"Maddah, you sure you can heal him?"
"Nightshade nah heal. Nightshade reveal."
Anansi and Maddah Myrie[src]

Maddah Myrie is a bushwoman who lives in the jungle in Jamaica.


"Maddah, you sure this science thing gon work?"
"If you don't calm down, I'm gon put you out. Just calm down."
Anansi and Maddah Myrie[src]

When John McIver was shot in the stomach by Pistol Pete, Anansi decided to took him to Maddah Myrie. He brought McIver to Maddah's cabin in Jamaican jungle. She quickly prepared a ritual to help him recover. Nervous Mackintosh asked her does it heal McIver and Myrie answered that Nightshade does not heal but reveals user's potential. The ritual was successful and McIver survived.[1]





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