"Look, I wish I could help you, but how am I to know who my associates associate with?"
Joseph Manfredi to Peggy Carter[src]

The Maggia is a crime syndicate operating in Los Angeles and New York City.


Stealing a Bomb

"Now we're talking, how many guns do you need?"
"No guns, no guns. Just some of your men who are good with their hands and discreet."
"Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for me."
Joseph Manfredi and Whitney Frost[src]

Joseph Manfredi meets with Whitney Frost

Maggia leader Joseph Manfredi, surrounded by his bodyguards, was eating in a restaurant when Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick requested to meet with him; they wanted to have members of his organization to help her move a package. Manfredi demanded not only the contract that assured highway construction work to his loyalists, but his operations to stop appearing in the newspapers. When Chadwick hesitated about agreeing to his terms, Manfredi severely pummeled the bodyguard Clifford staring at Frost, showing how ruthless Manfredi can be. Chadwick agreed to the terms.


Maggia members helping Whitney Frost

Manfredi had five members help Frost look for an Atomic Bomb at a Roxxon Corporation building. Three of the mobsters where stationed outside the facility while disguised as security guards while the rest assisted Frost and Chadwick. The mobsters outside encountered Rose Roberts and Aloysius Samberly who incapacitated them with a gadget. While searching inside, one mobster fought Roberts and another battled Peggy Carter; both men lost to their opponents and were knocked out.[1]

Protecting Whitney Frost

Monsters 6

Joseph Manfredi with Vernon Masters

"I fail to see the necessity of Mr. Manfredi's involvement."
"Joseph is providing security for the new Council."
Vernon Masters and Whitney Frost[src]

Whitney Frost became the undisputed leader of the Council of Nine and asked Joseph Manfredi, her new escort after she absorbed Calvin Chadwick, to use his Maggia subordinates as her and the Council's bodyguards. Vernon Masters, at the Chadwick Ranch, confronted Frost about the involvement of the Maggia, but she and Manfredi cited that Masters' men are not as loyal as Maggia. Frost, Manfredi, and Masters left the Maggia to guard the imprisoned Dottie Underwood as they went on different tasks.


Whitney Frost threatens Ana Jarvis

Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis were soon captured when they intruded onto the Ranch. They tied the pair up beside Underwood and continued to guard from outside. Suddenly, the Jitterbug that Jarvis had brought with him activated and caused all the Maggia members to be knocked unconscious by its concussive blast. Carter, Jarvis, and Underwood walked over their sleeping bodies as they escaped. Meanwhile, Manfredi was helping Frost to kidnap Jason Wilkes from Howard Stark's Estate; he carried the unconscious man to his car and witnessed as Frost shot Ana Jarvis to facilitate their escape.[2]

Mishandling the Rods


Maggia mobsters shoot at Peggy Carter

Maggia members were with Whitney Frost and Joseph Manfredi, holding Jason Wilkes at gunpoint, when Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa came to their location to trade for Wilkes uranium rods Frost wanted from the Roxxon Warehouse. A Maggia member scanned the rods in front of Frost and she verified that they were real; upon verification, Frost told the members to give Wilkes to Carter. While passing it to Manfredi, one of the men mishandled the case which carried the rods and it fell to the ground; Frost automatically knew that the rods were fake. Manfredi ordered his men to fire on the truck carrying Wilkes as it sped away.[3]

Trip to the Desert


Joseph Manfredi attempts to kill Edwin Jarvis

Maggia members accompanied Whitney Frost, Joseph Manfredi and Vernon Masters to the desert so that Frost could detonate an Atomic Bomb to open a rift to extract Zero Matter.[3]

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By 2017, the Maggia was one of the criminal organizations that Wilson Fisk was recruiting into an extortion racket.[4]


Name Position Status
Joseph Manfredi Leader Alive
Clifford Operative Alive
Roxxon Guard Operative Alive
Hank Operative Unknown
Paul Operative Alive
Ralph Operative Alive


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  • In the comics, the Maggia was an international crime syndicate led by different various families and factions all over the world. Individual leaders include Luchino Nefaria as well as Leland Owlsley and the Kingpin.
  • In the non-canon video game Iron Man, the Maggia are a weapons manufacturing company in contract with Stark Industries, whose members include Madame Masque and Blacklash. They become enemies of Tony Stark once he announces that he will stop making weapons, at which point he hunts them down and destroys their assets, forcing them into bankruptcy.[5]


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