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"Madripoor could give New York a run for its money."
"They know how to party."
"With that bounty on your head, the longer you're in Madripoor, the less likely you're ever leaving."
Sam Wilson, Helmut Zemo and Sharon Carter[src]

Madripoor is a city-state and nation located in maritime Southeast Asia. Divided into the wealthy Hightown and the underprivileged Lowtown, Madripoor houses a large criminal underworld and operates a smuggling port out of Buccaneer Bay. As Madripoor does not extradite, Madripoor is a diplomatic safehaven for criminals, presided by the Power Broker.


Early Development

"Madripoor? You talk about it like it's Skull Island."
"It's an island nation in the Indonesian archipelago. It was a pirate sanctuary back in the 1800s."
"It's kept its lawless ways."
Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and Baron Zemo[src]

Madripoor was established as a safehaven and sanctuary for pirates during the nineteenth century. As Madripoor continued to develop, the island nation had continued its lawless ways.[1]

Modern Madripoor

"Every kingdom needs its king. Let's just pray we stay under his radar."
"Do you know him?'
"Only by reputation. In Madripoor he is judge, jury, and executioner."
Baron Zemo and Sam Wilson[src]

Low Town

In 2016, Sharon Carter moved to Madripoor, as the United States of America would have no jurisdiction there to extradite her.[1] While there, she would become the ruler of Madripoor, becoming known as the Power Broker.[2] The Zemo barony from Sokovia had connections in Madripoor; Helmut Zemo had ties to Selby, one of Madripoor's influential criminal figures, who owned the Brass Monkey Saloon. Dovich was a former mob enforcer for Madripoor's criminal underworld. Smiling Tiger was a notorious gangster that frequented Lowtown.[1]

Layla El-Faouly, an archaeologist who frequented various black market dealings, met antiquities collector Anton Mogart in Madripoor.[3]

Super Soldier Serum

Wilfred Nagel returned from the Blip in 2023, only to find that the CIA had ended his research about the Super Soldier Serum. The Power Broker funded Nagel's continued research into the serum in Madripoor. Meanwhile, the Power Broker took in and employed several people who were upset about the way the Global Repatriation Council treated people who had survived the Snap. Those people stole Nagel's serum and injected it into themselves, becoming the Flag Smashers.[1]

Chasing Super Soldiers

Bridge to Madripoor

"The Super Soldier Serum is here in Madripoor."
Selby to Baron Zemo[src]

Helmut Zemo brought Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes to Madripoor to look for the source of the recreated Super Soldier Serum. While walking through the streets of Madripoor, Zemo told Barnes to pretend to still be the Winter Soldier and Wilson to pretend to be Conrad Mack. They were driven to Lowtown and entered the Brass Monkey Saloon, where Barnes got into a bar fight. Barnes, Wilson, and Zemo met with Selby, and Zemo offered Barnes in exchange for information about the Super Soldier Serum. Selby told Zemo to look for Wilfred Nagel, but Wilson's sister called, blowing their cover. Selby ordered her men to kill Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo, but was then shot herself.

Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo were accused of killing Zemo and fled while a bounty was put on them. They came across Sharon Carter. Carter took them to her place and helped them track down Nagel.[1]

Ambush at Buccaneer Bay

Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Sharon Carter, and Helmut Zemo went to Buccaneer Bay and found Wilfred Nagel's laboratory. Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo interrogated Nagel about the serum while Carter noticed that bounty hunters had come and fought them off. Nagel explained that the Power Broker hired him to work on the serum and that Karli Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers stole it. Nagel revealed that there is no more serum, prompting Zemo to shoot and kill him. A bounty hunter then blew up the lab with a rocket launcher. Barnes, Wilson, and Carter engaged in a shootout with the bounty hunters while Zemo shot a pipe, causing it to explode. Zemo stole a car, allowing Barnes and Wilson to escape to Zemo's private jet. Meanwhile, Carter was driven back to her house.[1]

Sharon Carter's Manipulations

Sam Wilson asked Sharon Carter for help keeping an eye on the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp, and Carter agreed to help. Carter told Wilson that the Power Broker was upset about Wilfred Nagel's death, and Wilson apologized. Carter asked Wilson to find Karli Morgenthau and recover the Super Soldier Serum.

Carter later tracked John Walker down to the resettlement camp and contacted Wilson to tell him about it.[4]

Carter later called Georges Batroc and offered him a job for a high price, promising that he would not regret it.[5] Carter then left Madripoor and went to the United States of America to retrieve her Super Soldier Serum.[2]


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By the 21st century, the city was divided amongst two districts, Hightown and Lowtown. [6]


"Hightown's that way. Not a bad place if you want to visit."
Baron Zemo[src]

Hightown is a wealthy and glamorous and indulgent metropolis with a lavish and active nightlife.


As the nation does not allow any criminal extradition within its borders, the impoverished and crime-ridden business capital of Lowtown became home to a sophisticated and powerful criminal underworld ruled by the Power Broker.[7]

Buccaneer Bay

Madripoor was neighbored by Buccaneer Bay, which includes a seaport that operates as the grounds for the city's main port of foreign trade, handling the transportation of cargo and commerce.



  • In the comics, rather than being modeled after an island located south of Singapore, the city is modeled after southern Singapore itself and is named after it. The city is also known for its appearances in stories associated with the X-Men; it is frequently visited by mutants like Wolverine. It first appeared in New Mutants #32 (October 1985).
  • Madripoor is a multicultural city, as it recognizes various languages such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese and Malay languages.[6]
  • Madripoor commonly uses cryptocurrency. Bitcoin bounties were placed on Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Sharon Carter, Helmut Zemo and Karli Morgenthau. Cryptocurrency is the preferred method of payment for drinks used at the Brass Monkey Saloon, as shown on their menu.[6]


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