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"Webs fired! New York's mafia cold war has gone hot - and it’s all thanks to the webbed menace Spider-Man!"
The Daily Bugle[src]

The Mafia Cold War was a cold war between the Mafia crime families of New York City, including the Manfredi Crime Family.



As of 2024, war between the mobs of New York City had apparently ceased, allowing crime families, such as the Manfredi Crime Family, to handle their own affairs without worrying.[1]


"I have some errands to run. I have to get mini toothpaste, pick up my passport, and then take down the Manfredi Crime Family."
Peter Parker[src]

Spider-Man fighting the Manfredi Crime Family

With Spider-Man's return to New York City following the Blip, the wall-crawler had an altercation with members of the Manfredi Crime Family 8 months later, finding them in an mob-owned upper-class restaurant and fighting them until he trapped all of them (sellers, buyers and rival informants) with his synthetic webbing, leaving them for pickup by the New York City Police Department unit led by Officer Bristow, who arrived just as Spider-Man was about the leave the establishment.[2]


"The webhead put civilian lives in danger when he openly confronted the Manfredi Crime Family at a local restaurant - and then had the gall to sass the brave officers of the NYPD when he arrived! Crime may be down in local boroughs, but to those saying Spider-Man’s a hero? Fuggetaboutit!"
The Daily Bugle[src]

In the wake of the attack towards the Manfredi Crime Family, J. Jonah Jameson from The Daily Bugle claimed on the outlet that Spider-Man's interference had only worsened the matter and now, the Mafia Cold War of New York City had gone hot for his fault.[1]


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