"I remember driving you back to your place, bathing you, holding you all night in the same bed that you and I had repeated sexual encounters."
Billy Russo to Dinah Madani[src]

The Madani Residence is the private apartment owned by Madani family.


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Affair with Billy Russo

"I remember driving you back to your place bathing you holding you all night in the same bed that you and I had repeated sexual encounters."
Billy Russo to Dinah Madani[src]

Having a drink at the bar, Dinah Madani invited Billy Russo to her apartment where they immediately began kissing and removing their clothes, at which point Madani's harsh bruises on Madani's body were seen by Russo. Russo was concerned over Madani's wellbeing, but Madani refused to discuss it and insisted that they continue. Ripping open Russo's own shirt, Madani took him to the bed where she got on top of him and the pair engaged in sex throughout the night.[1]

Madani and Russo had sex again, with Russo joking that this time they could not blame the alcohol once again. While Madani checked her phone, Russo discovered the Homeland Security documents, detailing her investigation. Russo had then demanded to know what Madani was still not telling him, which she had refused to answer, claiming that it was her work and nothing more.


Russo had questioned why Madani was still determined to insult Frank Castle's memory, although she insisted that this was not the case. Russo then noted that Madani was now clearly withholding information, to which she reminded him that she was Homeland Security and secrets were part of the job. Russo called Madani a poor liar before noting that the NYPD had never found Castle's body following the Destruction of the Blacksmith's Ship which Russo had always wondered about.[2]


Madani invited Russo back to her apartment where they had sex in her shower. Once finishing, Madani put on clothes ready to return to work at Homeland Security. As she looked at Russo's body, Madani questioned where some of his bruises and scars came from, as Russo told her about paintball training and AK-47. Russo then asked Madani about her own scars to which she claimed one was from an angry lover who stabbed her, which Russo did not believe.

Russo told Madani about his mother's meth addiction he had been forced to grow up within the Ray of Hope group home where he had almost been sexually assaulted by Arthur Walsh. Madani did not know about this part of Russo's life as it had not been in his personnel file when she had been researching him. Russo noted that he still believed that regardless of all the trauma he had once suffered, he still felt lucky for being born in the United States of America.[3]

Mourning Sam Stein


In the wake of the death of Sam Stein, Dinah Madani was given some time off in order to emotionally recover from the ordeal. Madani returned to her apartment where she remained in bed, emotionally broken and feeling responsible for Stein's death. Farah Madani eventually came in Madani's room and offered her some coffee, while she attempted to offer her daughter some comfort. Farah said that Rafael Hernandez had still been trying to get into contact with her again, noting that she had not told Hernandez anything about how Madani was doing.

Farah begged her daughter to talk to her but Madani admitted that she could not stop thinking about Stein and how he died in her arms while she had been unable to save him, as Madani and her mother discussed how she could begin healing by not blaming herself for Stein's sudden death. Madani commented that Stein's mother had asked her to speak at his funeral, while she questioned what she could say and noting that saying that Stein died doing what he loved would be a lie.


Madani was later visited by Billy Russo who asked why Madani was not out dealing with all of the Bombings of New York City, to which Madani claimed that Homeland Security did not want her out there. Russo explained how he had been to seventeen funerals of friends, to which Madani questioned if any of the deaths were his fault. Russo then questioned if Stein himself was to blame for his own death, noting that Stein had managed to get stabbed while he was still holding a gun.

All of this still did not stir up Madani, despite Russo arguing that she needed to get back out there and seek out the terrorist who was attacking New York City, with Russo even suggesting that if she could not do this then she should then consider retiring from active duty with Homeland Security, however, Madani noted that her career was likely finished regardless of whether she got out of bed or not.

Madani confessed to Russo that the Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse had been her own desperate attempt to track down the men hunting Frank Castle which had resulted in the deaths of several agents including Stein which she was directly responsible for. Russo argued that Madani had just been attempting to do the right thing, although she insisted that nobody would care about her intentions but only the results of her actions. Russo then noted that the people judging her had not been there and so did not understand, to which Madani noted that neither was he before she walked away.

Later, Madani finally decided to get out of her bed and attend Stein's funeral, telling her mother that she had owed it to her late friend. Madani told her mother that she intended to tell the truth about what had happened to Stein and why he had died, despite knowing that it would end her career at Homeland Security. Madani noted that despite this likely destroying her career, she knew that if she spoke up about Ahmad Zubair so publicly, then somebody would have to act on it and it would not be buried.[4]

Saving Frank Castle

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