilians ran from the building and man in the Daredevil suit leave the scene. With the arrival of NYPD officers and FBI agents outside the church, she approached Ray Nadeem, Brett Mahoney, and Benjamin Poindexter, informing them that she had spotted Daredevil leave the area, though the agents contradict her account.

Entering the church, she knelt in the aisle and prayed for forgiveness for her abandonment of Matt Murdock and for protection before she was approached by Nadeem and Poindexter for permission to search around the entire building.[4]

Guiding Her Son

"You have a generous heart, Matthew. To see the good in so much pain."
"Not always. In fact, Father Lantom used to help me with that. Help me see the errors of my ways. I could use someone else to help me with that now, once in a while."
"I'm a nun, Matthew. Helping is what I was called to do."
―Maggie Grace and Matt Murdock[src]

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"Maggie's a good person, Matthew. Flawed, like us all. And tortured over decisions she's made. But she dedicated her life to making amends."
Paul Lantom to Matt Murdock[src]

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"I used to sew up my dad. And your stitches are perfect."
"Well, there's plenty of practice around here."
Matt Murdock and Maggie Grace[src]
  • Physician: Maggie Grace had some skill as a medic, as she learned from having to patch up and treat many of the children in the orphanage and the various people that came to the church in need of help. She has also treated and dressed several of Matt Murdock’s wounds and helped with his recovery after his near death under Midland Circle.







Appearances for Maggie Grace

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  • In the comics, Margaret Grace Murdock is the estranged wife of Jack Murdock and mother of Matt Murdock who left her family and became a nun.

Behind the Scenes

  • Maggie Grace in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the second live-action incarnation of the character, following an incarnation portrayed by Vivian Palermo Winther.


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