The Maggia is a crime syndicate operating in New York City.[3] It has ties with the Manfredi Crime Family,[2] Lombardo Crime Family and other criminal factions.


Manfredi Crime Family

The Maggia had ties with the Manfredi Crime Family led by Joseph Manfredi in the 1940s.[2]


By 2017, the Maggia was one of the criminal organizations that Wilson Fisk was recruiting into an extortion racket.[3]


Name Position Status
Joseph Manfredi Leader of the Manfredi Crime Family[2] Alive
Louis Lombardo[3][1] Co-Leader of Lombardo Crime Family Alive
Anthony Lombardo[3][1] Co-Leader of Lombardo Crime Family Alive


Appearances for Maggia

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  • In the comics, the Maggia was an international crime syndicate led by different various families and factions all over the world. Individual leaders include Luchino Nefaria as well as Leland Owlsley and the Kingpin.
  • In the non-canon video game Iron Man, the Maggia are a weapons manufacturing company in contract with Stark Industries, whose members include Madame Masque and Blacklash. They become enemies of Tony Stark once he announces that he will stop making weapons, at which point he hunts them down and destroys their assets, forcing them into bankruptcy.[4]


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